sexual teasing


The Teasing Team

by Hockeysub



Short Synopsis: Jim, a twenty year old college student, has agreed to participate in a study without knowing the particulars, except that it will involve sex and beautiful women. During his medical exam, he is rendered unconscious and awakens to find himself bound and gagged in a bed in what appears to be a hospital. He is teased and denied every day for three months until he believes he will go crazy. This is just one of those days.






In the early afternoon, Jamie and Rachel walked into the room and Jim looked at them with obvious fear in his eyes. They loved letting him know that he had never-ending sexual teasing and torment to look forward to.


"So, how is our big, macho man doing today?" Rachel smirked.

"Completely in control of the situation as always," Jamie answered.

Working as a team, they were the true mistresses of humiliation.


He reddened in embarrassment from the taunting words and then Jamie leaned over him, her large, full breasts hanging down. She began caressing them and letting them shake and jiggle over him. His cock was growing harder and harder in spite of his efforts to not be aroused by her.


"Oh looks like Mr. Big Dick is living up to his name," Jamie smiled.


"Poor jimmy always wants what he can't have," Rachel mocked. "But I can have them, can't I Jamie?"


"Depends on what you're offering in return," Jamie giggled.

She crawled on top of Jim’s upper legs, leaning over him. Rachel threw a leg up on the bed, her vagina right over Jim’s face and started fingering herself. Jim could only stare, mesmerized after three months without cumming, as he had to watch the beautiful Rachel finger herself while Jamie displayed her breasts.


"Oh that's drawing me closer," Jamie grinned. "Tell you what, I'll trade you my boobs for that hot twat ya got there."

"Let me explore the products," Rachel giggled.

She leaned over Jim and started lightly tonguing Jamie's luscious breasts. She lapped at them and suckled at the nipples. Poor Jim's cock was throbbing and he was wincing in pain and frustration.

"Aw, I'm being selfish," Rachel teased. "Jimmy, would you like some too?"

Jamie leaned right over him and rubbed her breasts in his face. His cock was so hard the skin was all but breaking.

"Don't be silly," Rachel said. "He can't get to them with his mouth all gagged like that."

"So what should I do?" Jamie smirked.

"Well, what part of him obviously wants them the most?" Rachel said.

"Oh, of course," Jamie said.

She crawled down and cupped her breasts over his throbbing cock. Then she began caressing it.


Jim was going crazy. Jamie was expertly massaging his manhood, coaxing him to greater levels of frustration. Finally, Rachel said, "Mind if I cut in?

"Help yourself," Jamie said.

Rachel licked her lips and said, "I had a different kind of engulfing in mind."

She traced the tip of her tongue all the way up the underside of his cock. Suddenly, going  crazytook on a whole new meaning. Jim started writhing and moaning, blubbering into his gag. Rachel just kept licking up the length of his shaft like it was a lollipop.


She moved around enough to get the sides too but she particularly concentrated on the sensitive underside. Jim was bucking and trying to twist away, to avoid this overwhelming frustration. But he couldn't get away. Rachel started running the tip of her tongue around the rim of his cockhead. Sometimes she moved her tongue sideways across his cockhead. Sometimes she made quick flicking motions with just the tip of her tongue along the rim. Either way, his cock was throbbing so hard he could swear he could feel his own heartbeat in his cock. Once in a while, she would stop and just lay there watching. The throbbing would slowly stop and leave his cock straining for the sky. It was bigger than ever and dark red. His balls were burning they ached so bad from teasing and pentup semen. Then she started tracing her tongue around his cockhead and putting the head into her mouth. His pelvis instinctively arched up as high as he could get it and a moan of lust beyond belief escaped him, so loud they could hear it even through the gag.


"I'll bet if we ungagged him, he'd be begging and pleading to cum right now- or for us to stop- or both," Jamie laughed. "He'd be telling us how he'd do anything, absolutely anything we wanted."


"He's doing exactly what we want now but we aren't going to ungag him," Rachel smirked. "After all, it would be a waste of time. Mr. Macho Big Dick would never beg a woman for anything. He's far too manly."


Then she started taking his cock into her mouth, going deeper than he thought was possible. It was mindboggling. They were mocking him, using his own macho attitudes against him. He knew it but there was nothing he could do about it. If they ungagged him right now, he would beg. He would grovel. He would plead, even knowing none of it would do any good. He knew it and they knew it. Now, when he truly wanted to beg, they wouldn't even let him. They would torture his cock and balls beyond any definition of pain and frustration he thought was possible for its own sake and he was sure it would never end.


Rachel was moving up and down on his cock with her mouth ooooh soooo slowly. She would take him all the way to the base and then all the way back up and she would take at least thirty seconds moving in each direction. As she reached the head she would hold her lips around it and ease away just enough that she could use her tongue to lick around the head like it was a lollipop. He was thrashing like mad, twisting and blubbering into the gag. She just lay there on her stomach, looking amazed at the sheer size of his thick cock and licking the underside of the head while fingering the veins which stood out.


"Oh, you are making me soooo hot," Jamie groaned.


"No you are hot," Rachel giggled.


Jamie crawled over and they both knelt on Jim's stomach, making it hard for him to breathe, and started kissing as Rachel fondled Jamie's large breasts.


"I believe I was promised something in return," Jamie sighed.


Rachel lay down right on top of Jim, placing herself as to just miss his cock. She slid up so her crotch was just below his chin and started fingering herself as he stared.


"You mean this?" Rachel giggled.


"Oh yeah," Jamie said as she crawled on top in a 69 position and started licking away at Rachel's hot vagina.


Rachel wrapped her arms around Jamie's hips and plunged her own face into Jamie's crotch, returning the favor. Jim suffered in silent frustration as the two gorgeous young women used him as a bedpad while enjoying themselves together. Their moans of desire and of pleasure made his cock stand high and his balls ache in agony. He had never believed such levels of frustration were possible as his blueballs burned and his cock oozed precum and he literally cried in frustration.


Jim moaned as Rachel and Jamie cried out in their orgasms. They turned so they were both facing toward the head of the bed and then cuddled on top of him.


"Hmmm, I'll sleep well tonight," Jamie said.


"Yeeees, so will I after that relief," Rachel purred.


Jamie took hold of Jim's hard cock and just held it in her hand, causing him to moan with the desire for her to start stroking.

"Mmmm, how about you, big man? Bet you'll sleep soundly after getting to watch that."


Rachel fondled his heavy balls.


"Yeah bet you're feeling all nice and relaxed now."


He moaned in sheer desire and started humping the air. They laughed at his frustration. Jamie set on his chest and looked down in triumph.


"Tell me, Mr. Strong Muscular boy, would you grovel if we ungagged you?"


Rachel took hold of the straps to the gag.


"If we ungag you and if you beg, we will let you cum."


Jim did not believe it but his desperation was so great that he could not think straight. Any chance, one in a million, literally, and he would take it.


"Would you like us to ungag you?" Jamie said. "Remember, if we ungag you, you can beg to cum and, if you beg to cum, we will make you cum."


Jim eagerly nodded that he'd like the gag removed.


"Once ungagged, will you beg to cum, knowing we'll make you cum once you beg?" Rachel teased.


Jim desperately nodded yes.


Jamie and Rachel smiled wolfishly. Jim knew he'd been set up.


"Then I guess we won't ungag you to begin with," Jamie laughed.


"That's the one thing we didn't promise to do," Rachel giggled.


Jim roared- well, there was no sound but he tried to roar- and strained against his straps. Jamie just smirked at his helpless display and took hold of his cock again.


"Looks like somebody needs some more stroking and teasing," Jamie taunted.


"Mnnph! Mnpph!" Jim pleaded, realizing he'd lost it and set himself up for even more torture.


"Gack! Gurgleglub!" he moaned in protest as the teasing started yet again.


By the time Jamie and Rachel were done with him, Jim was a quivering mass of jello, shaking in frustration. They slowly dressed. On either side of him, they kissed his cock, Jamie on his right side and Rachel on his left. Their lips met around his cock and he moaned with a forlorn cry of frustration. His balls burned as if they were full of acid. They ached so deep inside that the aching need engulfed his entire being. Tears of frustration ran from his eyes, his need to cum was so desperate. Cumming was a fantasy to him, something he had not done for so long it was almost unreal. Jamie and Rachel just walked out hand in hand.


"See you later, Mr. Big Dick," Jamie taunted.


"Don't go anywhere," Rachel added as they walked out.


Jim just lay there whimpering to himself. Jim's big, thick cock was still standing high.

A ring had been fitted over his cock to make sure he could not cum. The pain in his balls was numbing, blinding. There was nothing but the frustration, deep and total. He knew that, the next day, the torture of his unbelievably blue balls would continue.



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