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Janey's Little Game


Last summer, I dated this girl Janey who was so mean.  I hooked up with her because I heard she was kind of loose, but she told me right away that she was trying to change her ways.  I spent two weeks dating her, the whole time I was in Florida, and the whole time, she would never let me get anywhere with her except for teasing.


She had really big boobs and she'd let me get in the back seat with her, make out with her and feel up her breasts.  She would take off her bra, but keep her shirt on and let me go crazy with my hands and finally my mouth, but that was all for the first week.


By the end of the second week, she was letting me go farther and farther.  She would arrange it so we could be alone in her dad's cabin and then we'd fool around for hours.  In the hot cabin, I could get her completely nude, her soft body was all mine to do whatever I wanted with.  She would let me strip down too, but only to my bathing suit.


I thought I could turn her on so bad that she'd finally give me some relief, but I never could.  She would frustrate me by telling me that she used to always give in to guys, but that this was a new Janey.  She wasn't a bimbo anymore.  But she sure looked like one to me, when I would peel off her little shorts and her little panties and she would moan like crazy.


The two of us in that hot little upstairs room, on her tiny bed, sweating and pumping together, me nearly naked and her completely naked.  I went down on her till she came, over and over, but she never did anything for me. 


She said maybe later, or that she wasn't sure yet, or that she didn't want to do it with a rubber.  Different excuses.


Finally, she knew it was our last day together.  She timed it so we only had a couple hours before my dad was supposed to pick me up at 6:00.  She said that today was my lucky day, but that we had to do it her way.


Her way meant she wanted to tie me to the bed, with rope.  My arms to the top posts and my legs to the bottom posts, then we'd play a little game and she would give me what I wanted.


So I had to go along.  She didn't even start the game till after I had made her cum a couple times with my mouth and my fingers.  Then, I was wearing nothing but my bathing suit and she told me to take it off before she tied me to the bedposts.  First my arms, then both legs, with some kind of clothesline.  It was snug and she said she'd done it before.


She'd done a lot before.  I could tell that just from how she kissed, and how she touched her fingers on my back all the times when we were fooling around.  Now I found out how sexy she was when she was in control.


We were both kind of sweaty from the upstairs heat, but she wanted even more, so she got out some baby oil and shot it on my chest, then on her chest.  She climbed on top of me and rubbed our chests together, her big boobs against me, her nipples against my nipples.  She brought them up near my face, but not close enough to my mouth.


Then, after all this time, she started admitting it.  "I love teasing you, Bobby.  I love to keep it just out of reach.  All this time, you got so horny every day and I just loved it.  But today I'm gonna tease your cock.  You ready for the game?"


Of course I was ready.  I hadn't jacked off for almost a week, since the last time I was alone at my cabin.  People were always around, so I just walked around with blue balls, hoping for chance to jack off real quick in an extra long shower.  My brothers didn't usually allow that while we were on vacation and I hadn't gotten any relief from Janey either, so you bet I was ready!


She pulled out an old deck of cards and shuffled them a little.  She said she would deal me a poker hand and all I had to was beat a pair.  We'd go through the whole deck and I'd get lots of chances, but if I could never beat a pair, I didn't get to cum!



The very first hand was a pair of sevens and she said how lucky I was on the very first try.  Then she used the baby oil to stroke my cock, playing with the top, giving me long strokes up and down and tickling the top extra a little each time. 


She kept telling me how lucky I was that I was good at cards and calling me a card shark.


Finally, when I was about to cum, she knew it somehow and stopped just in time.  "That's how I like to tease you.  I said you have to beat a pair, not just get a pair.  So poor baby doesn't get to cum."


She made pouty lips and told me she was sorry, but rules were rules.  The old Janey used to be a pushover, but the new one had to stick to the rules.  When some precum came out, she rubbed it on the side of my cock to get it even more slippery.


When I calmed down a little, she dealt again and this time the hand was nothing.  Queen high.  But she still took some baby oil and teased my cock some more.  "Don't worry, I won't ignore poor baby just cuz he doesn't have a pair.  I'm gonna tease you every round no matter what.  I'm gonna make it so you want to cum so bad.  I only hope by the end you get to, or else you know what."


"Blue balls."


She giggled.  "It used to be I would never give a guy blue balls.  I'd do anything to make a guy feel good, give him a blowjob or whatever.  And I'm really good at giving head.  I'd love to give you head, Bobby.  Would you like that?"


Of course I would, and I told her.  So she said I just needed to beat a pair and then "we'd see."  But the worst part was that she started opening her mouth like she was ready to give head and licking her lips and doing everything to show me how good she would be.


"I'm such a good cocksucker," she said.  "I could make you cum so quick in my mouth.  I could turn you on so bad."  There was more precum and this time she rubbed it on my stomach, mixing it in with the baby oil, and up to my nipples.


On the next round, I got nothing again.  Not even one pair.  This time, after she got me close to cumming, she slid down so I could slide my cock between her big tits.  With her boobs, she kept stroking me, but it was too light.  I couldn't cum and I think she knew it.


"Is this a good tease?" she asked.  "I'm learning to be a good tease, I think.  And I've got you right where I want you."  She crawled all the way up my body so her lips were right near mine and before she kissed me, she whispered "Blue balls."


She dealt me a few more hands before I finally even got another pair.  Each time, she got me harder and harder and each time, she left me with blue balls.  She kissed me so sweet and told me how much she loved doing this.  She said how she wanted to give me a blowjob, but that she had to stick by the rules, and the stack of cards was getting shorter.


She kept me sweaty and she also kept up with the oil, on my chest and on my cock and sliding up and down on me, but never letting me cum.  My balls were throbbing, but she just giggled.  To her, it was all fun cause she already came all she wanted to.  She wasn't gonna have sex with me, so it was just a game whether or not to get me off.


"We're running out of time and we're running out of cards," she said.  "I don't think poor Bobby is gonna cum today.  After all this time, mean old Janey isn't gonna get you off.  Not even once.  But I'm sure gonna give you something to remember me by.  Isn't that right?"


I told her I was never gonna forget her either way, but she said that's not how guys are.  The way to really get a guy to remember you was to give him terrible blue balls and send him home horny and frustrated.  I said that wasn't true, but she wasn't listening to me.


I could tell by the way she dealt the next hand, that there was only one left.  It was this one or the next or I was out of luck and right away I knew it wasn't this one.  She showed me a pair of aces.  And said I didn't get any special treatment for getting aces, just more of the same.  Long, slow strokes.  It didn't take as many to get me close to cumming and I couldn't fight it off.  She just teased it and stroked it and brought me to the edge and then stopped.


She held my cock by the base and waited.  And this time when she saw some precum, she leaned down and licked it off.  "I always swallow," she told me.  "If only I could swallow yours.  I guess this is the closest I'll get."


She just waited there and out came a little more precum.  She licked it off again.  I was so frustrated.  I could see how she was when she was a bimbo, licking off the cum and driving me crazy with her big boobs and baby oil and how sexy she was opening her mouth and everything.  But I wasn't getting any of it.  I had bad luck or something and now I wasn't gonna get anything.


Finally she said "Last deal."  This time, she took five cards and looked at them herself.  I could see there were only two left in the deck, so it was this or nothing.  As she looked at them, she smiled.


Then she said "You know what?  You're gonna get a little head!"


And she wasn't shy about it either.  I didn't see what the cards were, but I knew they must have been good because she crawled right down and opened her mouth wide.  My cock had baby oil on it, but she didn't care.  She just started sucking and she was right.  She was great with her mouth!


She could have made me cum in about five seconds, but instead she took her time.  She put on a big show, licking all over the head till I squirmed, then stroking me till I was starting to get close, then licking up and down the side, then stroking me some more.  


Finally, I was as hard as I was gonna be and she started giving me more and more of what I needed.  She kept my cock tingling by playing with the head, but at the same time, she gave me all the long strokes to get me closer and closer.  I was pretty sure it was time to cum, just a few more strokes, when suddenly she stopped and squeezed the head.


"What??"  I couldn't believe it.  I was close, but I wasn't that close!  And why'd she stop at all?


"Pair of jacks," she said.  "Pair of jacks don't get poor Bobby to cum."


I tried to protest, even though I knew the rules.  It wasn't fair.


"Ohh, poor baby.  At least I gave you a nice blowjob, didn't I?  Something to remember me by?"


And that was it!  It was almost 6:00 and she told me I'd better run down and jump in the lake if I didn't want my dad picking me up all smelling like baby oil.  She untied my hands, then ran out to get me a towel and some soap while I untied my legs by myself.


I was pissed, but I did what she said and headed down for the lake, wearing my bathing suit.  I jumped in and tried to splash the oil but it wouldn't come off.  After a minute, she ran down, in a t-shirt and shorts and threw me some soap.  She left my clothes and my towel on the shore.


In a few minutes, I was clean and cooled off and in a few more minutes, my dad was there, honking the horn to the station wagon.  


For our big goodbyes, she put on a show about being shy having my dad watch our final kiss.  It was a big wet one and then I got in the car.  She ran around to my dad's side and gave him a little peck and I'll bet he smelled the baby oil on her.


"Here's something to remember me by," she said and she gave me the final poker hand.  I looked at them as my dad drove away.  Three jacks!  That little bitch.


"She seems like a nice girl," my dad said.  Man, did I want to tell him to shut up!


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