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Ruined Orgasm Technique



Here is what you can do with your on-line Mistress, without disturbing her too much.


She puts you on a deal that you have to edge in a certain amount of time, and if you are ordered to it you have to orgasm in a certain amount of time. She doesn't have to follow you all the time on the screen, but you have to be on the edge all the time. If you loose you have to give her a gift, or do a job for her.


My suggest is 1 second for orgasm, for every minut you have to stay on the edge. Let's say she want's you to be 20 minutes on the edge, then you have 20 seconds to orgasm if and when she gives the order. When you get better, she might put you down to 10 seconds, and 1 hour on the edge. This is real cruel for you, and you might not come anyway. Maybe every 10 or 20 times, depending on her, you will have to jerk off, but she can easily do any other busines, and just stop your edging, when times run out.


And you dont know if she ever sees you on the screen, or just laugh off you, or sit with her girlfriends and watch your jerk.






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