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Self Cock Teasing




You need a random element to kind of simulate having an external teaser there. Maybe you can work out something with turning on the TV and only allowing yourself to stroke when a woman is onscreen or something. If not, I'll lay out the way to do it with the computer.


Download a whole bunch of sexy images.

Run a program that will display them in a random order.

Set the program to display each random picture for 10 seconds.

Before you start, make up a rule about what you get to do for each type of picture, depending on what types of photos you've got.


Maybe you only get to stroke (full strokes) when you see pubic hair.

Maybe if you see just breasts, you have to tease just your cockhead.


There you go! Random self-tease.

If you want to monitor further, you can play music in the background and adjust the rules after every song.


There are a million tweaks you can do to customize it to yourself. Maybe you get strokes when the woman is a celebrity, or Asian, or looking directly into the camera. Maybe as soon as you can see into a woman's open mouth, you get all the slow strokes you want - until the end of the current song.


The important thing is to make up some rules and stick to them as the slideshow runs. If you end up teasing your cockhead for 4 women in a row, then that's too bad!


The truly ideal version of this game would be if you had a database of images, and the software knew which ones featured pubic hair, open mouths, women lying down, etc.


And the computer is attached to an amazing stroking machine that feels as good as any woman's hand and mouth put together.


And the stroking machine remains locked on you for one hour or until it feels you having an orgasm, so there's no need for discipline on your part. All you can do is take whatever it gives you and hope you get lucky.


I guess the computer should also decide what the rules are up front and announce them to you. So at the beginning of the session, it would announce:


"Full nude (42% of images) = full strokes, moderate speed. Bare breasts only (26% of images) = strokes without head contact at fast speed. Bare behind only (6% of images) = stimulate cockhead. No nudity (26% of images) = no strokes."


Then you'd have something to root for as each new image comes up. "Come on, pussy! Come onnn!!!" And then, as an image shows up where a woman covers her privates, you'd yell, "Oh, come on! You teasing bitch!" :-)


But, until such software and hardware has been invented, you'll have to do it yourself. Figure out how to split your images into two or three types, set up your own set of rules and don't cheat!





Variation by Story Fan:


First of all, for my variation (and I think to give yourself enough time to cook up a little bit of a fantasy for each image), you have to give yourself more time per picture. Maybe 10 seconds?


Then, pick some attribute, and when then attribute is shown in a picture, stroke yourself differently.


Let's say that one third of your photos have no nudity at all. Maybe you can decide that those photos represent the "biggest tease." Then, whenever a no-nudity photo comes up, you only get to stroke the cockhead with thumb and forefinger.


Or maybe go the other way. Let's say that only half of your photos feature a woman's pubic hair. Maybe for all photos that don't show pubic hair, you only get to stroke the shaft. No touching the cockhead. But for the ones that do show pubic hair, you can consider that the woman "putting out" and give yourself nice long strokes, all the way past the cockhead.


That last rule would also work if you say "Only when the woman is pleasing a guy's cock in a photo will I give myself long strokes past the cockhead."


With just a couple rules like this, you don't even need a single picture that allows you to cum - although you could make it that a single picture means "Stop now! The game is over for the night!"


Let's say that your rules are like this:


No nudity = no stroking at all!

Nudity or partial nudity = stroking just the shaft.

Woman pleasuring a man = full strokes, past the head.

Any Asian woman = game over!


If you pick the right features for the rules above, you can guarantee yourself a very uncertain tease each night.


Just when you get close to cumming, suddenly there's a whole bunch of no-nudity pictures and you have to just stop dead! Or just when you're getting a nice run of nudity and full strokes, suddenly there's an Asian woman and you go to bed frustrated.


If this were me doing it, I would never have a "go to bed frustrated" possibility. I'd probably make the Asian woman represent "2 fingers stroking the cockhead."


But that's just me. Others would probably make it so that they go to bed frustrated 6 nights a week!



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