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My Wife fantasizes about giving an extremely well endowed black man a hand job. We are discussing ways to make this a reality, but in the meantime we talk about it fequently during sex. Last night I suggested she practice on our 12" x 2" realistic black dildo. I placed the dildo's handle, which adds another 5 or 6 inches to the total length, between my legs against my balls. She proceeded to coat it with baby oil and give it a long sensuous hand job.


During this exciting show it occurred to me that this would make a delicious tease technique. I was not being denied, but if I was I could only imagine how frustrating it would be to watch her stroke that big fake cock while ignoring mine, finally pretending it was cumming and then sending me off to sleep.


A variant on this could be she places it between her legs (a strap-on would be ideal) and strokes it herself, simulating her pleasure and eventual orgasm. I have video of her doing this and it is quite thrilling. She used to a vibe on her clit while stroking so she didn't have to fake the pleasure. Better yet she could force me to stroke it while she directs me as to what feels good and finally faking an intense orgasm.


I can't wait until my next denial to try this out for real.




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