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You should have never lied to me bad boy. I bet you never thought I knew you were cheating but now guess what???


I know everything about your little bad habit affair and I am going to make sure that you learn a good lesson...


You know I am never going to give you another chance no matter how much you beg with that ball gag in your mouth but I just want you to remember me for the rest of your life!!!



You had it so good with me boy. You had a hot nurse, studying to become a doctor and you lost it all because of that little thing in between your legs. Boys like you need to be taught a harsh lesson in order to correct your ways. You think about all the bad stuff you have done while lying here, tied up, naked under my complete control...


Think about it all and wonder what I am going to do with you.



You think this is bad boy?? I have yet to even start. Grabbing this little cock and squeezing it gives me little satisfaction. I have something more in store for you. You will soon find out as soon as I am done playing with you.


Its so good to hear your moans with that ball gag strapped around your head. I just want to squeeze even harder and make you cry, beg, plead even though you know me better then to give in..


Keep crying boy..



Now how bad does that hurt when I keep smacking your swollen balls over and over again while smashing you with my perfect ass?


Over and over again, smacking those swollen balls, hearing you moan and cry really is getting me excited but you know I have something even better in store for you bad boy. I bet you wish you had been a good boy now don't you... Awww you cant talk while crying with a ball gag strapped around you..





I remember what turns you on and makes you go crazy boy. Believe me. I plan to use these soft fingertips to run up and down the underside of your cock and make you go insane...


Make you moan, plead and beg for forgiveness. I love the noise you make every time i rub my finger right over the top of your swollen head. I could do this for hours.. Rub up and down slowly stopping at the tip. awww you sound so cute i bet you will never forget this day boy and never forget me!!



Squeezing that little swollen head makes you go insane. I know more about you then you ever thought. Keep crying boy its just making me want to give you a better punishment. I bet you probably ache so bad right now you would give everything just for your release.


Keep crying boy while i squeeze even harder.


I even worn your favorite pair of panties, just to rub up and down your stomach. Soft black fabric. I know how much you like them.. hahaha



Now boy I have to get going so here is the grand finale. I created a special potion just for you boy. This potion is called "trapped" and hopefully you will learn a lesson after i rub it all over the tip of your cock. I bet you are wondering why the potion is special. Well you will find out in less then 10 minutes. It creates a feeling of numbness. After about 30 minutes that little swollen cock head will be completely numb. No feeling at all. Now here's the catch. This lasts for just over 30 days!!

Sometimes even more!!


Hahahaha you have a good month boy!! Maybe now you will learn your lesson...


Bye Bye


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