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Teasing Techniques and Cum Denial



To me, there is something wonderfully fiendish and unfair about using a male's urgent need for orgasm as a torture.


The principle behind Cum Denial is simple: the victim wants to cum, but is prevented from doing so. The more desperately he needs to cum, the more effective it is - and this becomes a torture when the Top sets about intentionally increasing the victim's need to cum, while also making very sure that he can't obtain the relief he so urgently needs. There are as many ways to do this as there are victims, as each individual has his own turn-ons and fetishes - all of which can be used to excellent effect on him to make him progressively more and more desperate to cum.


These may include physical things - the bondage itself; being hooded; the feel of leather, or rubber or some other fetish material; breath control; servicing the Top; confinement; pain (if the victim really gets off on it); boot-licking; cock-sucking; sweaty socks or jocks; - whatever really turns the victim on and gets him horny. It may also include psychological things such as not knowing when he's eventually going to be allowed to cum - or even if; humiliation; seeing the Top; not being able to see the Top; wanting to touch the Top but not being able to - the list is endless. But apart from all of these, there is one other thing that is the most effective of all: genital teasing. No matter what else a victim is into, having his inner thighs, perineum, arse - and especially his balls - worked on for a long period will almost inevitably make him want to cum. And then, of course, there's his cock.


One of the things I usually ask a potential victim before he first visits, is to describe exactly - in as much detail as possible - how he best likes to masturbate. Is he circumcised? Does he have a favourite position? Does he lie down or stand up? Legs straight? Bent? Together? Wide apart? What technique does he use? Fast strokes? Slow? Whole cock or just at the tip? What does he do with his other hand? Does he use lube? Does he use any fetish object or material? Lots of questions designed to tell me the technique I can use on him which will make him cum quickest, most effectively, and most intensely - not that I have any intention of letting him cum. Oh no - I just want to know the best way to get him close and make him want to cum.


When I know what kind of action he's most susceptible to, I can use it to torture him - by repeatedly bringing him to the very edge of cumming - and then stopping short, so that he can't. A couple of the useful side-effects of cum control are that it greatly prolongs sexual pleasure, and also it usually makes the victim's eventual orgasm (when it is finally permitted) shatteringly intense.


There is nothing I love more than to torture a victim like this - encouraging him to want to cum; getting him hornier and hornier and building up his need for orgasm to the point where he is out of his mind with the urgent, desperate need to cum - so that it is the only thing he can think about - and then removing all stimulus so that it's impossible for him to get the relief he so urgently needs. And to do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again..........


In this, I am unbelievably sadistic. I will use every single one of his fetishes and turn-on's as weapons against him - along with slow masturbation and genital tickling (at which I'm expert) - and my favourite sight is a helpless victim struggling and writhing as he desperately tries to find some way of bringing himself off as I leave him on the very brink of orgasm for the twentieth time....


To make this kind of torture easier to administer and as effective as possible, I've built a couple of bondage devices. I'm not much good at woodwork, but they each function very well indeed.





The first of these is a cum-control bondage table:


The victim lies face-down on the padded table, with his cock and balls hanging down through the lower hole. The ropes are then laced tightly through the lines of hooks, criss-crossing his body like boolaces, and a thick leather strap is fastened very tightly across his pelvis, to prevent any thrusting movements. I then lie down comfortably on the floor underneath and, reaching upwards, I can play with his balls and cock very precisely - and very frustratingly - for hours. And there is absolutely nothing he can do about it. :-)





The second of the devices is a sort of horse:


The victim is strapped in a kneeling position onto this frame, and the design keeps his legs apart. Between the thighs is a small, rubber-covered support with can be raised or lowered. The victim's cock is soft when he's put onto the horse and, when he's fully strapped down, his cock is pulled back between his legs, the small support is raised to keep it in place, and it's then teased to full erection.


The horse was designed to maximise the vulnerability and sensitivity of the victim's cock head, and this position, it is is exquisitely vulnerable and sensitive. It's also quite difficult for him to cum with his cock pulled back like that - another bonus. Using this horse, I sit on a stool behind him, lean forward and, resting my elbows comfortably on my knees, I can work on him with the utmost precision, using soft, pointed feathers to tickle his balls; small, soft-bristled brushes to tease along the ridges of his cock and around the piss-slit; a leather thong to see-saw over the head of his cock to drive him insane; and well-lubed, smooth, slippery rubber-gloved fingers to jack him really slowly - far, far too slowly for him to be able to cum. It's a piece of gear the Inquisition would have been proud of :-)




Potential cum-control victims are instructed not to cum for at least 7 days prior to visiting me (sometimes more - depends on how sadistic I'm feeling). This helps to ensure that by the time they arrive they're already very horny and will respond well to cum denial. One of my favourite ways of spending a few hours is running a feather or a well-lubed, rubber-gloved hand frustratingly slowly up and down the straining cock of such a victim - very carefully bringing him to the edge of orgasm, then leaving him there - desperate and struggling - until he subsides a little, and then repeating the procedure again and again.


This is something that can only be done really effectively with a victim whose responses I'm very familiar with (so that I can keep him close enough, but still make it impossible for him to cum) There are ways of getting some idea of how close a boy is to cumming just by looking at him and touching him, but I'm always on the lookout for ways of making my reading of a victim's proximity to orgasm more accurate. I've had some success with a thing called a 'biofeedback monitor' - but the main drawback with it is that for accuracy, I have to calibrate it by making the boy cum first, so I know what kind of readings he produces.



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