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Orgasm Tease



My ex-girlfriend would occasionaly do this:



She would tie me to the bed arms spread, legs tied together, stretched tightly to the bed frame. She would then take her pleasure of me. I was of course under strict orders not to cum.


Then, once she was done, and she had a chance to rest a little, it would be my turn.


She would then lay next to me, give me permission to cum, if I could, and give me one, long, very slow stroke. Her hand just barely sliding over me.


The next time we "played", she would do this again. Only this time, she would give me two very long slow caresses.


The next time we played, it would be three. Each time, if I "made it", wonderful, if not, I was out of luck.


This would continue each time we played, each time the number of strokes I would get would increase by one.


In the beginning, it is not so bad, but as the number of strokes increased, and I could get progressively "closer" it became quite maddening.


Eventually, after a couple of weeks, the number of strokes she gave me would increase to the point where it would be enough for me to cum.



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