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My girlfriend has come up with a 'cold hearted' teasing technique in an attempt to break me of my thoughts of masturbation. While she's kept me locked in a chastity device for almost a year, and I've had only minimal contact with my penis, I've admitted to her how much I used to masturbate and that I still desire to mastrubate. She's not happy enough with me not being able to masturbate, she wants to condition me to not want to masturbate. This is what she's come up with:


I sit on the edge of the bed naked with my hands behind my back and she places a large bowl with ice water behind me. I place my hands in the freezing water and she frees my penis which quickly becomes erect.


She manipulates my erection and asks me to describe to her the sensations. She asks me which I prefer, her hands or my own. I of course answer that I prefer hers.


Then she asks me if I want to masturbate, and I answer honestly that I do. She stimulates me to a point where I feel that I'll be able to come quickly, even though my hands are freezing cold. She tells me that if I touch myself, that she will stop pleasuring me.


When I feel that I can take no more of her teasing, I take my hands from behind my back and masturbate. When I finally touch my teased and tormented erection, it quickly wilts at the coldness of my hands. With frustration, I rub harder, which only serves to wilt my dwindling erection more. When my penis wilts completely and I sit defeated, she locks my chastity device back on. It's not unusual for me to cry at an orgasm that I've ruined at my own hands, but my girlfriend will console me, telling me that when my conditioning is over and I realize that she alone can produce pleasure, that I'll once again be given orgasms as rewards for serving her.



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