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Oh yeah that's a good boy. Why don't you stroke yourself while I play with my pussy. I need to get really wet in order to tease your little cock! Go a head boy stroke it! BUT YOU BETTER NOT CUM!


You can't stare at me while you stroke it? That's to bad boy cause I'm gonna make you stare. I'm gonna make you want me sooooo bad you will do ANYTHING I say!


Ummmm. I can see your getting hard! We better make this really really hard for you not to cum! Cause we both know that I tell you when you can have your little orgasm! BOY



Awww boy you like that huh? You like stroking your cock while staring at my perfect ass huh? Imagine how good it would feel to put that cock in my ass! My ass is soo tight I bet you would cum right away Boy! We can't have that now can we?


Come on boy, make that cock nice and hard while you stare at my tushy!


I bet if you I asked you boy you would give me a nice big kiss right on my ass huh? huh boy?


Sooo easy to control when that little cock is hard!



Oh yeah boy. Watch me play with my self while I slowly stroke your cock up and down! I'm really really getting turned on! I'm tempted to put your hard cock in my wet mouth and lick it, or maybe just lick the under side of your cock and kiss your head really softly!


Wow boy your really getting turned on also huh! Let me keep rubbing myself while you stare at me and feel my soft hands slowly stroking your cock.


You know I could do this all day and night! I bet after an hour you will be soo horny you will submit to me and become my bitch boy!



Isn't that just to bad we have to end this here! Squeezing your balls I can tell they really want to explode! I know that rubbing my soft fingers over your little head turns you on! It's just to bad your going to have to leave here all swollen and horny! I really want to help you release your little cum but well you know I can't!


I'm just going to continue stroking you really softly to torment you! I want to make sure you never forget who your real girl friend is! Even when your home having sex with your wife! I want you to always think about me and how I licked the little head of your cock and made you squirm and beg!


I know you will be back. Boys like you can never get away from a hot girl like me! You'll just keep wanting more!


But who says I will ever let you cum?


You can beg for 1 extra kiss on your little head if you want boy!



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