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Just before hubby is due back from work, get dressed up in your sexiest outfit and meet him at the door with his favourite cocktail. Take him to the lounge, sit him down and give him his drink. Touch him, pet him, tease him until he's really turned on. Ask him if he'd like to engage in a spot of mutual masturbation. Once you have his agreement, tell him you'll go first then he can perform for you. Put some slow smoochy music on the stereo and then while he finishes his drink perform a long slow striptease for him. Strip as far as your sexy underwear and those fuck-me heels that you reserve for special occasions.


Now you take a seat and have him stand up and strip naked. If you've done your job well he will already be hard. Surprise him by pulling back his foreskin, giving his dick a generous coating of the mixture you prepared earlier and putting another blob of it in the palm of his hand. Then tell him to start slowly stroking himself. He has three rules he must obey: one, he must remain erect; two, he must keep stroking himself continuously; and three, he must not come without your permission. Now sit back and enjoy the show. Only after he has started rubbing the mixture into himself will he begin to realise what you've concocted.


As you watch his growing discomfort, take your own pleasure. The sight of you with your hand between your legs will get him even more excited. Encourage him to stroke harder and faster. Each time he gets too close to coming, allow him to take a 30-second rest break. But while his hand's not on his dick, keep him busy massaging more of the mixture into his balls. When he recommences stroking, he must always use a fresh helping of the mixture.


Take your time and slowly work your way towards your own orgasm. Be sure to tell him how much the sight of him playing with himself is turning you on. Promise him that when you're finished, you'll give him an experience that will be truly memorable. As you come close to orgasm, insist that he does the same. Make it clear that while you want him on the edge, he is not allowed to come until you tell him so. When you do come, make sure that your orgasm is loud and long so that he knows his suffering has been worthwhile.


Finally, keep him on the edge while you step into your harness and smother the strap-on dildo with another generous helping of the mixture. Then with his hands held behind his back, bend him over the kitchen table, spread his cheeks wide and give him a good hard fucking that he won't quickly forget.


Permission for him to come? Oh, we must have forgotten that in all the excitement! Well, we'll try harder not to let that happen next time ...



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