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My wife, Abby, has made use of strip clubs several times to help tease me. She doesn't approve of me going on my own, but has ordered me to go and report to her what happened a few times. She also has gone with me several times. The last time was our last anniversary in May. She kept me denied for 3 weeks prior, which was a record for me. She had teased me herself a lot over that time so that I was really desperate to cum anyway. She had hinted that she was going to let me cum on that day all along. When the day arrived she had me please her in the morning, then told me she had the day all planned out. She made me wear what she wanted me to, a pocket t-shirt and some shorts of a very thin material with silk boxers underneath. I'm always nervous when she makes me wear something like that because it makes it really obvious should I get an erection.


She took me to Hooters for lunch, to warm me up, besides we both really like the food there. That ended up a little embarrassing in itself since she managed to get me hard in the restaurant just from the things she was saying to me. I think some girls noticed, too, though at least I had calmed down by the time I had to walk out.


After that she directed me to drive to the better strip club in our area. I figured out where we were heading well before we got there and I was excited but also nervous. It was mid afternoon on a weekday, so it was a slow time at the club. We had a few beers and watched the dancers for quite a while as she asked me about each one to see which ones turned me on the most. She had me pick a girl to do a private dance for me, they call it a couch dance there. I picked a tall blonde, who was really pretty, but kind of cold. She danced for me as Abby watched from a table, but the dancer was very standoffish. She didn't even look at me much and had no physical contact with me at all. I enjoyed the closer look at her, but really it didn't arouse me much. It was pretty much a waste of the 30 dollars I had to pay for the dance.


Abby wasn't satisfied with the dance either. She said she was going to pick the next girl to dance for me. We had another beer and it was getting late enough that some different girls were coming in for the next shift. She picked a really friendly girl who came up to us and talked a bit first. She was another blonde, also pretty, though a little older and actually sexier in a slutty sort of way. Abby told her how it was our anniversary, and she wanted to treat me to a good tease. The stripper offered to dance for the two of us, but Abby said she just wanted to watch from where she was again. This girl was completely different from the other. She was all over me. She danced sexy and pushed her tits right into my face. She sat on my lap and ground her ass into my crotch. She had me really hard right away, and kept dancing for me for two songs. She put her head down really close to my crotch and let her hair drag along my bare thighs. She touched my thighs with her hands and once even dragged her hand lightly over my crotch. I hadn't had a dance like that in that club before, though I had something sort of like that at another place once. Then all too soon it was over and she thanked me with a bit of an evil smile and departed quickly once I had paid her.


I tried to just stay there to calm down a little, but Abby was already beckoning me to her. I reluctantly stood and hurried over to her walking a little funny with my eyes on the ground. There were more people there by then, though I didn't look at anyone. I sat in the chair relieved to have my bulge hidden under the table. Abby asked if I enjoyed that dance. I confessed that I had. Abby said that was good, then insisted on leaving right then. I hoped to stall longer to have time to completely relax, but she led me by the hand towards the door. Then of all things, the stripper who had danced for me first stopped us. She wished us happy anniversary, I guess the other girl told her because I hadn't, and hugged each of us. I was still hard, because humiliation turns me on and I had to stand there a bit longer in front of quite a few people before we finally got out of there.


When we got home Abby was turned on and made me lick her pussy until she had cum a few times. When I asked about my chance to cum she laughed and said, "I think I've been very generous. I took you out to lunch and you got two dances from strippers. I've done enough for you this anniversary. You're just going to have to wait. My pleading did no good, except to arouse Abby enough to have her make me pleasure her one more time before bed. I ended up going to sleep eventually really horny and let down. She did finally let me fuck her the next morning and get that long sought after release, but it was one of the most frustrating teases of my life.




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