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Ways to Self Tease




Get something that excites you a lot. Anything will do; a video, some erotic stories, a website, an teasing chatfriend; whatever excites you the most.


Beforehand, decide if you're going to allow yourself an orgasm or not. Then decide how long your session will last. Don't break your own rules, you're only cheating yourself.


You have one other choice now, either wear pants or not. (Try both sometime and see which you prefer.)


Start viewing, reading, or participating in whatever you chose for the source of your arousal. If you chose something good you should be getting aroused. Once you're physically aroused do the following to yourself over top of your pants or underwear (depending on which you chose, yes you have to wear underwear for this to work)...


Take your index finger and thumb and place them on the sides of your shaft a little below that sensitive spot where your shaft meets the head. In other words you'll have your finger on one side of the shaft and the thumb on the other. Now squeeze them together and as you do bring them towards that sensitive spot at the same time. Then release them back to the sides again. You'll get the feeling for where it feels best after a while.


When you start doing this, start your timer. You can feel free to slow down or speed up (unless you choose to forbid yourself this option), but you cannot stop watching, reading, or look away from your arousal material.


What will happen is that your arousal material will get you worked up. Your teasing will add to the stimulation, but it will be a gradual build up. Your fingers will do most of the work, but the fabric will add stimulation also.


After a while of this you will be squirming in your chair practically whimpering trying to hold back. Keep viewing your arousal material and don't stop unless you absolutely can't hold back.


If you get to that point, you're allowed to stop, but be warned, by this point you will be very sensitive and ready and your squirming will probably cause you to brush against the fabric of your underwear. In your senstitive condition that might be enough to push you over the edge. That can be quite messy.


It's up to you if you wish to punish yourself for not making it to your time limit. You should set your reward or punishment up for yourself you start.







Get a silk scarf or tie, softer is better but it must be long. If you like the feel of pantyhose against your skin then by all means, pantyhose are great! Kneel with your legs spread slightly, taking an end of the scarf in each hand and rubbing it back and forth between your ass and balls, like you were drying yourself off with it.


One hand in back, one in front, scarf/tie/pantyhose sliding back and forth between your legs. I'm sure you get the picture. You can do this for a long time and soon it becomes so incredibly sensitive...it's a great tease and you can control how fast, slow, hard, soft, etc....have fun with it!








Get an alarm clock that beeps and set it for 15 minutes from now. Put it in arm's reach but turn the clock so you can't see the time. Then keep yourself as close to orgasm as you can. You may only cum while the alarm is beeping. You are not allowed to let the alarm beep more than 15 times in a row. If you didn't stay close enough to cum within the 15 seconds, you must hit snooze BEFORE the fiften seconds are up and wait until next time.







If you have a moderately large collection of pictures you like (victoria's secret, playboy, whatever) then you should download Irfanview, a really nice image viewing program. There's a slideshow option, and you can have a lot of fun with this. You can really configure a tease however you want... for instance, say I have 500 pictures. I could put all 500 in, with 2 seconds per picture, and let myself cum only at the end. Or I could pick 30 pictures, set each for 10 seconds, and only cum when a different model than normal shows up. Or you could set it up so that when you can see breasts, you're allowed to stroke, but if you can't, it's hands off, and so forth. You can have a large amount of control over your situation, but of course the whole slideshow is random, so it keeps you on your toes. One of the worst things is to put a few hundred pictures into one show, set it for 5 seconds, and then only allow yourself to cum when one specific picture shows up, so you have a 5 second window. If not, start over.


Another great thing, if you're feeling evil, is to say "if my trigger image shows up in the next 4, it doesn't count." Or, if my trigger image shows up after one of these two images, I have to start over, or something like that.




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