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We will finally delurk to add our favorite method of having my sub husband masturbate for me. First and foremost he exclusively uses a condom. He is given a new one the first of each month and must care for it the entire month. This means thoroughly cleaning it, drying it and applying corn starch after each use. Of course he gets his one climax a week so he only has this reward four or the lucky 5 weeks per month. If he damages or tears the condom he must wait for the first of the month, so he is very careful.


As for use, he has to masturbate daily twice for fifteen to thirty minutes each day without climaxing. On Sunday evening he is allowed to put on his condom and carefully masturbate. Since I don't let him use any additional lubrication he is careful. No need to rush things as I see it. After his release, which has built up for seven days he removes the condom and uses one hand to encircle his penis and wipe the remaining semen from his penis. This is licked off for me. I then take the condom from him and roll the tip of the condom down about one half inch forcing any semen down from the tip. I insert the open end into his open mouth and have him close his lips so they just touch my fingers. I then slowly pull the condom between his lips. The end result is that all the semen is neatly deposited back from whence it came. (pun intended).


Depending on my mood, I might enjoy a cup of coffee while he waits to swallow. He then washes it, dries it by inserting a small hair roller inside to keep it open. In the morning he applies corn starch and rolls it back up over the roller. We keep his little condom in a small, pretty covered ceramic jar on my nightstand.


We think it is a wonderful ritual we have practiced religiously for two and a half years. There are only three exceptions, 1) his birthday, 2) Christmas (one day only), and 3) when I decide I need him. Last year he enjoyed 45 climaxes as described above plus we think 14 in a more traditional fashion. He managed to break his condom three times resulting in only seven lost weeks.




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