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I wanted to scare him. To spice up the regular milking routine by making it more strict, more severe. It occured to me that the milking ritual is a lot like an execution. He's led in bound, against his will, and strapped to a table, where I clinically drain the sexual being from him. It's like the death of his orgasm, and he has to lay there, feeling it ebb away. It's his Sexecution.


I read up on the standard procedures that go along with a death sentence, determined to work some of it into his next milking. Sunday was the date. (He'd received a one-week reprieve already because I was curious whether making him wait longer would produce a bigger load.) But his time had come, and it was time to carry out his sentence. He was to be milked in the ass until he was dry.


I made changes to the "milking chamber", putting up a curtain to block what I didn't want him to see until he was firmly strapped down. Rather than toying with him, I was severe and silent, never letting a smile pass my face, even though I was highly amused at his predicament. Little did he know that I had invited witnesses. Usually, if anyone else is in the room, it's my friend Becky, a young woman we met online who has assisted with teasing him in the past. This time, I'd invited several girlfriends and two male slaves who fuck me in place of hubby. After securing him, I pulled the curtain aside and he turned white at the sight of eight people assembed to see his squirt denied.


I set the egg-shaped vibe in his ass on its lowest speed and then announced that the mlking had begun. I told him he was to be Sexecuted, his orgasm stolen from him, and that he would lose it in front of all of these people. Some of my girlfriends giggled as his cock bobbed in its cage. I further surprised him by stating that rather than using pictures to turn him on and make him drip, Becky would act as sexecutioner. She stood, prim and proper with her hair pulled back and thick, trendy cat-eye glasses hiding the deveilish glow in her eyes. She released her hair from its bun, slipped off her mary janes, and stripped.


Becky straddled him, and began sucking on his earlobe as she brushed her tits in his face. She posed and stretched in front of him as the vibe churned in his ass, knowing each and every little playful twist she performed was frustrating him that much more. She was fucking him, and his cock couldn't- and wouldn't- feel a thing.


She sat on a stool next to him and rubbed her legs against each other, sliding them back and forth, demonstrating their milky smoothness. Her feet found their way to his face and dug in hard, the friction against his nose rubbing their sweaty odor into his nostrils, where he couldn't avoid it. Cum streamed out of his limp dick into the collection bowl. His orgasm was being pulled from him as he lay helpless, the victim of Becky's charms and willful feet. It was dying a slow death.


I turned up the vibe every few minutes, and soon it was higher than I'd ever had to use on him. Not that it needed to be, but I wanted something a little more... intense than usual. He writhed and buckled against his bonds, drop after drop falling from the tip of his little penis. Becky played with his nipples and masturbated herself in front of him. Here was the pert little coed slut he thought he'd have a threesome with a couple years ago, now his tormentor and my lover. He had a weakness for her legs and feet since he first laid eyes on her, and it was doing him in.


After 45 minutes of teasing, most of the audience had furtively stroked and rubbed themselves to ecstacy as hubby's cums drained out. It was like Becky had fucked everyone there, but only hubby failed to get any enjoyment from it. I pronounced his orgasm dead, turned him over, and swatted him with the paddle 45 times for letting Becky do that to him. As usual, he was forced to lick up his spunk. But this time, off of Becky's feet... she spread her toes to make sure it went between them so he'd have extra fun with his cleanup. I've taught her well. :) Nothing beats the sight of a man forced to lick his lost orgasm off the feet of the girl who just denied it from him. And after that, I fucked her brains out.




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