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Male Slave Teasing



Ruben my slave,


Welcome to your tease!

From now on I own you and you do as I command for the next 3 days!

For the next 3 days you are to be my slave and only my slave. You do as I say when I say. You bow to me when ever I contact you, whether it be e-mail, and/or on the internet.


You have read and agreed to the rules. You will obey me. Everything you have and everything you are belongs to me for the next 3 days.


I will start off by showing you a small picture of me. As you can tell I am already starting to rub myself. I like to make sure that I am wet before getting started slave Ruben. I just rub the outside of my panties, and slowly but surely I start to get turned on and wet. I usually then need my slave to clean me up and please me!

Slave Ruben, I want you to have a nice hard cock when your kneeling in front of me.

Go ahead and start stroking your cock. I want it to be hard but YOU BETTER NOT CUM! You already know that. Up and down, slowly while staring at me.



You are to keep looking down slave. Make sure you keep your eyes and face down. I do not give you permission to look, smell or touch me.

Take all your clothes off Now slave Ruben. I want you naked kneeling in front of me NOW!

I will give you a minute to take all your clothes off. I want you to fold them nicely and put them away. You won't need them for a while!


Now that your kneeling before me I want you to kiss my feet. I have been walking all day and working all day and I need my feet cleaned by your Tongue slave Ruben. NOW. Kiss my feet, kiss my stockings and lick my shoes! Don't even think about looking up at me slave. I want that wet tongue all over my shoes. My shoes better be very clean otherwise you will be punished!



Thats right slave Ruben. You like what you see huh. Continue cleaning my feet. I want them completely cleaned and ready to walk all over you! Lick my shoes with your wet tongue. I am going to bend down and start stroking you for a little while. I want to hear your beg for me to continue touching your cock. I WANT TO HEAR YOU BEG on your knees Slave.


Let me get some rope so I can tie your cock up and make sure you don't have any accidents!


You like me stroking your cock really fast up and down huh Slave Ruben? Huh. Now that your so hard let me tie those balls up in a nice hard knot.


Awwwww. Now were going to make sure you don't have any little accidents!


Let me start with a little test. Let me lick the underside of your cock all the way up to the tip with my wet tongue! You like that slave. You like when I rub my tongue over the tip of your little cock huh? Awwww poor little slave. Your balls are blue. I bet you already want me to make you explode all over the place? Huh Slave Ruben? But you can't. Your balls are all tied up! To bad. I am going to torment and tease you for hours and hours slave Ruben while you do everything I please!



Alright Slave Ruben. You did an Ok job cleaning my shoes. I now want you to make your way up my stockings. You are to atleast give me 500 kisses on each stocking. I want to feel each kiss, and I want to feel your lips so make it sincere. I want you to stop right before you get to my panties and beg for just 1 kiss! I want to see those balls blue. I want to hear you beg like you have never begged before.


Let me bend down again and slowly stroke the little tip of your cock. *KICK* I bet that must of hurt huh slave Ruben. You like getting kicking in your balls when you can't do anything about it? You do huh? Slap that cock slave Ruben. SLAP IT HARD. LET ME HEAR YOU MOAN WHILE YOUR SLAPPING THAT LITTLE COCK!


You don't deserve to kiss my panties slave. LIE DOWN ON YOUR BACK! I want to make you suffer. Let me walk on your stomach with my nice clean shoes! Keep looking up at my panties while I step right on your blue balls and hard cock! AWWW poor slave. Does that hurt? I bet you want me so bad huh slave. You want me to smother with my panties while I stroke that little cock? I DON'T THINK SO.



You like what you see slave? You better. You know what pleases me? When my slave fucks my ass with his wet tongue. So do you know what you are going to do slave Ruben? Huh do you? You are going to start off by kissing your Goddesses Ass until I give you permission to fuck my ass with your tongue! Got IT. Again i want to feel every kiss on my ass and make it sincere other wise I am going to make sure you don't have kids for a long long time!


Good slave. Let me feel your lips on every spot of my ass. I am going to give you a little reward and rub the little tip of your cock for you! It is starting to drip a little cum isnt it Slave? Awww. Well you won't be cumming for a long long time so don't you worry slave. Alright enough kissing my ass. I want you now to lick the small part of my panties that wraps around my wet pussy. You got it slave. Keep your eyes on my pussy unless otherwise told. Lick it good slave. You better get used to it because my slaves please me for hours! Keep licking my panties. Start making your way up to my ass. It's time you really became my bitch and fucked my ass with your tongue. Got It Slave Ruben? Get your tongue around my panties and in my ass NOW!


You know these web teases really turn me on cause I know you are sitting there with a hard cock just wishing I was in front of you so you could fuck my ass with your tongue! Just to bad huh Slave? I own you for the next 3 days and you will do what I say! I trust that you will obey my every command and again "you do not e-mail unless I give you permission"


Awww slave just look at my ass while your on your hands and knees probably stroking your little cock with out my permission huh? You know what I like slave? I like when my slave stands up, with permission of course, walks right behind me, and rubs his little cock right across my panties and pussy. I then rub the little tip of my slaves cock when he is fully extented! I think my slave Ruben would like that.


STAND UP BITCH. Your balls better be tied up still! Grap something really soft. Say a pair of panties or some stockings. Put some lotion over that little cock and rub it SLOWLY in and out of the panties. Stare at my ass slave. Those balls better be tied so you DO NOT CUM! If I find out that you came with out my permission I am going to make sure you don't cum again for a long long time. I don't even think I will let you cum for the next 3 days. Believe I will know if you cum slave, so don't try and be sneaky!


ON YOUR KNEES SLAVE. Do you like hearts Slave Ruben? Well you better now! They are going to be the only thing you see for the next hour! Get over here and start pleasing me NOW! I have been wearing these panties all night just for your tease! I bet you will love to lick the yummy cum from my pussy huh slave! We will see! Ok slave I want you to SLAP your cock hard while you continue to please me. SLAP YOUR COCK HARD! I better hear it slave.

Nothing turns me on more then looking down and seeing a slave slap his hard cock while his face is stuffed in my panties!

Let me feel your face against my wet, tight panties!

Very good slave Ruben.



I think you have done a good job for today slave Ruben!

Your homework assignment for today is to stroke your cock for the next 10 minutes! MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CUM!

If you obeyed me you should have your balls all tied up! Unwrap the rope and stroke it slave.

After you have completed the 10 minutes of stroking, while you are thinking of me and only me of course you are to cum. You are to explode all over the place in honor of your Goddess! After you have made your little mess you are to rub one of your fingers in the little cum and lick it up! I will know if you are lying to me so you better obey Slave Ruben!

After you have compleled your homework assignment you are to e-mail me.

You are to tell me how great it felt to cum with my permission in detail and how much you want to please, submit and do anything I say!

Understand Slave Ruben?



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