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Painful Orgasm



This is one of the ways that my wife has used when I'm finally allowed to cum:


This can be done any place she chooses. The last time she did this to me was in the middle of the kitchen.

She has on all of her clothes right down to her shoes, where as for me I'm totally naked and holding a plastic coat hanger. As she sits at the table sipping on a cup of coffee she looks at me with an evil smirk and says," Began."


While holding the coat hanger in my left hand I grip my already hard cock in my right. I raise my left hand and bring it down swiftly. Striking my bare ass with a "WOOSH" and a "CRACK!" It's a biting sting but at the start I can handle it.

At the exact same time I do this I give my cock one full stroke.


Here are the rules I must follow if I wish to cum:

1.Every time I spank my ass with the plastic coat hanger I have to swing it fast enough for her to hear it.

2.ONLY at the very moment that the hanger comes in contact with my ass am I allowed to give my cock a stroke.

3.I may do this as fast or slow as I wish in order to cum. (Unless for some reason she tells me to stop)

4.After my orgasm I must lick up my mess. (Sometimes she will allow me to use a plate.)

5.Hitting myself anywhere other than my ass cheeks is forbidden.

6.During orgasm I must keep cracking my ass while I stroke it out and I must count out loud each spurt of cum that jets from my cock.


My strokes, and swats are slow at first but the dilemma is in the need to stroke my cock faster and faster as the climax builds. My wife likes to verbally humiliate me as I proceed.



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