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Sitting in my computer chair, I had snuck one hand beneath the keyboard in my lap and was playing with myself while reading a story on OD. I knew damned well I wasn’t allowed to come, and that’s probably what made it that much better; knowing that, in the end, all my playing would be futile, and would only feed the denial, the aching in my balls. I also knew that, when the woman who controlled my solo orgasms online found out I’d done some freelance teasing of myself, she’d be pleased. I was mostly keeping myself busy while waiting for her to sign onto AIM. I knew we wouldn’t really be able to do anything, but aside from the sexual aspect, she was also a very close friend, and just talking to her often brightened my day.


I was wondering where she was, as she was usually on an hour before, when my girlfriend came up behind me, snaking her arms around my neck and whispering in my ear, “What are you doing?” My hand shot out from under the keyboard at something approximating light speed, mainly because I find it a bit awkward to be ‘caught’ masturbating by my girlfriend, but I couldn’t cover what was on the screen. Looking at it, she gave a little giggle, and her fingertips began tracing circles on my chest through my shirt. “Reading naughty stories, huh? Well, I’ve got a surprise for you. Close your eyes...” Doing so, I wondered what was coming. Normally she’s not overly into the BDSM thing, but that had been changing somewhat recently.


One of her hands left my chest, and pulled the keyboard away, revealing my somewhat diminished, but still obvious, erection protruding from my jeans. I heard the keyboard tossed away, and then some shuffling behind me. Before I knew what was happening, one of my girlfriend’s arms clamped down on my chest, holding me to the chair while the other hand moved to cover my eyes. At the same time, I felt two more hands moving up my legs, spreading them, which caused me to gasp in surprise and start to say something; then a mouth sank down on my cock and my surprised protests were lost in a moan, squirming my hips as best as I could while being held against the chair. The mouth on my cock sank down to the base, and then slowly came back up and off m cock, and she spoke.


“Hello, slut. Surprised to...feel me?” For a moment, I was puzzled. The voice was hauntingly familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. And then recognition hit me just a second before my girlfriend removed her hand from my eyes, and I saw her there, kneeling in front of my computer chair, grinning up at me. It was Sharon, the woman who had so often inhabited my fantasies, and so often answered the age-old question for me: to come, or not to come?


I opened my mouth to say something, but was cut off by Sharon with a raise of her hand. “Not yet. Just…sit back and enjoy, for now. I’ve been waiting far too long to put this off any longer.” Unbuttoning my jeans, she slid them, along with my boxers, down and off my legs, tossing them aside. My girlfriend leaned down, kissing m neck as Sharon loosely wrapped one hand around my cock and began slowly stroking up and down. As my cock swelled and my balls began to draw up to my body, ready to come, she drew her hand away and laid her head on my thigh, watching my cock pulse as I squirmed, panting, the feel of her breath against me, mouth so close making the desire to come all the stronger. “Oh god, please…please let me come.”


She gave a quiet, dark chuckle and tore her gaze from my cock to look up at me as my girlfriend unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it away from my chest, toying with my nipples. “Now, now. Do you really want to come so quickly, pet, when we have so much more fun ahead of us?” I settled back against the chair, the feeling of being so close to coming fading slowly, and hesitantly shook my head. “No…no, miss.” Chuckling again, she crooked a finger at my girlfriend, who came around from behind the chair to join Sharon on her knees in front of me, and they began to kiss. Not a peck, and not some showy porno open-mouth tongue-wriggling kiss. This was a real kiss, driven by passion and lust, not to tease me but because they wanted to, and watching it was extremely erotic. I’d seen my girlfriend kiss another woman a few times before, but in this extremely sexual situation, it totally eclipsed those other times.


Their hands roamed each other’s bodies and gradually stripped each other while I watched, sliding one hand down to slowly stroke my cock. A few times they paused to watch me, watch my hand o my cock and the enraptured look on m face at watching them and being watched. When I approached the brink of orgasm, I held myself there as long as possible, and they again paused, Sharon cupping one of my girlfriend’s breasts and letting her thumb play over the nipple, and I let out a loud moan, tipping my head back as I released my cock and it throbbed, my balls tight against my body, aching with the urge to come. Panting, I slowly lifted my head in time to see them both leaning forward, each taking a side of my cock and running their tongues up it at the same time, making me whimper and writhe as it brought me hurtling back to the edge, my knuckles white as I gripped the arms of the chair, but not quite enough to make me come.


Drawing back, they both looked up at me grinning like the cat that gave the canary blue balls. With a quiet chuckle, I rose from the chair and looked back and forth between the two of them. “How about we move over to the bed?” Nodding their agreement, each took a hand, practically dragging me over to the bed and throwing me down onto it. I rolled over onto my back in time to see them hastily crawling up the bed on either side of me. Looming over me, Sharon pressed her lips to my neck, sucking and biting at my flesh while my girlfriend pressed her lips to mine in a deep, passionate kiss. I slid my hands along their bodies, needing to touch them, feel them as I writhed beneath them. And then, just as suddenly as they’d started kissing me, they stopped almost in unison, sitting up and grinning down at me. I wondered what was coming next.




Each taking a hand, they lifted them up over my head towards the corners of the bed, securing leather cuffs lined with what felt like rabbit fur around my wrists. Tugging at them, I realized they were probably secured to the legs of the bed somehow. Once the two of them were satisfied with my bonds they rose from the bed and stood next to it, sharing knowing little grins with each other as they gazed down at me. Bonnie, my girlfriend, rummaged through some things next to the bed and came out with the cockring/ball separator we used now and then, giving me a grin as she quickly and deftly put it on me.


The strap between my balls, holding them taut and apart intensified the mild aching left behind by the teasing so far, making me bite my lip. Sharon reached down, running her hand over them gently, and I could tell from the half-amused, half-lustful look on her face that she rather enjoyed the way they felt, just starting to swell with my need. Her other hand wrapped once more around my cock and she began to again slowly stroke me, the hand at my balls now gently rolling them as best as possible in their bondage. Bonnie moved behind Sharon, reaching around her to cup both breasts, fingertips immediately seeking out her nipples to lightly tug and twist at them. Sharon gave a little moan and arched back slightly into Bonnie, nipples immediately growing hard. Watching, I licked my lips and let out a moan of my own, thoroughly enjoying the feel of my balls trying to draw up and meeting resistance as I started to approach orgasm.


“Mmm, miss, I’m getting close…” She gave a slight grin and slowed her strokes without stopping them completely. “Then you had better control yourself, hmm? If you come now, well, then you won’t be able to have much fun with the two of us later, will you? And I know you can take more. So you just concentrate, hmm?” She punctuated the last sentence by running her thumb over the head of my cock, eliciting a loud moan from me. Squirming, I tried my best to control myself, to hold myself at the brink without toppling over it. My hands clenched into fists with the effort, and I had to practically fight a war with my body to keep from going taut and making the orgasm come all the easier. I think, at this point, one of Bonnie’s hands drifted lower than Sharon’s breasts, but I can’t be sure. I was too lost in the battle to maintain control, and too swept away by the sensations coursing through me to focus on that. Sharon’s stroking of my cock slowly diminished until she was using just two fingertips and her thumb, stroking up and down the shaft and just barely making contact with my frenulum on the upstroke. I was in quite the state, my body practically bucking, legs tensing and untensing, hands clutching at nothing, writhing and moaning almost incoherently, alternately begging her to make me come and to stop. With one last feather-light upstroke, thumb grazing the head of my cock and her fingertips brushing the underside, she stopped, leaving my cock twitching and pulsing while I let out a frustrated, yet relieved groan.


“Pet.” Settling back into a more relaxed state, I blinked, looking to Sharon, and couldn’t help but lick my lips. Bonnie was still cupping one of her breasts, but her other hand had in fact slipped lower, one fingertip sliding along the cleft between Sharon’s lips, not quite penetrating them yet. As I watched, Bonnie’s fingertip slipped between them, and seemingly found Sharon’s clit, as she gave a quiet, brief moan. Arching her back into Bonnie, she watched me as I watched them, my own gaze moving between what my girlfriend was doing to her, my girlfriend’s face as she concentrated on pleasuring Sharon, and Sharon’s gaze on me.


Suddenly, Sharon drew away from Bonnie, giving me a little grin and then leaning in to whisper to her. Bonnie got that same little grin on her face as she eyed me, then turned and went rummaging through a drawer. When she turned back to me, she was holding the blindfold we’d bought. Leaning down to put it on me, she pressed her lips to my ear, whispering hotly into it. “I hope you’re ready to use your tongue.” Straightening, she moved away from me and I was left in darkness, wondering what would happen next.




I could feel the bed shift under their weight as Bonnie and Sharon climbed up the bed towards me. I couldn’t tell who was on what side, nor would I be able to for some time. As I lay there, waiting for them to unleash their next delicious torment on me, I felt something brush first one cheek, then the other. It felt like skin on skin, but I couldn’t quite place it…until a partially stiff nipple brushed across my lips. Opening my mouth, my tongue sought what had been so teasingly offered to me, but it was taken away too soon. I settled back down, and a moment later I felt it again, although this time it felt a little different, and that’s when I understood their little game. They were on each side of me, alternating brushing their breasts against my face, teasing me with them. This time I was ready, expecting it, and caught one of their nipples with my tongue in a long lick. I heard a giggle from Bonnie, but I couldn’t tell whether it was at being licked or at seeing Sharon licked like that. As I waited for the next, the unexpected happened; a hard nipple was pressed fully against my lips and I was allowed to suck on it for a minute or two, my tongue flicking against the tip. It was pulled away, and another was presented to me. Comparing them, I was pretty sure that the second was Bonnie, but I can never know for sure. Again, I was allowed to suck at the nipple presented to me for a minute or two, and again it was pulled away. For a full minute or two, there was nothing, and I could almost hear them whispering to each other, hear the wheels spinning as they discussed how best to work me into a state of delirium. And then, two nipples were brought to my lips, immediately next to each other, and I sucked greedily at them, my tongue working overtime to lap at both of them as I sucked.


I could just imagine the two of them, kneeling over me, pressing their breasts together to offer them to me. In my mind’s eye, I could see them like that, unable to resist exploring each other’s bodies with their hands, fingertips grazing a cheek tenderly, a hand cupping an ass, soft, gentle kisses and licks applied to neck, ears, and lips. The picture in my mind spurred me on, and I sucked a bit harder, tongue working faster, my hands tugging at their bonds in vain to reach for the two of them. And, just as unexpectedly as it began, they pulled away, leaving me once more reaching for them, a small moan of protest escaping my lips. I was left like that, waiting, wanting, for a few minutes. I couldn’t imagine what they were doing, although a few scenarios did occur to me, not a one of them wholesome.


The bed once more depressed on either side of me as I assumed they had resumed their earlier positions. I could feel a leg pressed against either side, and a hand cradled my head, lifting it slightly. That was when I realized how wrong I was. Knees slid beneath my arms, propping me up somewhat, and my head was brought just a little further forward, my lips pressing against the slick, parted lips of what I believed to be Bonnie’s sex. Instinct kicked in, and my tongue delved between her lips, lapping at her clit, and the ensuing low, drawn out moan proved me right. “I shaved just for…” She was cut off, moaning loudly as I began licking with more gusto, my tongue working in circles around her clit, teasing her. As this went on, I felt my cock engulfed once more in the warm, wet heat of Sharon’s mouth, her tongue working rhythmically against the underside of my cock, forcing a moan out of me against Bonnie’s pussy.


Sharon took her mouth from my cock, and I continued my teasing of Bonnie’s clit, breaking the circling of it with my tongue to lightly flick it just once before resuming circling it. I continued in that pattern, randomly and without warning giving it a single flick of my tongue, sometimes immediately followed by another just to throw her off. Once I was satisfied with the way she was moaning and writhing above me, clutching my head against her, I pressed forward, taking her clit between my lips and suckling lightly. I could tell from the way she bucked, and the insistence of her moans that Bonnie was getting close to orgasm. I could have made her come, but I decided to give her the gander treatment, backing off a little and just slowly, ever so slowly dragging my tongue over her clit. I could feel her shaking; practically feel the need to come welling inside her. I wished I could have had one hand free, as I’d have loved to feel and hear her reaction to my fucking her hard and deep with two fingers while I attacked her clit, but that wasn’t to be. Instead, I continued my long, slow lapping, and then felt Sharon’s tongue on my cock, licking along the length of it and swirling over the head, the tip of her tongue teasing and tickling the underside. Pressing forward once again, I let my teeth graze over Bonnie’s clit once, and as she bucked, I pressed my lips against it and sucked hard. My reward was her exploding in orgasm, hands clutching in my hair, tugging me all the harder against her pussy, long loud moans being torn from her lips. About halfway through her orgasm, she started trying to pull me away, but I fought against her tugging, giving her clit little flicks with my tongue, making her buck, shudder, and whimper.


She finally managed to pull me away and I moaned, my hips arching as the sensations of Sharon’s tongue working on my cock began to build. I could feel myself throbbing, my cock twitching and moving of its own accord against her tongue. Her mouth slid over my cock again, and I couldn’t help thinking, desperately hoping that she’d reward me for doing such a good job on Bonnie’s pussy, that she’d let me come deep inside her mouth, however she had different ideas. She sank all the way to the base, my cock pulsing wildly in her mouth, and then slowly came back up, lips making a tight, wonderful seal against my shaft. As they moved over the head I let out a near-orgasmic cry of pleasure…one that quickly turned to a cry of anguish as she let my cock slide from her mouth, ran her thumb over the underside of the head once, and pulled away. Bonnie and I remained there, panting with our exertion, and recovering for what would come next.




Gingerly climbing off me, Bonnie got off the bed, and Sharon soon followed her. I felt breath, soft and hot, against my ear, and could practically sense the lips barely an inch away. When Sharon spoke, the caress of air sent a shiver running through me. “You did a wonderful job, pet, and I think you deserve a reward.” Her tongue grazed the edge of my ear, and she suckled my earlobe gently. Letting out a quiet, frustrated whimper, I replied in a quiet whisper, my voice strained with need. “Thank you, miss.” Giving my ear a little tug with her teeth, she drew away and I heard her move towards the foot of the bed and climb on, along with Bonnie. Next thing I knew, both my legs were being lifted and spread, pulled back towards my chest, leaving me even more exposed and vulnerable than I had been before. That, combined with being unable to see them due to the blindfold, left me feeling Squirming a little in their grasp, I spoke in a quiet voice. “What…what are you going to do to me?” In answer, they gave a little laugh in unison, and Bonnie spoke. “I think you know very well what we’re gonna do.” As she spoke, I could feel their hands caressing my ass up and down, fingertips brushing between the cheeks, teasing me and making me arch my back.


They still held my legs up, however their other hands left me, and I heard a click that sounded like some sort of snap opening. A few moments later, my legs were drawn back a bit further and I felt one of their fingers, cool and slippery with lube, slowly sliding into me. I let out a long, low moan and tried to press myself against the hand invading me, but between my hands being bound and my legs being held in the position they were in, there was nothing I could do but lay there and passively take what they were giving to me. Slowly, the finger was pushed deeper into me until I felt a hand pressed between my cheeks. Whichever of the two of them was fingering me took up a gentle rhythm, slowly and steadily pumping in and out of me. Another hand wrapped around my aching cock, slowly stroking up and down in time with the rhythm of penetration. Adrift is really the best word for how I felt; lost on wave after wave of sensation, the currents of need, lust, and pleasure carrying me away. The hand left my cock, and I felt a single fingertip moving along the shaft and over the head. The same fingertip was then pressed to my lips, and from the shape and the way the nail was cut, I realized it was Sharon’s. I also recognized the feeling of slickness on it against my lips: my own precome. “Open up, slut. I know you love this, and I wouldn’t deny you of something you love so much. Well, maybe one thing you love so much.” She gave a quiet, dark chuckle, and I parted my lips, lapping at her fingertip and tasting my precome. “Mm, good boy.” She ran her fingers through my hair, and then twice more presented her finger to my mouth. All the while, Bonnie, or at least I assume Bonnie, slowly slid her finger in and out of me, steadily fucking me with it.


I felt Sharon’s presence withdraw for a moment, and then her hand wrapped back around my cock, this time spreading a generous amount of cool, slick lube over the head and shaft. She then matched Bonnie’s rhythm of fucking me, her hand sliding steadily up and down my cock, unfaltering as I was driven towards the edge of orgasm. I couldn’t stop moaning and rolling my head back and forth, arching my back and shoulders, trying my hardest, in vain, to move my hips with them, to get just that little bit more sensation. At this point, my cock was throbbing wildly in the cockring/ball separator confining it, and the strap that separated my balls intensified the sweet ache within them. Unable to help myself, I started begging. “Please fuck me, oh god, please let me come. Please miss, please Bonnie, please let me come.” They replied almost in unison, in almost the exact same tone of voice: tender, loving, and completely unwilling to budge. “No, slut.” And, a few moments later, when I was on the verge of both coming all over myself and going insane, Sharon’s hand gave my cock a tight squeeze, and then slipped down, leaving my cock to cup, roll, and squeeze my balls. It was agony; probably the sweetest agony I have ever experienced, and the only I would ever beg to experience again. Bonnie didn’t once let up or show mercy, just kept fucking and fucking and fucking me.


Sharon continued to palm and roll my balls until my erection had somehow half-subsided, a large amount of precome running down the head. This she scooped up with two fingertips and began to swirl it around the head, rubbing it in and making me once more try to squirm, try to roll my hips into her touch. I couldn’t, however, held as I was. As before, all I could do was lay there and take it, quietly begging for release. I could feel my cock throbbing, even under Sharon’s fairly minimal touch, and clutched awkwardly at the bed as she gently wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock and began so slowly, so frustratingly stroking up and down. It was an odd pace, up the shaft just barely making contact with the head, back down, up over the head, back down, and repeat. Only having the head of my cock stimulated on every other stroke helped to keep me on the very edge of orgasm, instead of hurtling over it. Bonnie’s relentless fingering made it all the worse.


I don’t think I’ve ever been quite that close to orgasm without achieving it. Had I been teasing myself, something often indulged with when online with Sharon, I’d have stopped by now, afraid of pushing myself over the edge. But Sharon seemingly had no such compunctions; she slowed just a little, but kept going, seemingly deaf to my pleas for mercy, my begging to come. And then, without warning or hesitation, on the upstroke Sharon’s hand left my cock at the same precise time that Bonnie’s finger was pulled from me, pulling a loud gasp from me, and leaving me a shuddering, shivering, whimpering wreck.


My legs were lowered back to the bed gently, and I could feel the two of them sitting on the edge of the bed. Their hands caressed my stomach, chest, and face, their words soft and soothing, telling me I was a good boy, that I had done wonderfully, that I should just rest and recover and let them take care of me. It helped tremendously, bringing me down somewhat while couched in terms that helped to maintain that floating, drifting state of mind known as ‘subspace.’ They spent about five minutes just touching me, fingers running through my hair, petting and stroking me. Hesitantly, I spoke. “I…I think I’m…ready to continue.” They both chuckles softly, and Sharon leaned down towards me, speaking quietly, with a dark edge to her voice. “Good, slut. I haven’t gotten mine yet, and I’m so looking forward to it.”




I felt them slip off the bed, and then their hands returned to my body, this time moving steadily lower, towards my groin. A pair of hands cupped and rubbed my now-aching balls, giving little tugs that made me moan in a mix of pleasure and pain. Another pair of hands found my cock, alternating between long, slow strokes and gently but firmly rolling it between her palms. This went on for a few minutes, building me up to the point where I was moaning and squirming again. The hands on my balls were removed, and I felt one of them get up off the bed. My suspicions were confirmed when I felt Sharon climb onto the bed straddling my chest, taking up the position Bonnie was in a short while ago, sliding her knees beneath my shoulders. “I know you’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and who am I to deny you?” There was a quiet giggle, and I felt Sharon’s hands slipping under my head, fingers running through my hair as she cradled my head with both hands, slowly lifting me until my lips were pressed to the top of her pussy. I ran my tongue along her lips, tasting the moistness already there, and it struck my how different she tasted from Bonnie. I didn’t have a whole lot of experience in the oral sex field, so I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so...different. It’s almost impossible to describe; not really better or worse, maybe a touch sweeter, just different.


I knew how much Sharon enjoyed being teased, so for a couple minutes I merely lightly licked her outer lips, letting the tip of my tongue trace them. The small sounds of pleasure and longing she was making only made me want to tease her more, so just once I slipped my tongue between her lips, moving between them for a moment before drawing back and returning to lapping gently at her lips. She pulled me more insistently against her pussy, and I took the signal, my tongue slipping between once more, now running feather-light over her clit a few times before taking up a rhythm of licking up and down around her clit, making her squirm with desire against my lips. Bonnie continued to stroke my cock, one hand leaving the task to gently tug on my balls, separated and confined as they were by the cockring. The ache there was starting to get intense, offset only by the pleasure I was receiving. Sharon arched her hips, pushing herself against me more insistently, but still I continued to tease her, my tongue almost, but not quite, making contact with her clit.


Sharon was writhing atop me at this point, shifting and grinding, attempting to push her clit onto my tongue. Finally, I relented, running the flat of my tongue over her clit in one long stroke, and she shuddered, her breath coming in short panting gasps, every exhalation a little whimper or moan. Two more long, hard laps at her clit and she bucked once against me, and began grinding her clit on my tongue as she rode out what seemed to be a rather powerful orgasm. After collecting herself for a moment, she turned and scooted a bit down my body, brushing Bonnie’s hand from my cock and engulfing me deep in her mouth, tearing a loud cry of pleasure from me. She began to suck my cock fast and hard, head bobbing rapidly, her hand wrapped around the shaft following her lips. I was elated, certain that she was rewarding me for performing so well in pleasuring the two of them. So certain, in fact, that I couldn’t help arching my hips and moaning. “Ohh god, thank you Miss, thank you, I’m going to come!” Immediately pulling back off my cock, she began lapping at the head and shaft, even pulling my cock towards her in order to writhe her tongue against the underside of the head, making me squirm my hips and struggle in vain against my bonds. I whimpered pleadingly, pulling on the cuffs and continuing to arch my hips. “Please, Miss, please let me come. Please. I’ve been good, haven’t I? Oh god, please.” She continued, heedless of my begging, merely lapping away at my cock as it throbbed beneath her tongue. I thought, at this point, that I might come just from her licking my cock. Just then, she stopped, climbing off of me and grinning at me.


“Yes, pet, you have been a very, very good boy, but I can’t let you come yet. We’re not nearly done. I still haven’t gotten to have much fun with Bonnie, and I wouldn’t want you to be…inattentive after coming, when I know you want to see me and her together so badly. So, really, I’m doing this for you. And since you’ve behaved so well, I might just be convinced to let one of your hands loose so you can occupy yourself while you watch. Would you like that?” She began running her fingertips over my cock, making me whimper. At the same time, Bonnie laved her tongue over my balls. “Yes, please, Miss.” Sharon gave a quiet, dark chuckle, running her finger over the head of my cock, collecting precome on the tip and pressing it to my lips. As I sucked lightly on her fingertip, my tongue moving against it, she grinned devilishly at me. “Good slut.”



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