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Cock Teasing Blackmail




I feel I was quite lucky finding someone like you at the ATM. A little boy to seduce that had a big panty fetish! I bet you never guessed that I would be able to turn such a big man like you into my little begging boy did you?


Huh? Did you little boy?


I bet it feels sooo good when I rub that little swollen head with my soft fingers... Not to mention rubbing your full little balls with my silky panties. I bet that feels really really good! How easy it is these days to seduce a big man into a little boy.. With those little veins and the softness of my fingers carassing your little dicky. I bet you fantize about a woman like me seducing you for her pleasure. To tease and trap into her life jail huh little boy?? I can tell you get excited everytime I lightly rub the under side of your little dicky!!


You like it...


Now I bet you like this also little one. My silky wet panties rubbing up and down your dicky soooo slowly you cant have your little cummy but you get sooo close. This is called torture and of course there is going to be alot more of this... You can handle alittle tease cant you little one? You can handle silky panties being rubbed all over your hard cock but knowing that your orgasm is completely up to me and in my control...


Just lay back and relax little one, everything will be alright. I will take care of you and make sure you are pleased beyond belief. Just relax....



See the thing about it little boy is that I love to tease. I love to seduce big men into being my little boy toy as you are now! You have no control. The more I stroke your little dicky the more you fall into my trap and soon enough you become an addon to my collection of little boys.


You become another little one that cant get away from my trap and learn to live as my property. You might not know it now but I can see my seduction skills are working very well. The harder I stroke your little dicky the more you want to have a nice big orgasm which is not going to happen yet... I need to make sure you are under my spell. That you now know who owns this little dicky and who you now take orders from...



I can feel that little dicky head getting so hard and swollen I bet you would just love to have your orgasm in this green soft panties wouldnt you?? Huh little boy? Would you? Did you notice that I switched the panties on you?


There is a reason why little boy and I bet it has something to do with blackmail which is the name of this story! Now that you are under my spell and under my control I guess I can fill you in on a little secret if you would like.


Or should I let you have your little orgasm first? Hmmmmm? What do you think little boy or are you to frustrated to make a desision??


Maybe Ill give that little head a couple more rubs before I give you permission to orgasm all over my daughters soft green panties.. Ooopppss. Did I say my daughters panties??? Well thats to bad now cause were sooo close to the end and I know your ready to explore!! Ready to have that orgasm....



Oh yes thats a good little boy. Go ahead and let all that little cummy out. Release yourself little boy! and I bet that must feel sooooo good having your little cummy in my daughers soft panties. Good good boy. That must feel very good. Go ahead and take a deep breathe while I give you the good news! My daughter is only 17. If we do not have all the money in your bank account transferred to my bank account I will just have her wear these panties all day tomorrow. Then tomorrow night we will call the authorities and have my little boy arrested for rape!


Awww how come your turning pale little one? You knew it was black mail.. The choice is yours. I know its sooo hard when you have no control but thats just the way it is... Awww dont cry. If you are a really good boy I will let you clean my daughters panties with your tongue. I bet you would like that. NOW GET UP AND GET GOING TO THE BANK. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS.....!!! and i will hold on to these..


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