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Ruined Orgasm Techniques





The method that works best is going to vary from person to person based on their own responses but it can be from as simple as stopping stimulation at the "point of no return" and not continuing while the orgasm happens, it is less intense with less powerful finish. This can be quite a let down.


Using a small penis whip at the right moment can let the orgasm progress but induce some pain at the same time, if done too soon it might bring one back from the edge, but at the right moment (or immediately after) can really cause that "good feeling" to be mixed or disappear.


Although this sort of play is NOT something I would recommend for very frequent play, if a few drops of alcohol are introduced into the piss hole, there will be an intense burning sensation later when he pisses or comes. Things will feel OK until that moment then it will feel like little razor blades inside the cock. That will definitely ruin an orgasm.


Bad Bob






Something that i have discovered is at the point of no return, pinch top and bottom across the penis to close off the tube running through it (sorry, i don't know what it's called).


The penis will throb and the muscles will try and push out the cum, it won't go anywhere - except, may be backwards (which is safe).


After about 20 seconds or so, just let go and watch it run out without an orgasm! so frustrating and discovered by accident!!!



Sub Will






Would be to tie me down, and hold my cock between her finger and thumb. She was careful so that only the very tip of her finger and thumb touched, and she would hold it about in the middle, with the contact points on the side, avoiding the more sensitive areas on the underside.


She would then "jerk" me by sliding the skin up and down. The fingertips never moved on the skin, she slid the skin up and down.


The effect is one of very minimal stimulation. It is very difficult to cum that way. The teasing effect is absolutly torture.


Also, when the orgasm does eventually come, due to the nature of the stimulation, it is just a "release", while the build up is incredibly slow, torturous and intense, the "release" is not at all "satisfying".



Randy Roper






MsCindy has advanced a technique i do not believe i have read about or heard of before. MsCindy refers to it as Her "Stifled Release".


MsCindy normally allows me to release following 2 weeks of teasing and denial. She sits in a recliner with Her beautiful feet facing me at cock level. I kneel before her, head down, and begin a medium-paced stroking. Typically, i am to release my nasty onto her feet. However, i am constantly reminded to be quiet ("I don't want to hear a peep from you") and it is expected that i will display no facial or other physical demonstrations of pleasure. Put simply, it is to be a physical, nearly mechanical release of stored scum, with no emotions attached in any way, and as a result, little pleasure.


After steadily stroking toward the undeniable conclusion, as i reach the very edge, i am to ask in a calm, normal voice, "Mistress, may i release?" Sometimes, MsCindy will consider for a time before She says those magic words, "Yes you may". I am to release immediately upon hearing Her approval - quickly, quietly, without emotion. Then i am to clean my mess.


This may seem an easy, even enviable task to perform. However, following a two week denial, i struggle so internally to comply with Her instructions. i have found this to be the ultimate of ruined orgasms. It is humiliating, and does nothing to satisfy my emotional need for orgasm. Perhaps other Mistresses and their cucks/slaves will experiment with this as well.


Respectfully Submitted,







The unequivocally most profoundly ruined orgasm would be the one he doesn't even remember having. Imagine the extraordinary angst one would feel after being teased and denied for so long, just waiting for that day of release. But instead of having your orgasm or even a milking, you wake up in the morning to find during the night your penis betrayed you and left you nothing but a big mess in your shorts.


I think women living with a sub male partner could actually have an easy time setting it up. Especially if he is in chastity or even if not, just spend an extra long t&d session with him leaving him frustrated and exhausted. While he is deeply asleep just encourage his penis lightly through his shorts, it would not take much since he would be getting his nocturnal erections anyway. He will shoot his entire load while asleep and not even remember doing so in the morning.


If you wanted you could add your own humiliating comments in the morning when he gets up with that big gooey stain left in his shorts.


So wicked... almost too cruel.









I have not allowed my hubby to cum since 12/31/07. I have promised him that he will not do so until 1/1/2010- just after the ball drops. He will be allowed a runied orgasm once every two months and a milking every two months (alternating months- one month the milking the next month the ruined). He gets teased to the edge at least 5 or 6 times a week.


I am a nurse- and have doctor friend in the ER that I have shared our story with. He tells me that it is not the ejaculate coming out- but the muscular contractions that come with the orgasm that keep the prostate healthy. I used to ruin orgasms like most of you refer to it... stroke (or whatever) till he hits the edge- and then nothing! He would drip a few times and his muscular contarctions would go on for 20-25 seconds. He would feel some relief for the evening and his erection would go down. That relief wouldn't last long though- by the next day the effect would be that he was hornier.


After talking to my Dr. friend in the ER- he convinced me to try something- and hubby's life has not been the same since. He convinced me to abandon the "ruined orgasm" for a retrograde ejaculation. It has several advantages.


You bring your man right to the edge and then, when he is about to come, you squeeze the base of his erection (hard) and keep clamped down until the spasming stops. First of all the muscular contractions last for nearly a minute- twice the prostate workout! Secondly, no ejaculate comes out. Finally, his erection does not go down!


You can do this- and after a couple of minutes... go back to teasing him again. The bottom line is that he gets the prostate workout but NO relief. Now that I know how well this works- I have switched to one of these a month... and no milkings. I have found that his desire is so much higer using this once a month instead of giving him some minor release by giving him the classic ruined orgasm.


By the way- he stays locked in his metal Lori's device when unsupervised.


By the way- my friend at the hospital and I are not in any kind of relationship... we just flirt and talk about sex. If only he knew what he has done to my poor old hubby- or, maybe he does!!!


Mrs Pirranna





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