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Teasing Techniques - Mistress Teasing Game



The Mistress allows the slave to collect points with his good behavior and devotion to Her. Each point corresponds to a handstroke on the slave’s cock the next time She will allow him out of his chastity belt. Of course the amount of points can be reduced if the slave doesn’t satisfy his Mistress completely.


Each Mistress can apply the scale of points fitting to Her slave, depending on how hard Her chastity rules are. For example, as a basic setting, the slave could receive one point for each day in chastity, and She could add an extra point if the slave performed a perfect service the whole day.


To motivate the slave for tasks he doesn’t like and help him learn his duty, the Mistress could give a bigger amount of points for particular tasks. Cuckold slaves “earn” one extra point for finding a good lover or for giving him a blowjob, two extra points for blowing and swallowing or letting the lover use the slave’s ass, two extra points for rimming Her lover or for each cleaned up creampie, etc. And if the slave is not lucky and the lover not bisexual, then no points…


On the other side, disrespect, badly executed tasks, etc. should cause a lost of points. To ensure a good service, the minimal lost will be equal to the best gain of points the slave can reach. If the slave could win a maximum of two points with a humiliating action for him, the smallest punishment should start with minus two points and up. Of course if the Mistress, for any reason, likes to tease and deny Her slave, the number of handstrokes given will be deducted from the amount of points.


Under supervision of his Mistress, the slave has to count the number of points he earns, and is allowed to beg the Mistress for release when he feels he has enough points to be able to come. To avoid the slave annoying the Mistress with repeated demands for release, every demand should cost 5 to 10 points. Of course the Mistress is always in the position to accept or refuse the slave’s request. Even if She accepts the slave’s plea, She can decide all the conditions for it to happen. Depending on Her pleasure, She could deliver the handjob Herself or ask the slave to perform under Her supervision and orders. She still has the power to apply (or let apply) the handstrokes very slow and to pause every time She desires. So She will always have the last word about letting Her slave come or not. If the slave doesn’t come within the earned amount of strokes he will be denied orgasm with all his points gone.


If applied correctly, the Mistress could assure a very long chastity period to Her slave. For the slave it will be very frustrating to wait until he believes he has enough points to be able to come, and humiliating to beg for it having to tribute his Mistress with heavily earned points to make his request to Her.



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