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Teasing Technique: Monkey Milking



Milking the Monkey.


Boy, I am so glad I discovered this little trick. It's been invaluable and can be used in so many ways.


It is a way of letting your man have an orgasm, but without releasing the full power of it. This means that he is hornier again faster.


One of the things I noticed about making him wait at least a few days between orgasms was that he was likely to reach orgasm much faster. Sometimes I want him to make love to me for longer without having to keep stopping so he doesn't cum too quickly. With this technique I can let him get off earlier in the day but have him horny again just a few hours later, and of course without the hair trigger cock he would have had.


I have also found it a great way to let him get off when he is out of town. If he is gone a couple of weeks I can let him orgasm in this way two or three times and when he gets home he is desperate for a proper full hand job, or better still some serious love making.


And its also great when he's got all whiney about not getting off for a week, because I can tie him down and then give him a handjob using this technique and then tell him thats his lot for another week. He won't whine again for quite some time I can tell you.


So what is the technique?


I can do it to him or I can have him do it to himself, although if you're going to have him do it to himself you might want to watch and make sure he doesn't cheat and give himself a full orgasm. I have sometimes insisted on watching on web cam when he is out of town, although these days he isn't stupid enough to risk doing it any way but how I ask, so its not so much of an issue.


Now he does have to have gone a few days without orgasm for this to work really well. Make a circle with your index finger and thumb, your other fingers and your palm are not going to be used for this. Wrap that circle around his cock just under the helmet/head of his cock. Now there is no up and down motion here, just squeeze and release repeatedly. When he's not cum in a couple days or more its no problem to get him to orgasm using just that squeezing action.


In fact if you've not let him have an orgasm for a week or more you will be amazed at just how quickly he gets there.


Now as soon as he begins to cum, let go. He will have an orgasm and his cum will dribble out. But he has just cum with the MINIMUM of stimulation to the penis. Also from what I can tell, without pumping his cock while he cums reduces the amount of cum that is released.


If you have him perform this on himself, then you have to tell him that as soon as he begins to cum he must SIT on his hands. I have found this to be the best way of ensuring he isnt tempted to give it a few little rubs as he cums.


It will feel a little frustrating for him, but the desperate urge to jack off is now gone, he will feel some releif, but I guarantee the next day he will be as horny as if he'd not cum for three days. Which means he is still Mr perfect who helps about the house and wants to please his wife.


I first used this just as a way of getting rid of any premature shootings when I wanted to make love. But he soon caught on and didn't mind the less satisfying orgasm because he knew it meant he was on a promise. So mix it up a bit. Sometimes I don't let him cum for a few days, then milk the monkey and then make him wait a few more and then milk it again, and if I get horny in the mean time, he can pleasure me without orgasming himself.


Last year he had to go away on business for three months, travelling about the world. For three months he got to only orgasm every four or five days (sometimes longer) and every orgasm was done by him milking the monkey. When he got home it was like he hadn't cum the entire time and he made love like a stallion every night for a week! He'd have kept that up for another week but after a few days of him getting some every night it was time for him to have another break!


One other interesting thing I have found. If he's gone a while without cumming, I will make him an offer - he can milk the monkey tonight, but then he wont get to cum again for at least another week - or he can wait until I am ready to let him cum and have a full blown orgasm - he now finds that a really hard decision to make, but usually waits the extra few days.




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