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Terry's Tease




I had seen Terry around campus before and occasionally out at the bars at night. She was a total knockout, a brown-haired beauty with big brown eyes that would melt you if you stared at them too long. There was something about her that looked so vulnerable, so innocent. She had a cute little nose, just slightly dotted with freckles, high cheek bones, beautiful skin, and round full lips.


IIwatched her, sitting at the bar, wearing a denim miniskirt and a tiny white top, which left her belly exposed. She sat with her legs crossed, a sandal dangling off her right foot. I watched her place a plastic straw between her beautiful, glossy lips and take a long slow drink. She noticed that she had my attention. Letting the straw slide out from between her lips, she softly bit her lower one and winked at me, letting her full lip slip out from her teeth.


I smiled back and she glanced down at the bar stool beside her.


I looked behind me, to make sure I wasn't about to make a fool of myself, which made her giggle a bit, then walked over and sat beside her.


"Hi," she said softly. "I'm Terry." She smiled and offered me her hand.


I smiled back, "Chris," I said, and took her hand, gently shaking it. Her touch lingered as her hand slipped back away from mine. I could smell her perfume, just a hint of it, but enough to draw me closer.


We chatted for a few hours, I bought her a few drinks, and we talked about the people we knew, the classes we were taking, things we had in common and the things we didn't.


Around eleven, she told me she needed to be getting home, and much to my surprise, she invited me to come back with her. I nearly fell over myself agreeing. She seemed to like that.



Once we were in her apartment, her demeanor changed. I shut the door and turned back around, only to see her slowly lowering the zipper on the side of her skirt. Her skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of it, her lips now turned to a sexy little pout, she placed her hand on my cheek and looked into my eyes, "I really like you Chris, I think we could have a lot of fun together."


I swallowed, looking down at her silky panties, her long legs, her bare tummy, and I felt my cock starting to swell. I shifted my hips a little, hoping to adjust it, so my erection wouldn't be so noticeable.


She noticed.


"Let me help you with that," she said, looking at me with her head lowered, eyes peering through her brown bangs. Her little hand slowly passed over my crotch, taking hold of my cock, squeezing gently, tugging a little, rubbing. She smiled and moaned a bit.


Her hand on my cheek slid down my chest, over my stomach and found my zipper, which she slowly lowered. Her hands now freed my cock from my underwear and through the open fly of my pants. I was rock hard now, straining as she wrapped her hand very slowly around my shaft, turned and giggled, "Follow me," she said, tugging my cock as she walked.


She led me to her bedroom, and told me to lie down on the bed. "Hands over your head," she said. I stretched out. She took her time removing my shirt, her fingers playing with my nipples, and running over my chest and stomach. Once my shirt was removed, she did the same, revealing a beautiful, lacy, white bra.


She took my hands and raised them higher over my head, guiding each one to a soft leather cuff, which she buckled around my wrists. She smiled playfully, "Now you are mine." I smiled back, "No complaints here," I said. She bit her lip, her smile growing wider, "Oh, they'll come later. Don't worry."


She slid down and was now working my pants and underwear off, stripping me totally naked. Much to my surprise, she didn't cuff my ankles, but instead, pullout two cuffs, attached to the bed midway up, and began buckling them around my knees, spreading my legs as wide as I could manage.


She lowered her head and took my cock deep inside her mouth, slowly raising up, letting those soft full lips slide over the shaft, the tip of her tongue, tracing along the underside. I arched my back and raised my hips as best I could, moaning and twisting.


She looked at me, her head tilted. "I love big, hard, swollen cocks. I love playing with them," she said, her finger tips tracing along the underside of the shaft and around the head. "For hours, and hours, and hours."


She looked at me and pouted, "You aren't going to cum and ruin all my fun are you?" I looked at her puzzled. "When you cum," she explained, "it gets all soft and no fun. I'm going to keep it nice and hard, but you have to promise not to cum, OK?"


"But if I cum, you can make it hard again," I protested.


She shook her head. "Not the same," she said somewhat insistently.


"I can cum more that once a night," I said, somewhat proudly.


"Not tonight you can't," she said, her fingers playing with my hard cock again.


I pressed my cock harder into her hand, thrusting. She pulled back. "Now try to hold still."


I resisted the urge to move as she wrapped her hand around me and squeezed and then let go, squeezed and let go, over and over. My heart was racing and my mind started to spin as I tugged at my bound wrists.


"Please," I whispered.


She leaned over, her face close to mine, her hair falling around her, brushing my cheeks. "I love when boys beg," she hissed.


"Please, I need to cum," I begged.


She sat up, "No, you don't. You *want* to cum. You don't *need* to," she spoke slowly stressing the two words, her tone flat almost instructional. She looked down at me, as innocent and cute as I had ever seen her, "You'll *need* to cum later." The she leaned down, those beautiful lips pressed against my ears, "Wanna know a secret," she whispered. I nodded. "I'm not going to let you cum then, either."


"Pleeeeeeeease, let me go," I pleaded.


She sat back on the bed, her hand on my cock again squeezing as it throbbed in her grasp. She just slowly shook her head, saying nothing.


"You know, Chris, I slept all morning and all afternoon. You know why?" I just closed my eyes.


"So I can stay up allllllll nigggggght long," she kept squeezing. I started to squirm, tugging harder at my cuffs now.


She removed her hand, shaking her head. She wagged her finger. "Now what did I say about sitting still?" I opened my eyes just in time to she her open palm swinging toward my hard cock. There was a smack, followed by an intense stinging.


She was pouting. "Don't make me punish it. It is much more fun to play, don't you think?"


I was whimpering now, "Oh God, Oh God." She was smiling again. "That's much better, isn't it?" Her hand was gently stroking me as I began to throb even more.


"I know it aches when I rub it," she continued, "But it can be even worse when I don't," her hands moved from my cock to the inside of my thighs, her fingernails tracing along the insides, right up to my cock, where she stopped. She touched my stomach, massaged my balls, and played with my pubic hair, while my cock bobbed up and down, twitching, needing to be touched again.


"Can you please rub it again?" I asked, feeling somewhat humbled.


Again, she refrained from speaking, just biting her lip and slowly shaking her head.


Finally, the frustration got the best of me and I twisted and turned, trying to get free, get some relief, some sort of sensation on my cock.


She pulled back, laughing this time. "Frustrating? Isn't it?"


I nodded, almost ready to cry.


She looked at me, head cocked, "Poor baby, all frustrated and no way to get any relief."


"Please let me go," I pleaded.


"Ask nicely," she said, head still cocked, watching me.


"Pleeeeeeeeeease," I moaned, desperately.


"Say pretty please," she taunted.


"Pretty please," I said, blushing.


"With a cherry on top?" she asked.


I swallowed, "Pretty please with a cherry on top," I said, cheeks burning.


She could barely contain herself. She shook her head. "Sorry, I'm having too much fun."


She reached over to the stand beside the bed, and pull out a long, white feather. She cuddled up with me, tracing the feather over my stomach, her other hand playing with my hair. "This is a fun game. I like using the feather to make your cock twitch, without making it cum. I love seeing it twitch. Do you like feeling it twitch?" I shook my head. She ignored my response.


"Please, don't" was all I could manage. She smiled and moaned, "That's right, beg." I could feel her breathing increase as she pressed against me.


She started to grind into me, pressing herself against my hip bone, thrusting against it. The more I begged, the more desperate I grew, the hotter she got, squirming and humping against me.


The the feather started doing its work, barely brushing against me, barely touching, sending every nerve ending into a state of electric arousal. My cock, aching, straining, started to twitch, needing more contact that the feather could provide, inching me closer and closer to an orgasm, but not quite enough.


"Please, don't do this to me anymore Terry, please," I begged, my voice shallow and desperate.



Her lips, pressed to my ear again, whispered. "I want to tell you," her breathing so heavy, her words so mixed with arousal, "How wet I am, how tight, how good it would feel for you to be inside me, to fuck me." She moaned, her wetness soaking through her panties so I could feel it where she pressed against me. "Do you want that, do you want to fuck me?" She sounded as desperate as I felt.


"Yesssss," I cried out, "I want to fuck you, more than anything. Please, God, please let me fuck you." My mind was so lost, I didn't realize I was crying until her tongue slid along my cheek, licking my tears as she started to cum, slowly at first, then turning almost violent in her thrusts and squirming.


The feather brushed down and sent me to the very edge of an orgasm, I tensed, waiting for the next sensation, anything, even a breeze would have done it.


As she finished her orgasm, she curled up close, nibbling on my earlobe, but ignoring my cock. She put the feather down. She began tracing her fingertip over my lips, touching them gently, teasingly.


She sat, quietly, holding me for a few minutes, while I whimpered, asking her over and over to help me, touch me, to let me cum. Finally, she stood up and pulled a robe on. "I am going to have a cigarette, I'll be back in a bit," she stopped and looked at me. She smiled wickedly and pulled out a sleep mask, placing it over my eyes. I felt her kiss my forehead, "Be right back."


I had no idea how long had passed when I heard the door open again.


I twisted and squirmed a bit, trying to get Terry's attention. I heard her giggle as she approached.


"Mmmmmm," she said, her hand running the length of my cock, "You kept it nice and hard for me, that was sweet." I tried to peek under my blindfold.


"Uh, uh, uh," she taunted. "No peeking." Her hand pressed over the mask, making sure it covered my eyes more firmly. "I wouldn't want you to see me naked."


Now I really squirmed, wanting the mask off.


I could feel her curl up with me again, her head resting on my hip and her hair spilling over my legs. Her fingers were again running up and down the length of my shaft, causing me to moan incoherently.


"You want to make me happy, don't you Chris?" she asked, in an almost little girl voice?


I nodded, gasping at her last touch which sent my cock into small spasms.


"Well, let's play a game," I could almost see her smile as she said it. "I love games. Don't you?"


I squirmed, not answering, her stroking growing slightly faster.


"It is called the Princess and the Stable Boy," she said, still stroking rhythmically.



My heart started to race as she spoke. "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who spent her days in the kingdom trying to find ways to amuse herself." She switched to gentle squeezes, massaging my aching cock now, but avoiding the pending orgasm which would have followed extended stroking. "The King and Queen, seeing she was very sad sent her a pony. But when the pony was delivered, she found it as boring as the rest of her toys. As the young stable boy was taking the pony away, she noticed that a bulge had formed in the boys pants."


The sensation stopped, there was a pause in both the stimulation and the story and then both continued. Her hand now slippery and slick, having licked it. "She reached out and took hold of the boy's cock, tugging at it at first, then releasing his pants and seeing it fully hard. The young princess's eyes lit up. 'Now that looks like a toy worthy of a Princess!'"


I started to thrust into her hand, desperate to cum.


"But the boy," she said sharply, "was greedy and too anxious, so the Princess had to stop playing until he calmed down." She pulled her hand away. I kept pumping, desperate for any sensation, which brought a fresh round of giggles. "But it did make the Princess laugh," she added.


Out of my mind, I begged, "Oh please Terry, this is driving me crazy!"


She corrected me, very patronizingly, "You mean, 'Please Princess."


"Yes," I wailed, a wave of frustration washing over me, "Please Princess."


"But our story is just getting started, don't you want to know how it ends?" she asked playfully. "If I stop telling it now, we won't find out if the poor stable boy gets any relief. I can't promise he will, but we won't know until the end. But I can assure you that if he interrupts Princess's story, he won't get to have any fun at all."


She slipped the mask off my head, and I blinked my eyes adjusted to the light. She was sitting up now, naked from the waist down, her hair up in two pig tails, wearing a tiny light blue baby tee with the word "Princess" written across it in golden glitter. She winked at me.


"Shall I continue?" she asked, her head tilted.


I nodded frantically.


"Well, let's see, ah yes," she continued, "The Princess found her new toy so exciting that she couldn't resist letting her hand slip between her legs, gently sliding her fingers over her wetness. She left her toy alone while she curled up tight against the stable boy, squirming and sliding along his naked body as she teased her clit and let her fingers slip inside herself."


I watched as she closed her eyes, masturbating, her breathing growing ragged and her moans growing deeper and more drawn out. I watched, expecting her to be thrown into orgasm immediately, but much to my dismay, I watched her get closer, and closer, and closer, before withdrawing her hand, raising it to massage her breasts through her shirt, trace her wet fingers over her lips.


I began to whimper as I felt her pressing against me harder and harder. "My God," I thought, "she's teasing herself."


She could barely speak as she continued telling the story, fumbling for a pack of Trojans, she unwrapped four and one by one, and sat them on my stomach. In the first, she squirted a large amount of a clear gel and then slowly rolled the condom on my cock, her hand gently massaging the gel into my skin. Slowly it became more and more difficult to feel her fingers. In a few seconds, I had to look down and make sure she was even touching me. My cock had gone completely numb. "The Princess decorated her new toy, and, and Oh God," she quickly added the remaining three condoms, making any sensation impossible.


"She took her new toy and slipped it inside her," she moaned as she rolled on top of me, my cock slipping deep inside her.


I moaned, half in desire but mostly in frustration as the condoms and the gel blocked the sensation of her wet sex as it began sliding up and down my shaft.


"The Princess ordered the boy," she called out, "not to cum, but to pleasure her."


"No, please," I whimpered.


I watched helplessly as she began rising up and lowering herself on my cock, my mind knowing I should feel her, but my body unable to process the sensations.


"The princess," she started, throwing her hair back, fucking me harder and faster, her narrative lost in a collection of moans, turning to screams as she started to cum. As she did, some of the sensation started to return, then more, then even more, until finally I could feel her, slipping and sliding against my cock.


"Oh God," I moaned, my eyes closed as she fucked me harder and harder.


As I started to thrust back into her, she collapsed on my chest, letting my cock slip out of her.


She looked up at me, she was covered in sweat, her cheeks glowing, her hair matted a bit against her forehead.


She added, out of breath, "The princess liked her new toy very, very much."


She slipped down, slowly peeling the condoms off, one by one. "She couldn't wait to see if the stable boy kept his word and managed not to cum while he was inside her."


She smiled up at me as the last condom was peeled off. "Such a good toy, the princess told him, giving him a little pet." She tickled the underside of my cock, just below the head, causing me to twitch.



She looked up at me, a seriousness in her eyes. "More than anything else, the princess wanted to play with her toy over and over again. She liked making him squirm, and beg, and whimper. But more than anything else she wanted something more from him."


I looked up at her whimpering, straining so much right now.


She smiled. "Chapter Two. Making the Stable Boy cry . . . "


Her hand wrapped around my cock again. I closed my eyes, not noticing she had picked up a bottle of baby oil sitting next to the bed.


Awww poor boy Chris will never cum!





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