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Precum Teasing



My mistress gives me a shot glass and tells me that I have a certain amount of time (say an hour) to fill it up with precum. If I fail, I have to try again tomorrow.If I succeed I will be rewarded, but the next time I will have less time to do it. If she is merciful, she would let me ejaculate as a reward. But maybe she'd have me eat her pussy, or watch her drink the shot glass, or she might make a cruel joke out of it and 'reward' me by making me drink it.



The reward is randomly chosen by cards. Some of the cards even have punishments, such as getting my balls squeezed.


The shot glass is placed on a paper towel so that I can see each drop that missed the glass and be frustrated by it.


The shot glass is placed on a paper towel. I am told that if the paper towel I miss the shot glass I will be punished. However, I may choose a shot glass or glass with a larger rim, but I will have to fill it up.


The glass must be filled to the rim, but I get punished if it flows over.


No time limit, but I must stand above the glass. I can only imagine the agony of watching precum drops miss their mark.


For more long term torture.

My mistress has a glass that she keeps in hiding. I don't know how big it is. If I fill up the shot glass in the required time, she will pour the precum in the hidden glass. I won't be allowed to orgasm until the hidden glass is full, but I don't know how big the hidden glass is. If I don't fill up the shot glass in the required time, the precum won't go into the hidden glass.


I am given a larger glass and I am told that she won't let me cum until I fill the glass with precum, no matter how long it takes. I can frantically stroke often to fill it up faster, or save myself some short term pain by teasing myself just a bit each day for several days or a weeks. I must beg her for opportunities to stroke above the glass.


Shortly after release, my mistress tells me that if I can fill up a shot glass with precum, she will let me cum as much as I want for the rest of the day. After I fail due to being gratified no to long beforehand, she tells me that I will not be able to cum until I accomplish the task and only get one attempt a day.


My mistress tells me that I will be allowed to orgasm in 7 days. If I want that time to be shorter, I can try the shot glass game, though for every day I don't succeed another day is added.




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