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Here's a little game I play with my boy. A little game he just adores to hate. Its quite simple really and relies on nothing but a series of timed edgings and rest periods.

(now when I have him play it for my amusement, I'll either have him watch a video or his powerpoint slideshow of his favorite pictures)


But anyway it goes like this:


He makes himself hard and when he begins dripping and leaking the clock starts. He has to keep himself on the very edge for five minutes. After five minutes, he is allowed to rest for five minutes.

After his five minute rest it begins again... getting to the edge and the clock starts... Only this time he has to remain on the edge for six minutes followed by a four minute rest...

Then again... edging for seven minutes and a three minute rest period...

Again... edging for eight minutes with a two minute rest period...

And yes, you've guessed it - once again edging for nine minutes with a one minute rest period...

And finally, just edging for ten minutes.


Naturally, orgasms are not allowed.


And if at any time during his edgings, if I don't see dripping or leakage he is "allowed" to begin again at five/five...



Miss Caryn



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