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Frustration Tease

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Foot Frustration Tease



This is a technique my wife uses to great effect.


Basically, I'm restrained and forced to smell her feet in my face for an extended period of time, while remaining locked. It works especially well after a lengthy period has passed without milking or ejaculation, so I'm ready to burst.


The goal is to see if she can frustrate me to the point where I start to spontaneously ooze without any penile or anal stimulation.


During the duration (sometimes an hour or two) there's no sensations except her smell, the sight of her soles in my face, and her verbal teasing and coaxing. Eventually, the frustration builds to the point where I let go and dribble my orgasm away smelling her feet.


The session ends when I've leaked enough for her satisfaction. She pours whatever I've dripped across her feet and forces me to ingest it.



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