orgasm denial

True Story of Orgasm Denial



My name is Neil and my wife Amanda had always known that I was quite submissive but it was not till we had been married for a few years that we brought it more into our lives.


We agreed that as we both got older that my wife could cum a lot more than I could. We agreed that we would work on a rationing system which meant that I got to cum once for every 3 times that Amanda came.


This meant that I got the excitement and closeness and Amanda got as many orgasms as she wanted. Like many people of my age ( in their 40s) I could not cum as much as I could when I was younger. This was a dissapointment for Amanda as sometimes I would start something that I could not finish. So the 3 to 1 rule was quite good for us. It also meant that I would work really hard to give her the pleasure that she deserved.


We were not restricted as to how she would cum, sometimes it would be orally sometimes she would want my cock – but if I was not due to be allowed to cum then I would have to make sure that it was solely for her pleasure, although I obviously got lots of pleasure out of doing this for her. I would sometimes be told that if I was about to cum I had to tell Amanda and she would instruct me to pull out of her pussy and kiss her pussy or her arse until I had recovered my composure. It is a strange feeling that you get when your wife cums and you are not allowed to. At first Amanda was a bit sympathetic and would often allow me to cum after she had. Or sometimes she would instruct me to keep on screwing her even after I had warned her I was close to cumming. She quite enjoyed me cumming inside her and would carry on until she came as well or sometimes if I started to soften she would turn round and tell me to lick her till she came. Like most men, after I have cum I lose the inclination to do this but used to lick round about her clit trying to avoid the cummy mess inside her pussy, on occasions she would push my head down and tell me to get my tongue inside her-this was a big kick for both of us.


She used to tell me when I was fucking her from behind that I would be cleaning her pussy up if I came too soon. More often after I had cum I did not want to do this and she did not make me do this very often unless she felt horny / bitchy.


It was quite difficult if she had her second orgasm and was satisfied- this meant that I would have to go to sleep with a hard on and wait until the next day or so before she was in the mood and I could be allowed to cum as well. This is quite a difficult thing to do and sometimes I would ask if I could cum as I found it hard to go to sleep with her taste on my lips and my balls tight and full after fucking her without being allowed to cum. This used to bother Amanda and she said if we were sticking to the rationing rule then we would stick to it fully and that I was forbidden to ask for release unless I had earned it. This was even more frustrating as after a couple of nice orgasms she would drift off to sleep nicely and I would be lying beside her leaking precum and struggling to get to sleep, if you have ever tried it you will know exactly what I mean. I was often tempted to get up and go to the bathroom to relieve myself but she warned me that she better never catch me doing this or I would pay for it big style. One night she was having her second orgasm when she told me that she thought we should change the ratio to 1 to 4- this came out of the blue and was a big shock to me- she said it would help me work harder to please her.


Things went along like this for a while and were working quite well until one Sunday afternoon I had done my best to please Amanda all day because I was really horny. I had got up and served her breakfast in bed and had then given her 2 orgasms after breakfast.


Later in the afternoon in the lounge I had just given her a 4th orgasm and was expecting to be allowed to cum, Amanda was rubbing my leaking cock when I heard a car pull up in the drive, I quickly slipped on my clothes to go and answer the door whilst Amanda sorted herself out. It was Amanda's sister Sharon who is 4 years older than Amanda. I answered the door and showed her in to the lounge where Amanda had sorted herself out. Sharon came in and sat down, I was still standing by the door, Sharon said to me stick the kettle on then- I would love a cup of tea. I asked Amanda if she would like a cup of tea as well and went to the kitchen to make the tea. When I returned with a tray with tea and biscuits to the lounge where the girls were chatting. I set it down, it was quite a funny feeling serving the 2 of them when my cock was still leaking and my balls were full. Sharon asked her sister what we had been up to today. Amanda kind of laughed and said that I had been looking after her and was just about to get my reward. Sharon caught on quite quickly and the 2 of them started chatting as I poured and served them tea and biscuits. I had given Sharon a cup of tea and offered her some biscuits when she said to her sister. “I don't think he deserves his reward yet, he has only brought a small selection of biscuits and not even a saucer for the cup” I think you should get better service than that. Amanda then told Sharon that I was on a ration system and that I had not cum for 4 days and that I was bursting to cum. Sharon laughed when she heard the story and then said – lets have a look at his cock and I will decide whether he should be allowed to cum. Amanda told me to drop my trousers and show them how hard and excited my cock was. I did not want to do this but Amanda told me if I wanted to cum in the near future I had better do as she said.


I had always liked Sharon and found her quite attractive- her husband works away from home for a few weeks at a time and he had been away for a couple of weeks now so she was probably quite horny herself. Anyway Amanda told me again drop them and show us your cock so Sharon can decide if you are alowed to cum. I nervously loosened and pulled down my trousers and pants and showed Sharon my leaking hard cock. Sharon reached out and felt my cock and cupped and squeezed my balls whilst she stroked my cock- I thought I was going to cum there and then but she stopped and said to Amanda – he does not need to cum yet. You should leave him until next week and I can guarantee that you will get a much better service from him. Amanda laughed and said look how sorry  he looks- he looks as  he is about to cry!


I stood there with my cock leaking precum and Amanda said right you heard Sharon – you will have to wait until next week and we will see if you are more eager to please and provide a better service- so put that cock away and sit down, and if you moan about it you can wait another week. Both of them laughed as I pulled up my pants and sat down on the floor. The two of them sat and chatted about other stuff and ignored me. When Sharon left, Amanda said to me – you heard her so we will try the experiment so don't sit and mope for the next week or you will be punished.


I was a bit put out and for the rest of the day we did normal stuff and she never mentioned sex again for the rest of the day. That evening Amanda told me that I had better not even think about having a sneaky wank or you will really regret it- and you better be extra nice to Sharon this week or things might get worse. She told me that I was not allowed to lock the bathroom door so that she could check on me in case I was wanking.


I took ages to get to sleep that night as I was so horny. The next day after work I was sitting in the lounge when the phone rang. It was Sharon and she asked Amanda how I was doing Oh he is doing quite well at the moment now he knows who the boss is. He has been warned to be specially nice to you this week as well so let me know how he behaves if you see him out. Sharon said actually I have a job for him – can you send him round to help me out for 10 mins? Amanda listened a few minutes more and then hung up – Sharon needs your help go around and help her right away- and remember you need to be on your best behavior. Sharon only stays a couple of streets away so I quickly walked round to see what she wanted. I rang the doorbell and waited, I then rang it again and waited another minute before she came to the door. She opened the door and handed me some money, I want you to go to the local store for me and get me these groceries- she then handed me a short list of routine groceries she wanted. And you better get a move on I am waiting on them so don't walk – run. I did not know what to do I was a grown man and here I was getting send to the store like a 10 year old boy. Sharon then shut the door in my face and left me standing on the doorstep.


I ran up to the the store which was just under a mile away, I passed a couple of people I knew on the way but did not stop to talk I just nodded and ran on.


I collected her groceries and ran back and rang the doorbell. Sharon came to the door, opened it and told me to take them through to the kitchen and put them away. I went through and put the stuff away- Sharon followed me through and watched me, I put her change on the table and said that was me finished. Sharon laughed at me and said I had done ok- I was red faced from running and also really embarrassed at being her message boy. That's fine you can go home now and tell Amanda that you did ok. I was just about to go when she stopped me and said – show me your cock before you go. I was standing by the door and undid my pants and lowered them to let her see my hard cock. Sharon laughed and reached out and felt my cock- she said you are really hard – you must enjoy being my little servant eh? I did not know what to say to her and she opened the door and told me to button up and go home.


I walked home and Amanda was on the phone when I got in. She hung up and turned to me – Sharon said you did well – good boy- come with me. I followed her through to our bedroom where she told me to get undressed and wait on her. She went into the ensuite and sat on the toilet to have a pee. When she was finished she did not wipe her pussy but stood up and told me to kiss her dry. I got on my knees and started to kiss and lick her lovely pussy, I lapped up the moist piss from her pussy. She then turned round and presented her ass to my face and told me to lick her ass. I licked and tongued her ass whilst she rubbed her pussy and she had a long shuddering orgasm as I had my tongue in her ass.


When she was finished she got dressed and said – Sharon was right you are working harder to please me- keep it up, she then told me to wash my face and get dressed. She walked out of our bedroom leaving me very horny with the taste of her ass and pussy on my lips.


The next couple of days were quite normal. I gave her orgasms whenever she requested but did not dare to cum. On the Wednesday her sister again phoned round and asked if she could borrow me for a minute.Amanda told me to get round there as quickly as I could and to do as I was told. I ran around to Sharons house and rang the doorbell. I heard her shout to tell me to come in. I went inside and Sharon was sitting on the sofa watching TV- she was in the house on her own. She looked up at me and said ah here you are at last- you took your time. I asked her what I could do for her- she said I want you to go and make me a coffee and bring it through to me.


I went through to the kitchen which was in a bit of a mess with dishes in the sink and stuff on the worktops. I made her a coffee and looked out some biscuits and took them through to Sharon in her lounge. I set the tray down and she looked up at me and said – I want you to go and tidy my kitchen then come back here.


I went through and cleaned her kitchen, I did not know how much to do- did I just tidy things away or did I clean it properly ? I tidied up and then decided that I would wash the floors as well. After about 30 mins I was finished and it looked ok. I went back through the livingroom and told Sharon I was finished. She motioned me to pick up the used tray and told me to take it through to the kitchen where she followed me and watched me put it away and the dishes into the dishwasher. She looked around and said that looks ok – you can go home now you have done good job. Before you go you can thank me for allowing me to let you serve me. She then unbuttoned her trousers and turned round and pulled down her panties- kiss my arse she commanded. I got on my knees and Sharon pulled her arse cheeks apart and I kissed her arse- she had me do this for another minute or two and then pulled up her clothes and told me I could go home. I walked back round the road feeling very horny and very humiliated.





The next few days passed very slowly for me but probably flew in for Amanda. She seemed to take a lot of pleasure in making sure I did not cum until the weekend as her sister had instructed. She used me for her pleasure at least once a day, but things had changed - she was much more confident than she had been in instructing me in exactly what she wanted.


For instance one day she told me to go through our bedroom and get totally undressed and she would be through in a few minutes, I was to be erect and on my knees but was again warned not to cum unless she had given me permission.


I waited through the room and could hear Amanda on the phone, she seemed to take ages and I think she left me to wait on purpose, eventually she came through.


I was super hard with anticipation, I did think I might get to cum early if Amanda felt merciful!


We kissed for a few minutes- it is amazing how sexy a kiss feels when you have not cum for a while. Amanda was dressed and I was totally naked -and even though we have been married for lots of years I still felt a little bit vulnerable. After Amanda telling me that I was not to cum without permission I was secretly hopeful that this meant I might get her permission.


Amanda was kneading my balls in her warm little hands and I was leaking precum like anything. She undid her jeans and stepped out of them, she did not remove her knickers she simply pulled them to the side so I had access to her pussy, she pushed me back and held my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was warm wet and tight as she slowly pushed down so my cock was fully in her pussy. She looked me straight in the eye and told me again "don't cum- just watch" She then started rubbing her clit, I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock and I so wanted to move in and out of her pussy but I knew I would cum very quickly. Amanda kept on rubbing herself and did not take very long before she came.


After she had recovered she got off me and held my her hand. She told me I had been very good and that I would be well rewarded on Sunday, she then bent down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it. Before I had a chance to cum she stood up and told me to get dressed as I was not getting to cum until Sunday. She then picked up her discarded jeans and walked out the room, I thought about wanking myself for a few seconds, but Amanda called through telling me not to do anything naughty and come down to the lounge right away.



Sunday came at long last - I resisted the urge to wank, not that I had much opportunity as Amanda kept an eye on me to make sure I was not disappearing to the bathroom for relief. She had already told me that I was not to lock the bathroom door anyway!


On Sunday morning I woke first, I had slept pitfully anyway I was so looking forward to my relief. I gave Amanda a long lie and then breakfast in bed. It would have been really nice if I was not so horny.


After breakfast Amanda had me lick her to orgasm again before she got up and dressed. I think she felt sorry for me as she thanked me and said I would be allowed to cum as soon as the judging had been carried out. I did not know what she meant but suspected that Sharon must be coming round to visit.


I was right but also surprised as Sharon did turn up in the early afternoon but so did Amanda and Sharon's younger sister Sally.


Amanda told me to look after our guests and offer them drinks etc as it was still part of the experiment to see if I performed better than the previous week. With this in mind I went off to make coffee for the three of them, but I made sure that this time I served them in our best china and after serving them I offered biscuits and sugar etc It felt really exciting and a bit humiliating serving the three of them hand and foot. It was obvious when I came back into the room that Amanda & Sharon had filled Sally in on what had been going on, if she had not been told already on the phone.


For info Sally is 2 years younger than my wife and is married with a couple of kids and stays a few miles away from us. She is quite nice looking and usually a good laugh.



I sat on the floor after serving the girls who chatted about normal everyday stuff and it was not until after the coffee had been drunk that they turned their attention to me. Amanda told me that Sally knew all about our experiment but did not believe us! Sharon then said to Amanda "Tell him to show us his cock - lets see how hard he is".


I did not want to do this - it was bad enough to think that Sharon had known about our lifestyle without Sally also knowing and I was beginning to wonder if all our friends etc would find out about me being a submissive little slut!


Amanda told me to get undressed and show them my cock. She said if I did not do as I was told I would have to wait another week to cum and on top of that she would be very annoyed. Luckily our Lounge is at the back of the house so no one could see in the windows so rather reluctantly I got undressed. I eventually ended up naked but covering my cock with my hands.


Amanda told me to drop my hands and let them see. So I ended up standing in front of them butt naked with a very hard cock.


Amanda was really pleased and patted my arse as she told her sisters about how many orgasms I had given her this week and how good I had been. She told her sisters how I had looked after her this morning with breakfast in bed and then a lovely orgasm.


Sharon agreed with Amanda that I had done well even when I had been round helping her, she leaned forward and held my balls gently in her hand while she was talking. Maybe you should keep him rationed more often to get this better service?


Amanda said it was just an experiment but she had been surprised how good I had been and if my service started to drop then I would quickly be rationed again. Sally added that she doubted very much if her husband would put up with that kind of treatment for even a day or so without demanding that he get sex.


Sharon said she was looking forward to her husband coming home next week as she was needing a good seeing to as he had been away for 4 weeks now.


Amanda then surprised us all by saying "you can borrow Neil's tongue if you want before I let him have his relief". Sharon thought for a minute and then said "Ok I will borrow him if you don't mind". Amanda paused for a moment and then said "you can have his tongue but that's all - not his cock, although you can feel his cock".


I was pretty surprised how fast this had been agreed and before I could say anything I was told to follow Sharon through to our bedroom.


In our bedroom Sharon removed her trousers and sat on the bed. She is quite a big girl and I had never seen her undressed except in the summer wearing swim suits etc on holiday. I stood in front of her and she rubbed my cock a couple of times before motioning for me to get on my knees. I knelt in front of her and she then removed her knickers and spread her legs. Her pussy was quite hairy - a lot hairier than Amanda's anyway! She laughed and said it could do with a tidy up before Bill comes home next week "but that should not stop you doing your job".


I leaned forward and could smell the pungent aroma of her pussy, I started to slowly lick her hairy pussy, small licks at first an then once she was wet I started to lick and kiss her properly, sucking gently on her clit and the lips of her pussy. She came in no time at all with a lot of soft moaning.


After she had recovered she thanked me saying that she had really needed that. Then she seemed to have second thoughts, she said I had done really well but that it was to be our secret and that Bill was not to know.


She got dressed and I put on a dressing gown and we went back to the lounge. "That was excellent" Sharon told her sisters. "I did not know how much I needed that- and he is very good with his tongue - a lot better than Bill is". They talked about this for a minute and Sally told her sisters she did not get her husband Jim to go down very often.



Sharon said "You should try Neil and then we can all keep it a big secret?" I was really surprised at my services being offered again, although I was quite happy about it, Sally is the youngest sister, and although she is married with 2 kids she is nice looking with a nice body.


Amanda said to Sally that she could borrow me for some oral attention, but same rules as Sharon there was to be no fucking. Amanda said "I don't want my Husband fucking my sisters ever"


Sally said no that she better not take up the kind offer "maybe another time". Sharon and Amanda then tried to persuade her to do it now, but Sally did not seem keen.


"Just do it" said Sharon, "he is pretty good at licking pussy- it must be all Amanda's training this week- keeping him rationed makes him work much harder I think"


Sally was still very reluctant and Amanda sent me through to the kitchen to get them all a glass of wine. I returned and served the drinks to the ladies, it was quite exciting, although a bit humiliating to serve them hand and foot. - especially because I was so excited. Not only was I so excited because I had not cum for so long but because I could still taste Sharon's pussy on my lips.


I had returned with a bottle of wine and 4 glasses but Amanda told me that I was not having any - I had work to do on Sally who had accepted Amanda's kind offer. Amanda smiled at me and said - "I really want you to do this for me- so do a good job." I wondered what Amanda meant - it would be a pleasure for me to go down on her sexy younger sister!


I then found myself following Sally through to our bedroom where she quickly removed only her jeans and knickers and sat down with her legs closed. I have always got on well with Sally in a flirting sort of way and I did not need any persuasion to kneel in front of her ready to be of service. I gently opened her legs to display her neatly trimmed tidy pussy with her pussy lips closed.


As soon as I started to lick her she relaxed, her pussy was very strong tasting and she was soon very wet. She seemed to be really enjoying it and soon started to really get in to it. She was squeezing my head between her thighs, and when she eventually came she was really squeezing my head and it was all I could do to keep on licking her pussy.


When she had finished cumming I could not help to notice how hard her nipples were even through her T shirt! She seemed a bit embarrassed but opened her legs again and under her direction I licked up all the juice from her soaking pussy, which was soaking all the way down to her bum!


When we returned to the lounge Amanda asked Sally if I had done a good job- "Excellent" replied Sally- "but I did feel a bit guilty" . Amanda asked Sally - "did he notice - because if he did not notice then you do not need to feel guilty"


Amanda then told me what Sally had told them while I was in the kitchen fetching the wine- Amanda explained Sally that she had also had sex with her husband this morning, but it had not been very satisfying and she had not showered yet, that was the reason that she had not wanted to accept Amanda's offer of my oral attention!


I was really surprised at this, and the reality of what had just happened hit me - I was furious with Amanda for doing that to me. As I realised that the reason Sally had been so wet was because she had been fucked a few short hours before and I had eaten their mixed love juice from her dirty pussy.


Amanda saw the look on my face and said " Don't be so silly,you have eaten my pussy after you have cum in it, and you always seemed to enjoy it"


I could not believe what I was hearing and said that what we did was totally different as it was MY cum not someone else's. The room fell silent for a few seconds and then Sharon said "I can assure you that as far as I can remember cum does not taste very different whatever man it is from, and by the state of your cock you seemed to have enjoyed it", she pointed out my hard cock which was creating a tent in the front of my dressing gown. Amanda laughed and reached out and grabbed my cock- if you are so annoyed you will not want me to take care of this then , and she started stroking my cock and held my balls gently in her other hand. I was still furious with Amanda, but the relief after not coming after so long was incredible and I came after just a few seconds of her stroking me, the cum shot out of my cock all over Amanda's hands and chest- she kept on rubbing me till I was absolutely spent with what had to be one of the best orgasms I have ever had.


"There" said Amanda - "I told you that you would be rewarded if you did a good job and you certainly have done that."


Sally then chipped in and said we should all keep this a secret between us, as it would not go down very well with either Bill or Jim, and they would not be happy about what had just happened. Sharon then said - "I don't think Neil will say anything, after all he would not want anyont to know that he was a cum eating wimp who had eaten a well fucked pussy."


The three of them laughed at this and it was agreed that it was a secret , I then left the room to clean up and heard Sharon say, " Good, I always wanted to have a little slave I can use anyway we want". And if he is any good I can do away with the cleaner".



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