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Strict Teasing Constrictions




I've hinted at some of the rules hubby has to follow to stay on my good side.


For instance, he can look at any part of me I'll show, but I only allow him to look at other women’s' feet when I'm teasing him.

But I thought you might be interested in the other conditions to his lockdown.


Hubby is milked every two weeks on Sunday. My major milking restriction is that he experiences not penile pleasure whatsoever. I leave him in the chastity device usually, but sometimes I free him to try to dry-hump the air. It's harder to aim and colect that way, however, so this is very rare. He's bound tightly with straps, with his hands cuffed above him, so there's no chance of his getting free. I'll tease him with pictures or a striptease, but there's absolutely no physical contact with his penis. When he drips, I know it's all thanks to the sight and smell of my feet (or whoever's he's looking at) and the vibe doing its slow, cruel work in his ass.


Once a month I give him a chance to win release. It's a simple dice game, with the odds stacked in my favor. If he rolls a ten or higher with two dice on one roll, he earns an orgasm point. If not, he gets his usual milking and waits another month. One point earns him a controlled jerk on my feet, with a lickup following. If he saves up two, he can fuck my tits or pussy, although if I'm feeling mean I'll put a Kali on him to make things more... difficult. He still eats his spunk.


Three saved points means fucking my ass, and this is what he usually saves up for. Even as a domme, I love having my ass fucked, although with hubby it's not what I'd call a real fucking...

I'll get on my knees, lube up my ass, and pull out a stopwatch. Yes, a stopwatch :) You see, I believe that if he's going to have a chance to win pleasure, he's also risking an equal or greater amount of pain. Hence the watch... I know hubby can't last in my ass longer than a minute, and I give him a three-minute minimum. If he doesn't last that long before he cums, he'll earn stiff penalties. ;)


So I start the watch, he slides in, and tries to do something without tipping over the edge. The odds are already against him- full balls, months of teasing, some foreplay, and my ass.

Even as he tries to resist and stay still or move slowly, I know which muscles to pulse and work up a rhythm on his cock. The combination of my warmth and slickness, his blue balls, and my pulsing sphincter does him in, whether he wants to cum right then or not. And then I stop the watch and check. Fifty-three seconds of pleasure. Now it's time for the pain. After he licks his business out of my ass...


For every second short of his goal, he gets a strap to his ass. And to teach him to have better control of his cock and balls, they get the chemical Treatment- mineral ice or a special pepper blend I concoct and smear liberally to his affected areas. That will stay on for a while, and it helps shrink him back down to fit into the CB. For every minute short he comes, he gets an hour of The Treatment. I reapply on the hour. The same penalties are levied on him with the tit and pussy fucking, although he usually manages to last through those. I have to wonder why he saves up for my ass every time.


With hubby out of commission so often, I have taken on other lovers. I'm not nearly as restrictive with them, although they are held to varying degrees of control. They do get to use their cocks on me any way I tell them to. I'm not the one being denied here! Yes, hubby gets to watch when they fuck me, although he usually gets so frustrated he has to leave and put the game on or something ;)


So fellas, wanting to be in his shoes?




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