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A Teasing Day in Life




Cute pink panty boy comes home from work. The first thing he does when he walks in the door is remove his pants and folds them nicely by the door. Next he will come to where ever I am at, bow in front of me kiss and massage my feet.


If my pink panty boy has been good all week I will tell him to fetch my white gloves on his hands and knees and then stand directly in front of me while placing the gloves on my hands. I slowly pull down his cute panties and make sure he is still locked tight in his cage. I usually ask my pink panty boy if he has been good all week and if he wants me to remove his cage while stroking it with my white gloves.


Of course he says Yes almost right away and since I think he deserves out of his cage I unlock it and let him free for a few minutes. I am the only one that determines if he can come out of his cage. Once I remove the cage I wrap my hand around his instantly hard dick and rub it up and down very lightly and slowly. I love to hear the sounds that my panty boy makes after having no feeling on his dick for 1 - 2 weeks. He moans, whines, cries while I smile and laugh.


Usually after a few minutes of stroking I like to get the scene really intense. I take 2 fingers and hold the little head for just a little while not moving at all. I rub the underside close to the head where it is very very sensitive. I wrap a few fingers around the little head and rub it up and down up and down making sure its just not enough to cum. Oh it's so fun teasing and denying panty boy for periods at a time.


Usually the last thing I will do is take the swollen little head in my fingers and tell my panty boy that if he can refrain from making any noise for the next 2 minutes I will grant him permission to release. But of course when I squeeze my panty boys little head he will always yell out with a moan ruining his chance for release this week. I laugh and smile while I lock him back up and he drops to his knees at the feet where he belongs.


That's a day in the life....



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