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Orgasm Denial and Cuckolding





One of the aspects of our cuckolding relationship that I dislike the most is my Wife's demand for limiting my orgasms. Before I married her, I was a chronic masturbator. I'd jack off at least once or twice daily. Now I am only allowed to have an orgasm on the second and last Sunday of each month; plus on Christmas, our anniversary, and my birthday. I went from over 700 orgasms a year to 27. The first two years of our marriage (we've been married over five years now) I got to come every Sunday, but my Wife believed that that was far too many orgasms for her cuckold.


As you can imagine it was pretty tough adjusting to such infrequent moments of sexual relief. Sexual frustration is my life. I am a married virgin cuckold who, as long as I am married to my Wife, will never have sex with my own Wife or any other woman. My only sexual relief is through masturbation. My Wife always chooses how I acheive my orgasms and She makes me consume my ejaculate every time, which ruins the moment of post orgasmic bliss.


As I have mentioned earlier, I am allowed release on the second and last Sunday of each month. This month is a dreaded Five Sunday Month. I have not come in 20 days. My Wife has been blueballing me daily, making me produce precum constantly. My balls are so sore and full and tender. If I even touched myself I think I'd explode. I have to be very careful. I had to stop watching my Wife fuck her lover, our 48 year old neighbor (my Wife's 31 and I'm 35) from our closet because it was beginning to be too much for me.




I was scheduled to come tomorrow, but my Wife just made a deal with me to wait until Labor Day. By waiting one day, my Wife has promised me a weekend of humiliation as She "unleashes the Bitch." On Monday, I get a Cuckold Appreciation Day where I get to do all the things She allows me, as her cuckold, to do with Her. At the end of the day, she is going to let me hump her leg like a dog Without one of my tiny condoms on. She is going to actually let my bare penis touch her bare leg for the first time. I'll probably come on contact so there will be very little humping going on. I will probably dribble out about a gallon of semen on my Wife's smooth lovely leg. And then She's going to make me lick all my cum off of her, but it'll be worth it.


humping her leg  


I expect She will have lots of sex with her lover this weekend. They are going out for dinner tonight and She's getting ready right now. She looks so hot that I'm trying to avoid her so that my balls don't turn a darker shade of blue. They are planning on coming back to my Wife's house to fuck. I don't know how I'm going to handle two more days listening to them fucking and hearing my Wife praise her lover while she's belittling me. Hopefully Monday will be worth what will be 22 days of blueballed frustration.


My Wife loves the fact that She is 100% in control of every aspect of my sexual life. It turns her on to do so many things with men not married to her that her own husband is forbidden. She especially loves the fact that I will not come without her permission. Most of all She swears that "a horny cuck is an obediant cuck."




My Wife and her lover got back from their date a little earilier than they usually do. I had to move quickly to the spare room so I wouldn't be discovered. Little did I know that my Wife tweaked the rules of our relationship. They rushed into the Mistress bedroom. My Wife was loud and vocal, but Her Lover didn't say a word, which is unusual. They wasted little time and started fucking right away. I could hear his balls slapping on my Wife's skin as She vocalized Her pleasure. When I heard his familiar orgasmic grunt, I could picture his semen blasting into my Wife's pussy. My tiny penis was drooling precum.

"Have fun golfing tomorrow," my Wife said. A few minutes later I heard the front door slam and was beckoned by my Wife to enter Her bedroom. Apparently the neighbor had an early golf outing and needed his rest, so they only fucked once.

When I entered the bedroom I almost came at the sight of my Wife bent over the foot of the bed. Her beautiful ass was covered in her lover's cum. My Wife has been having him come on her lately because She knows I would rather perform my clean-up duties in the form of a creampie.

"Look what my stud has done to your Wife's ass. He made a huge mess for you to lick up. You like licking My ass don't you? You love it! On your knees now!" She was kind of screaming this at me. She was using her Bitching voice.

As I lowered my mouth and tongue to her ass, she grabbed a fistfull of my hair and rubbed my face all over her cum-covered ass. She screamed "That's real man's cum, you fucking pussy. A real man with a real cock. Not some puny little boy's dicklet like my cuckold. You're never going to be allowed to put that thing inside Me or any other woman. You're mine forever! You will do what I say forever! You are going to be a virgin FOREVER!"


cum licking cuckold  


She loves to talk, and I can't recall everything She said, but you get the gist of it. After I had licked and sucked up all his cum, my Wife had me eat out her asshole while She masturbated to Her final orgasm of the night.

When She got up to shower, I noticed all the cum and sweat on a pillow and the sheets at the foot of the bed. She saw me looking and said "You'll be sleeping at the foot of the bed tonight, on that nice wet spot. Little puppyboys who hump legs get treated like dogs. And dogs sleep at their Mistress's feet."

I got very little sleep that night, with my tiny penis rock hard and drooling, sleeping in my Wife's and her lover's wet spot. Plus my wife had me wipe my face off with a pair of her panties and then She stuffed them into my mouth for the night. To top it all off, Her feet stayed on my face the whole night, often softly kicking me.




My Wife spent the Sunday before Labor Day shopping with Her friends while I cleaned the house, changed the sheets, and did some laundry. I got a call from Her in the afternoon to make some food for Her and Her lover. When I was finished, I was to eat, shower and shave my genitals. Then I gathered up some items and prepared to spend the night in the spare room.


My Wife came home around 4 and modeled her purchases for me. She bought some sexy lingerie and She wanted me to see Her in it before Her lover enjoyed Her in it. She smiled at my purple, angry-looking erection. "I see that your Wife still turns you on. I'm so happy my body, which is mostly off limits to you, still makes your tiny penis hard." As she was saying this, the doorbell rang. She giggled and said, "He's here! I'm so fucking horny. Off to the spare room for you. I hope you enjoy listening to us as much as we enjoy our lovemaking."


They were kissing as they entered the Mistress bedroom. My Wife started talking right away. "I'm so happy you agreed to do anything I want tonight. You're such a good boyfriend. I want you to be silent the whole night. Can you do that for Me?


"Good. Sit on the bed. I want to make out with you." I could hear them kissing. For some reason, I get more jealous when She kisses other men than when she fucks them.


"You're such a good kisser. Did you know that I don't let my husband kiss me. He's not allowed."


They kissed some more and then She asked him to take off their shirts. "I want you to caress my breasts while we kiss some more.


"My husband isn't allowed to to touch my breasts either. They are only for you to touch and kiss and suck on. They are off limits to my husband." He took her cue and started licking and sucking her breasts. She moaned with pleasure.


"I'm going to take out your cock. I'm going to put my hands on your beautiful cock. Your cock soft is bigger than my husband's fully erect. I have never touched his tiny penis. I'd feel like a molester. Does that feel good." He moaned his approval.


"I'm going to suck your cock. I'm going to make love to it with my mouth. But don't come. I want you to come in my pussy."


She kept describing what She was going to do with her lover and telling him that all these things were forbidden to her own husband. When they started fucking, She directed him like a porn director. All this was driving me insane with lust for Her.


They fucked for a long time before he came in my Wife's pussy. After a little post coital kissing and cuddling, my Wife said, "I'll be right back. I'm going to have this cleaned up." I could hear him laugh a little.


My Wife entered the spare room through the adjoining bathroom holding his cum in Her pussy with her hands. "On the floor," She hissed. She straddled my head and lowered her cum-filled pussy onto my mouth. I was a little worried when She started to moan as I ate her creampie. She got louder and when She came on my face she let out an "Oh God yes!"


creampie cuckold  


She stood up and looked down at my messy face. She motioned for me to rise to my feet and to follow Her into the bathroom. The door to the Mistress bedroom was shut, much to my relief. She pointed to the bathtub and my level of excitement grew to another level. She was going to piss in my mouth! She hovered over my mouth and let a slow stream flow into my awaiting mouth. I love it when She does this, which is seldom.


She let me use the toilet before I went back to my room and She and her lover went downstairs to eat the meal I'd prepared for them. They ended up fucking two more times during the night and one more time in the morning before he left.


When I entered the Mistress bedroom, my Wife was laying on the bed with Her legs spread. There was cum all over the outside of her pussy. "I had him pull out so you could enjoy his cum more."


When I finished cleaning Her to Her satisfaction, She smiled at me. "I have a surprise for you. I got you two presents." The first was a leash and a collar with my name on it. "All little puppyboys have to have a collar and leash." She teased. The second was a dog dish with my name on it.


She fitted me with the collar and leash and put the bowl on the floor. "And now for your first treat served in your dish..." My wicked Wife pulled out two condoms full of her lover's cum. She emptied each into the bowl. "Ok puppyboy. If you want to hump your Wife's leg like a dog, then you have to lap up all my man's cum out of your new bowl. Lap it up cucky!"


forced cum eating  


She dragged me by the leash and forced my face into the bowl. I was almost mortified. I couldn't believe She was making me do this and that I was obediently complying. It was pretty disgusting, but I leaked out precum because the humiliation of it all was overwhelming.


When the bowl was clean, my Wife took it into the bathroom and returned with the bowl full of her piss. "Another treat for my good puppyboy. Lap it up now!"


I washed down all that nasty cum with my Wife's delicious golden nectar. When my new dog bowl was empty, my Wife presented her naked leg for me. "Are you ready to hump your Wife's leg?" I couldn't speak, so I nodded. "Do you realize that no real man would settle for humping his Wife's leg don't you? A real man does what my lover did to Me all night. A real man with a real cock fucks women. They stick their huge cocks in warm moist pussies. They do NOT hump legs. But... you are not a real man are you? You're a pathetic, small dicked wimp who spends the night in spare rooms and closets while his Wife fucks real men. OK cuck, now's your chance. Come on puppy, hump your Mistress' leg."


My excitement was at its peak. As I mounted my Wife's leg She laughed at me. "I can't believe it. This is fucking priceless!" I didn't care what She said, I wanted this more than anything I can remember. Two strokes on her creamy smooth thigh and I was comming. It was THE most pleasurable and intense orgasm I've had. I kept comming and comming on my Wife's leg as I humped her for all I was worth. She laughed the whole time. While I was licking up my mess and thanking her over and over She told me that was one of the funniest things She had ever seen.


She picked up the phone and called her lover. "Hi honey. I just wanted to tell you... No he's not in the room with me. I just wanted to tell you what I did. I poured those two condoms you filled into a dog dish and made my husband lap it up." The both laughed. My Wife was almost in tears from laughing so hard. "And then I pissed in the bowl and he lapped that up too!" More laughter.


It finally dawned on me that her lover KNEW I was there. My Wife had told me that She told him that I was out of town. It turns out that my Wife told him I was in the spare room the whole time. That's why She didn't want him to say anything.


When they hung up (after She laughed through telling him how I humped Her leg and that I came in seconds), I said "He knew I was in there the whole time?"


"Yes. But he doesn't know that you know. This is the way it's going to be. He's going to know you're here when we are fucking. But we'll pretend you still don't know who's fucking your Wife. That way I can feed you fresh creampies and other neat treats without sneaking around. I just wish you were a little stronger and would just let him know you know he's fucking your Wife. He already knows you eat his cum. I can't see why you can't take the next step. Oh well, all in due time, my pretty."


I spent the rest of the day worshiping my Wife. She had a few more orgasms, but I'd have to wait two weeks for another one.





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