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A few weeks ago I went out with a guy who I knew wanted me very badly. I also know that after I said yes he began telling all his buddies how he was going to fuck me and would share all the details. Needless to say I was pissed at him and thought about canceling the date but instead decided to take control of it in my own unique way.


We decided to go to a movie and of course when he suggested we sit alone in the back of the theater I didn't disagree. As the movie started he ran his hand along my leg and I let him slip it up under my skirt. As his fingers played around trying to pull my panties aside I reached over and unzipped him. I took his cock out and began teasing it with my nails and rubbing it slowly. Just enough to keep him rock hard but making sure he definitely wouldn't cum.


As the movie played along he pulled his hand back and just let me continue stroking him. I replaced his hand with my own other one and began rubbing my clit as I kept him hard. From time to time I'd start stroking him faster and faster and he'd start to groan a little looking at me almost begging me to slow down so he didn't embarrass himself. I stopped him at the edge every time. The movie lasted almost two hours and for almost every minute of that he was rock hard and on edge. My arm was getting tired from jerking him but then I'd just slow down and trace my nails around his cock and balls. I thought about telling him to get us some drinks and popcorn while his cock was fully erect but thought he probably couldn't get himself zipped up in that state :giggles:


Near the end of the movie after I'd made myself cum three times while jerking him I told him I'd be right back and to keep himself hard while I went to the bathroom. I walked out of the theater with him stroking his cock as he checked out my ass and legs and laughed as I went out the door. I had texted my girlfriend earlier telling her to pick me up and as she pulled up I told her how I'd left my date holding his cock alone in the back of the theater. She and I laughed our asses off and then went home. Later that night I texted him asking how long he'd waited and whether he'd enjoyed his own hand or not. As you might have guessed the reply I got was not very pleasant but hey when you plan to tell all your boys how great I was when you fuck me what exactly do you expect? :wicked grin:


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