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Ten Strokes - Tease Denial Game



Here's a little game I play with hubby once in a while. I stroke and tease him right to the edge and when he's just about to cum, he has to ask me for permission. If I say "yes", then he gets exactly ten more strokes. If he doesn't cum by the tenth stroke, then that's it for the night, and we play again the next day. If instead I say "no", he still gets ten more strokes, but has to hold back his orgasm (he knows he'll be punished if he fails).


Now the wicked part is that I'm always in control of the strokes. So when I say "yes", it is often ten very quick, very light strokes, which means he won't cum unless he was already right at the edge. Hubby knows this, so he really tries to wait until the very last second before asking. Of course, when I say "no", I give him slower, longer strokes, making him squirm deliciously with each one. And if there's an accident, I stop right away, minimizing his orgasm.


One time, just to keep him on his toes, I kept going way past ten strokes after a "no". His begging was wonderful.





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