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Orgasm Control Contract

By: Your Loving Wife




This is a contract to help you lose weight, quite smoking and get in shape. It uses your desire to play with submissiveness and your natural strong desire to orgasm as the catalyst for success.


I will tease you most of the week, and I will be your orgasm facilitator on the weekends. Basically, you give and I take complete control of when, how and if you orgasm.


The schedule for the week would be, Monday – Friday evening, you should not expect to have an orgasm because you will willingly give me control of your orgasms. Friday evening through Sunday night, you will be encouraged by me to orgasm as much as possible. But there are rules.


1)If you don't work out for one day, you are denied a day of orgasms.


2)If you don't eat properly for one day, you're denied a day of orgasms.


3)If you drink alcohol during the week, Sunday night through Thursday, you're denied a day of orgasms.


So here is how it adds up. If you smoke one cigarette in a week, the first day you can expect to orgasm would be Saturday. If you don't work out and drink one night, two infractions, the first day you could expect to cum would be Sunday, just one day of a two week period. If there are three infractions, you don't get to cum at all for that weekend, and you start another week without having an orgasm and not being allowed to orgasm until the following Friday night at the earliest. Two weeks without an orgasm.


During the week I will tease you as much as possible to reinforce your horniness and remind you of our agreement while giving you an incentive to stay with the contract. I will insist you take a shower with me each day, I'll stroke you cock, squeeze your balls or just pat your crotch while teasing you about your hard cock, full balls and no orgasms. Most importantly, you will give me back rubs, foot rubs and I will be physically close to you with kisses and touching as a constant reminder. Of course I expect oral sex when I want it, as often as I want it and as many orgasms as possible with no sexual release for you.


You will agreed that your sexual relief is in my hands seven days a week, but if you mange to get through the work week following the above constraints, you will be allowed to cum on the weekend starting with Friday night. It is not guaranteed because you still concede orgasm control to me, but Friday through Sunday night you would be allowed to cum at my discretion. In fact, Friday night through Sunday night I promise to encourage you to cum as much as possible so Monday through Friday evening you are that much hornier.


An example weekend could be, Friday evening making love followed by me telling you to masturbate for me before we fall asleep. Saturday morning should be the same, with a masturbation session in the middle of the day, and making love at night. Sunday the same, or any other combination I decide. To make sure you are not getting too good of a deal on the weekends, I will also make you "live your fantasy", by having you lick your sperm from me after we make love or feed you your sperm after supervised orgasm. This helps establish the fact that there is "a price to pay" for the privilege of me allowing you to have an orgasm, and that price is making sure you "clean up your mess". This contract will reinforce your fantasy of orgasm denial, orgasm control and a willingness to be sexually controlled and submissive to me. I know it is your fantasy and now it will be used to make you healthier and therefore happier.


You will also keep your pubic hair shaved. This helps reinforce my status as the "leader" in our sexual relationship and your submissiveness. This overtly physical display of your desire to be submissive is important to you so now it is important to me.


No matter how many times I let you cum, one time during the weekend you must "ask" to cum. You must make a request to orgasm when you think you can, but I make the final decision on how, or even if you do. Needless to say, you being naked and masturbating for me will become more common place, a totally embarrassing and stimulating thought for you, I know.


Also, at any time during the weekend, I can tell you to cum. You should then strip naked and masturbate for me or I will masturbate you. You have to try as hard as you can to cum every time, no matter how recently your last orgasm may have been. This should make for some fairly entertaining and embarrassing "jerk off" sessions. I will not necessarily supervise the whole session I would just tell you to bring me the results.


This contract is good for a month. If you are losing weight and getting in shape, I can decide to continue the contract. If I would like to change the contract, I can at any time. If I want to make love during the week, that is my decision and my decision alone, but you will probably not be allowed to cum. You can not ask for release or pester me about your horniness.


You MUST promise to abide by all of these rules until I decide to change them. My sexually control is complete and total for the duration of the contract.


You know this is the best thing for you. There really is no choice on your part. You want everything in this contract. Anything but total agreement is total rejection, and I know you will not do that because you need this. You have wanted me to take more sexual control, now I will and there will be a proof positive effect of my control. You will lose weight, get in shape and lovingly submit to me.











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