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I made his day. For weeks he'd been locked up in his chastity tube, with no release. "We're going to have a threesome," I teased him. "You, me, and Goddess Kali." I told him I'd let him fuck me any way he wanted, on one condition- that Goddess Kali kept her firm bite down on his member while he did the deed. If he came, then good for him. If he didn't, well, then good for me. Kali and I get along well, and I knew she wouldn't let me down.


I restrained him. We have a rule, that his hands and cock are never free at the same time. I'd be removing his CB3000 and replacing it with Kali, and I didn't want any mishaps while he was loose. An ice pack shrunk his eager cock back down to size after it briefly lept forward and stretched, for the first time since its lengthy confinement. I reached into the drawer and pulled out a small wooden jewelry box, finding Kali right where I left her. Hubby doesn't get to enjoy Kali's affections every day, only when he's being punished or for special occasions, like tonight. I opened her wide mouth, and row after row of pearly white teeth smiled back at me. "She really wants to take you in," I told hubby, sliding it across his shrunken dick and snapping her mouth shut. "Mmm, a perfect fit!"


I wanted to watch things progress, so I told hubby I'd changed my mind, and he'd be tittyfucking me. He used to get off on it, and I'd wind up with a chest coated in semen (or facialized) before I put my foot down and took charge of his cums. I knew I wouldn't see a drop this time, and gladly put my face in the line of fire. All the better to see him struggle up close.


There would be no lube. I pushed my breasts together to make a tight, warm tube and told him to have at it. He dry-humped my boobs, trying to work up enough friction to cum but not enough to shred his cock. "Ooh, baby, try harder! I know you can do it! Man, Kali can be SUCH a little BITCH," I teased him. He kept almost getting hard, then feeling her bite and shrinking. If he got too soft he wouldn't be able to push through my tits. If he got too hard then Kali reminded him who really owned that cock.


After a while, he grew tired and was covered in sweat. Not even a bead of pre-cum had worked its way past Kali's mouth and down his dick. "All done, honey?" I asked. "You know, I think it's my turn," I said, getting up. He knew what to do, and straddled the bed, while I buckled my strap-on tight against my wetness. "Look at my hard plastic cock versus your soft little dick," I said. "Oh well, at least ONE of them's going to be satisfied tonight!" I lubed up my rod and slipped up right up against his prostate. A few humps and the flow began. Kali didn't give up her load easily, and I really had to work him to push the cum past her iron grip, but as I felt him relax and open up I knew I was winning. There'd be a buttload of spermies to lick off my feet tonight.


Man, Kali CAN be such a little bitch. That's why I keep her around.


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