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Have you ever wanted to explore orgasm control or orgasm denial?


Teasing and Denial?


Well here are a few tips to keep in mind when exploring these wonderful times.


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"After everything I just want to lay, take in all the fun and rub a finger here and there while my little one stands next to me. It seems that I get more evil as the day goes by. Sometimes I will have my little one sleep by my feet or stand by my bed while i rest. He knows that he is not allowed to move while I request these positions. He is under my power. I don't think he would even want to move! Well this ends my tips and techniques for teasing, owning and having fun with your little one. Remember that these are only small examples and there is so much more to to explore and find out. Communicate, be confident, and open minded. You can go farther then you ever expected!"



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"A bit of teasing and then back to chastity."






Do not feel guilty about how the cuckold penis twitches and leaks while you attend to it and never feel guilty about the desire to prevent him from achieving release - that’s what a cuckold penis is for. It’s through this sacrifice that your cuckold demonstrates both love and commitment to his hotwife and how a hotwife demonstrates love and physical affection with her cuckold. Your cuckold will gladly suffer any frustration you ask of him rather than to not be able to experience that closeness with you.


•Proactively teasing / tormenting / denying your husband’s cuckold penis is the opposite side of the coin to coupling with / sucking / satisfying  your lover’s cock. Each amplifies the experience of the other.

•Each time your cuckold is erect for you, it is a gift of both submission and support for you whether he became erect on his own or was teased to that state by something you did or said.

•Purposely bringing your cuckold to erection simply to enjoy the ability to do so is perfectly within the expected and accepted behavior for a hotwife.

•Your cuckold would greatly prefer the frustration of this interaction in order to enjoy the intimacy of it than to have his obsolete genitals be ignored by you.








For many cuckold couples, the practice of giving priority or even exclusive rights for intercourse to the couple’s bull or Dom is an erotic reality. One of the ways to make that dynamic more intense while also increasing the physical intimacy shared by husband and wife is by engaging in outercourse.


The most common method is for the wife to mount the husband on his back and for her to have control of movement – and his penis. She will, in effect, masturbate herself against the penis of her husband which is trapped between them. For smaller husbands (penis), she may have to hold it against herself to be able to keep up a rhythm while outercourse continues.


Outercourse is just one of many different ways to coach cuckold couples to experience and share intimacy without violating the intimate bonds that have formed between the wife and her lover.


Outercourse can be part of foreplay, part of edging play or an erotic way to provide the cuckold release after she has returned from a date.








Cock Teasing Techniques:  Edging


A more advanced form of teasing is referred to as “edging” and is something I encourage all cuckold couples to practice. I encourage this not only as a form of intimacy and physical/verbal communication, but also to become much better acquainted with the tolerances associated with your cuckold’s penis and testicles for both pleasure and discipline.


The general scenario is one where your husband is slowly and repeatedly brought to the very ‘edge’ of ejaculation before being backed down, forced to relax, often to the point of being limp, before being aroused to that very ‘edge’ once again. Done repeatedly, this practice will also cause a definitely testicular ache and in some men eventually prevent them from becoming erect due to the ache. When practiced regularly, the wife can learn to predict the level of her cuckold’s arousal with much more precision and understand from how he breathes, how his penis twitches and how his hips involuntarily flex causing him to hump nothing but air just how much stimulation he can withstand be fore spurting. Part of practicing this is the requirement that the cuckold learn how to resist spurting by communicating as effectively as possible regarding his proximity to orgasm.







Cock Teasing Techniques:  Ruined Orgasm


It will take practice - your cuckold is likely to be easily excited and until he learns to accurately report his level of excitement and you learn to accurately assess it based on the twitching/leaking and swelling behavior of his penis, accidents are likely to happen. When it becomes obvious that the cuckold is about to orgasm, release his penis to prevent any stimulation as the orgasm hits. This produces what’s often referred to as a ‘ruined orgasm’ where the pleasure of an orgasm is often reduced to a more ‘mechanical ’ ejaculation than an orgasm.



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Ruined Orgasm, real life Tease Denial

A side benefit to ruining an orgasm is the mistress is able to do it more than once, since a satisfying orgasm has not been reached.  

Orgasm denial from your own fault

Self tease and orgasm denial technique and how to eat your cum.


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