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Can I cum in 10 seconds after the alarm goes off?


My wife will treat me very special during her "time of the month."  She will set the alarm for a period of at least 15 minutes, but up to 2 hours.   I do not know what time it is set for.   She will bring me up to the edge and at my direction keep me there.  She will use her mouth and hands to edge me continuously.  I will tell her to speed up or slow down to keep me right on the edge without cuming.  When the alarm goes off she will do everything within her power to get me off, for 10 seconds.  If I don't get it off in that 10 seconds, I am out of luck because I cheated. 


The thinking is that I did not keep myself close enough to the edge, and there is no reliese.  If I cum before the alarm, there is a very nasty job, like cleaning out the inside of the garbage cans awaiting me.  Originally it started as 1 hour and 20 seconds, but as I have gotten better at control, the time is shortened so that I keep about a 50% success rate.



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