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Creampies are my absolute favorite. Now, while I do get to lick her lovers’ cum off her pussy two or three times a year and love it more than anything else, I’m kind of starving during the rest of the year. And as most guys, once I shot my load, I loose interest in licking my own cum from her pussy. That’s the dilemma we all know. But I felt there must be a way.


Milking/edging myself was the key. It takes a great deal of training and lots of practice but you can push milking/edging to the point, where your cum is being pressed out of your testicles, seminal vesicle and though your prostate without the contractions of orgasm. It actually runs out of your cock like water from a tab. The problem we all have once the orgasm had been triggered - I read in a medicals journal - is that a hormone will “command” your brain to reverse blood flows back out of your cock – you’re loosing your erection. But by milking/edging to the point where your cum is being pressed out but your orgasmic contractions are not triggered, this fatal hormone will not be activated and you will stay horny as a bull.


Sometimes I stay hard, sometimes my cock gets slightly soft for a few minutes but in any case all it takes is some sexual stimulation and the erection is back as before.


And this is how we do it: I fuck my wife for no more than one or two minutes to reach the point of just before the orgasm. Now I withdraw my cock to only leave the head inside her pussy and we both hold still like statues while I completely relax all my muscles “down there”. That is the hardest part to practice and finally manage, but it works.

As soon as I’m far away enough from the “point of no return”, I move back and forth a few times – usually it only takes three or four strokes – until I get close to the “point of no return” again and I hold still and relax again. Now I can feel how my cum is being pressed out of my cock and is flow into her pussy. I repeat this three or four times until my reservoir is absolutely empty. And absolutely empty it gets! I tested it. After this exercise I can fuck and masturbate myself silly but will never reach an orgasm, while l stay horny as hell though.

Now I go down on her and believe me, I couldn’t care less whose cum I’m licking out of her dripping pussy! After 10 to fifteen minutes I’m so horny I need to fuck her and for those who like it, get an extra bonus called “orgasm denial from your own fault” - I can fuck her silly but am never able to reach an orgasm before at least another hour, while she gets at least two.


By Westy





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