Tease and Denial Stories









It was a night I wouldn't forget soon. It would change everything. It was a Friday. It started as many other "non-work evenings". On nights when we don't have to work the next day, we would occasionally have special, "play" nights. Our favorite (since it was my favorite, I assumed it was Lisa's too) was me licking my very sexy wife to a shuddering orgasm,


then we would cuddle while she recovered. After that, she would tease my cock for a while, until I, "couldn't stand it anymore" and then I'd get my orgasm. Usually Lisa on top of me, fucking me, but sometimes it would be a hand job or a blow job. In any case it usually happened when I said I couldn't stand any more of her teasing. Which was always long before it was true.

This particular Friday started out like any other play night. We had a nice dinner with some wine. Just enough to be mellow, but not smashed. About nine we headed to the bedroom and undressed. I lit a candle and turned out all the lights. After a few minutes of holding each other and kissing, I worked my tongue's way to her lovely twat. But, after I licked her to what was a much more intense orgasm than usual, and we cuddled for a long while, she did something I often ask for, but she rarely does. And this time I didn't even mention it. She asked me to get out the restraints. Long ago I'd rigged up a way for her to tie me to our king size bed. I made it so she could pull the rope loops out from under the mattress, and clip the wrist and ankle restraints to them. Once she had me comfortably, but very securely spread eagled, face up on the bed, things took a serious turn.



She didn't say anything at first, she just started slowly stroking my already very hard cock.


This part was normal. Then everything changed. While just brushing my cock very lightly, she said: "I was using your computer today, and I came across those web sites you tried to hide". I panicked so much that my cock wilted! "Whaat, er what do you mean?" I stuttered.

She started to stroke my cock again and didn't say anything until it was quite hard once more.


"Those orgasm denial sites you evidently frequent." "I found them in your favorites files" "What makes me so angry " she told me, "is not that you go there, but that you never were truly honest with me!" I didn't know what to say, so in true male idiocy I said, "I didn't think you would understand!" In simple female logic, she said, "So then why have you been trying to get me to do this for so long, without explaining it to me?"

I was speechless. "Don't bother to answer" she said, "you were afraid you couldn't take what it was you thought you wanted!" "And you were, right. I'm going to show you that now." "First let me tell you, I am pissed! Second, I'm going to give you the chance to have your fantasy lived out whenever I want, or never again. It will be up to you."

"I'm pissed, because you didn't trust me. It will be a lot of work for me to train you the way you think you want. So you only get one chance to choose. I think I know how it will end up." She said this final comment with an evil look that actually scared me!

All this time she had been touching and stroking my cock, ever so gently. It was drooling copious amounts of precum by now. "For the next 24 hours, you are going to be made to need to cum more than you ever have in your whole life, but you won't. Whether or not you get to cum at the end of it, depends on you."


"Let me give you the first example." With no further comment, she began to stroke my cock very, very slowly. Just barely enough friction to move me toward orgasm. This must have taken about 20 minutes, but finally I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls. I was thrusting and humping, and just about to cum when she started to do very short strokes just under the head. About ˝ inch long, driving me wild.


But too slow and loose to get me off. She finally started to increase both the intensity and speed until I was ready to shoot. All the while I was thrashing and begging her to finish me. I heard sounds come out of my mouth that I never imagined. Just as I started to scream "YES, YES" she stopped touching my cock and took hold of my balls. VERY gently massaging them. She did this for several minutes as I yelled, "NO, NO". She knows that when I'm very close to cuming, massaging my balls makes them ache, but isn't enough stimulation for me to cum.

Finally she stopped touching me all together. I said "Okay, you win. I can't take what I always thought I wanted." She stabbed me in the heart by saying, "We don't know that yet! You aren't even through the first hour, and I told you that this is a 24 hour test! On that point you have no choice."







She let me cool down for a few minutes while she went to get a glass of wine. By the time she returned I had begun to soften, but just slightly. "That will never do." she said smiling, "I want you constantly hard." She stuck her fingers in the wine and dripped several drops on my cock and balls. Then she began licking the drops off, one by one. She would just touch them with the tip of her tongue and flick them, until every one was gone and of course my cock was rock hard again. She set the wine aside and started to seriously suck my cock while again giving my balls a gentle finger massage. Now Lisa is an extraordinary cock sucker and can have me cuming in her talented mouth within a matter of minutes. What I was about to learn was that she could use that talent in another way too. To keep me almost cuming for a very long time. After only a short period of this I was once again on the very edge, but just before I could get off she would stop sucking and hold my cock by the base making it point straight up. Then she would pretend it was an ice cream cone and lick all around the head, then up the underside, then around the head again. All this done very, very slowly so as to keep me right on the edge, but not anything more.



By this time I was literally begging to cum, and uncontrollably thrusting my hips at thin air. I kept repeating over and over how badly I need to cum and begging her to finish me off. She finally paused with her mouth, but kept lightly running her fingers all over my cock and balls.


"Do you really need to come or do you just want to cum?" she asked with a little giggle. Naturally I insisted that I really needed to cum. She just kept stroking as she added "You know, this is really making me horny. So horny that its all I can do to keep from putting that rock hard cock deep in my pussy. But since you could never last long enough to satisfy me in your present condition, I have a better idea."

With that she slowly straddled my head with her legs and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. "If you do a good job, I might get distracted enough to make a mistake and push you over the edge." She then began to suck my cock once more.


That was all the encouraging that I needed. I attacked her clit with my tongue like a wild man. As I did she began to suck harder and faster. The closer I got, the more I tongued her clit and pussy.


The more I licked the more she sucked. In my crazed state I thought that it might really be true that she would lose her focus and make me cum. I did everything I could to make that happen. I was right at the verge of erupting (which I now realize she was absolutely aware of, in fact knowing that and the power she had I'm sure is what pushed her over the top) when she screamed in release and collapsed on the bed next to me. Leaving my cock just bobbing in the air, unattended.

I'm pretty sure I actually started to sob in frustration at this point. But Lisa was oblivious as she came down from her orgasmic high. She just laid there with her leg over my chest, her pussy right in my face and her head on my thigh just breathing on my cock. I could feel her breath on my crotch as if it were a blow torch. At the time I thought she was truly in her own world, but it was only my state of mind that didn't understand the sight and smell of her juicy cunt and her breathing right on my cock were totally calculated for the effect they were having.

Lisa slowly came back into the picture, mine not hers, I now realize. She looked at me with a very mischievous smile and said "you never really answered my question". I must admit, at this point I had no idea what she was talking about. I said so. "I asked you if you needed to cum or just wanted to" she replied. "Of course you immediately said yes, but that wasn't really an answer. So now, I'm asking you again; do you need to cum or just want to?" I replied that I definitely needed to. Here is another point where things changed. My mind was mush at this point, so of course I had no idea of where Lisa was coming from. But she hadn't just discovered my favorite sites earlier this day, she had known for quite some time, and had been intrigued enough to do some serious homework.







"Lisa, I've never needed to cum more in my whole life!" I exclaimed. She just smiled at me, then after a long pause she said "no, you've never WANTED to cum more, but we are now talking about need. I don't think you know the difference. You need to start to be honest with both of us, so I'm going to ask you a question that I want you to answer in a totally honest way. If you don't, we will both seriously regret it."

She paused for a long time. I had no idea what this was about. Finally she asked me "Joseph, you don't want me to stop teasing you do you? You want me to keep teasing you without letting you cum, right?" And then she stopped and waited for me to respond. I'll never know how long it took. It seemed like days, though I'm sure it was only minutes, maybe even only seconds. There was no other answer I could give. She had seen into my soul and she knew it. Finally I confessed, "Yes, I want you to keep teasing me. Please don't let me cum until you know I really can't take it any more." In the seconds that it took for me to say those words, we both knew our lives had permanently changed.

"Joseph, I wouldn't deserve your love and trust if I let you cum before you really need to. Or before I really want you to" she said with a grin that once again scared me. "Which ever comes last." And then she laughed out loud!

"Its getting late and I'm getting quite tired, but I'm very wet and horny again." With that Lisa once again lowered her moist lips to my face. My mind was numb, but I knew I must give her pleasure. I tried my best to give her the most intense orgasm ever. As I ministered to her sopping wet cunt, I realized that my rock hard rod, was getting even harder despite the fact that it had been some time since she had even touched it.

Throughout this licking, she never touched my cock. She just sat on my face and enjoyed.


It took a long time for her to get off. And she slumped down on me and held me after. Sleepily she said, "We are making progress here. You have come a long way (she started to giggle helplessly), well maybe not come, but made progress" she laughed "in any case, you have earned a final treat for the evening."

She reached over to the night stand and retrieved a bottle of baby oil. She dripped some on my semi-hard shaft. By now I knew cuming wasn't going to happen tonight, so I couldn't figure out the "treat". Lisa started stroking me. As she did she added more oil, so the lubrication was high and the friction was low. She gave me ten very firm, fast, full strokes.



"Do you remember the page in Joy of Sex that you dog eared?" she asked? Dr. Comfort says that a man can't stand more than about 10 minutes of "Slow Masturbation". I think more like 45 would be the right time, what do you think? I involuntarily groaned. "No, please" I begged, "Please don't do this."

She just smiled again, and poured a bit more oil on my cock. You already told me this is what you want. Ignoring my pleadings, she spent the next hour (she later told me how long this session was) giving my cock 10 hard, fast strokes alternating with 10 slow ones. Sometimes the slow ones would be hand over hand, from tip to base. Sometimes the opposite. When I got very close, Lisa would wrap her left hand around the shaft of my cock very firmly which would make the head bloat even more and turn a darker shade of purple. Then she would pour a bit more oil in her right palm and slowly and gently rotate her palm clockwise over the head, being sure to just graze the glans.


At the end of this session Lisa simply took my balls in her hand and held them. "OOOH, I think you really have a case of blue balls here." Then she giggled again and cuddled up next to me. She pulled the covers over us, draped her leg over my thigh, laid her forearm over my cock and sighed deeply. "I'm worn out" she said, "I need some rest." After a few minutes I thought she might have drifted off, but she stirred and whispered in my ear "Well babe, how do you feel after your first three hours, its just midnight you know." I groaned loudly. "Do you remember what I said about the end of the 24 hours?" I muttered that I wasn't sure I did (How could I?). "I said you MIGHT get to cum. It depends on you." Exhausted as I was, I nearly yelled asking what she was talking about. "Shh, its late and we need our sleep, tomorrow is a long day" was the only response I got.








She snuggled up next to me, her head on my shoulder, her leg over my thigh and her hand laying on my cock. At first she lightly drummed her fingers on my cock, but soon she had that relaxed non-movement of sleep. Her hand was still resting on my cock. Lisa is normally a very light sleeper, but I assumed she was tired out and would sleep very soundly for at least a while. I waited, making sure she would be deep asleep before I initiated my plan. In my current state, it wouldn't take much stimulation to get me off. I knew that just a few minutes of slowly humping myself against her palm would do it. Knowing how light a sleeper she is, I also knew I'd have to be very careful not to wake her up, no matter how tired she was. I waited what seemed like an eternity, and finally she was breathing very deep and regular. Slowly I started to thrust against her hand. I had to be sure to move as little as possible, but enough to effect my shaft being stroked. It wasn't easy, but it was working. I could feel myself building to an explosive orgasm. It would only take a few more strokes now. I was being very careful not to change my pace for fear (no terror) of waking Lisa. I couldn't have been more than a stroke or two away and she moved ever so slightly. Her hand slid down my shaft (which nearly made me cum all by itself) and her hand closed firmly but gently around my nuts. She squeezed ever so slightly and her head moved so her mouth was right next to my ear. First she licked my ear canal, then she whispered, "If you keep that up you'll never get any sleep"

She moved her head back to my shoulder and laid her hand on my thigh, well clear of my cock and balls. Soon she was sound asleep again. I was insane. After a while her hand was back on my cock. How it got there I don't even know. I tried my futile attempt to hump her hand twice more. With almost exactly the same results. The final attempt ended with Lisa stroking my cock slowly and firmly for about two minutes, one more time bringing me tantalizingly close to my desire. Then she simply stopped and said "If you don't stop that, I'm not going to give you any peace at all. Now take advantage of this rest period and try to sleep!"

I began to think that I'd better do as she said. I obviously was not going to be successful at getting my rocks off, and it began to occur to me that if I pushed too far, I'd end up with even bigger regrets than I already had.




I began to think that I'd better do as she said. I obviously was not going to be successful at getting my rocks off, and it began to occur to me that if I pushed too far, I'd end up with even bigger regrets than I already had.

I tried to relax. I slept very fitfully off and on the rest of the night. I had no sense of time and dozed and woke repeatedly. Every now and then Lisa would give my cock a short dose of stimulation, which had the effect of keeping me in an almost constant state of erection and my balls throbbing with a dull ache. When daylight started to show at the windows I felt wasted and exhausted, even though I knew I'd slept some, but clearly not much.

Lisa is usually a late sleeper on weekends and between the combination of several orgasms and staying up late, it was well after 9:00 when she finally stirred. I'd been wide awake for some time. However, given the expectation I held for the day, I was glad to delay its start as long as possible. Finally awake, Lisa went to her dresser and was getting something out of her drawer. I couldn't see what. She held it behind her as she came back to the bed. "I know that ultimately you will learn some self control" she said, "but if I turn you loose now, there is no way you will refrain from jerking off". I insisted that she was wrong, but of course she knew better! Finally she showed me what she had.

At first I didn't know what it was, but then I soon realized it was some kind of a cock-cage. Lisa was taking no chances. She place the cage over my fairly flaccid cock and my scrotum. The straps went around the top of each thigh, there was also a waist strap that went just above my butt. The straps were very snug and Kevlar type material that assured the only way to remove this device was to use the key (oh yes, there was a rather stout padlock holding the whole thing in place). Lisa assured me that the key was somewhere I'd never find it. The device wasn't particularly uncomfortable, in fact it was big enough I could probably get a near full erection before it would get tight, but there was absolutely no way I could get any stimulation to my cock.


"Here is how today is going to go. You are going to be completely naked all day. You are going to wear that cage except when you are restrained, which will be most of the time today. If you don't do exactly what I tell you, you will not be allowed to cum at the end of the day and while I'll have to let you remove this by Monday if you don't behave, you won't be getting any orgasms from me for at least a solid month. Do you understand?" "Yes" was the only possible response.

"Go fix us something to eat, you'll need your strength!"

I went straight to the kitchen and fixed us a breakfast of coffee and croissant with fresh fruit. I would have opted for bacon and eggs, but Lisa would much prefer this. It seemed smart to make any points I could. Her constant reference to the possibility of not getting to cum at the end of the day had my attention. I was determined to please her in every way I could so as to avoid that fate.

Other than the fact that I was sitting at the table completely naked except for my cock cage, this could have been a normal weekend morning, sitting at breakfast just chatting. Lisa was wearing a short silk robe, open enough to show her very ample cleavage, and the material is thin enough that her nipples poking sharply through it gave away her level of excitement not normally present at breakfast on a Saturday morning after a previous night of lovemaking. Lisa was obviously very turned on by the situation and thoroughly enjoying it all.

"I am so turned on that I'll never be able to concentrate if I don't cum first. So get over here and lick me, NOW!" Immediately I was on my knees at the dining room table, licking my wife's cunt for all I was worth.


My cock was straining against the cock cage. I focused all my attention to Lisa's impending orgasm and soon felt her thighs clasping my head as she shuddered and drenched my face in her juices. She tasted delicious and her aroma increased my ache to yet a higher level. Finally she slumped in the chair.

After a minute or two she told me to go get the wrist restraints from the bedroom. By the time I returned she seemed recovered. She had me turn around and she secured my wrists firmly together behind my back. That done, she left the room telling me to wait. She returned with the key and removed the cage. My cock sprang to full erection.



She grabbed it like a handle and we headed toward the bathroom.






Lisa adjusted the water temp and we both stepped into the large stall shower. She said nothing, just started soaping herself all over. Soon she was giving her tits a special cleaning, pinching and rolling her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, pulling them right at me. By the time she moved to her pussy, her nipples were sticking out further than I'd ever seen. She stared straight into my eyes and smiled as she worked her fingers in her cunt. I kept looking from her face to her crotch. Finally my eyes were glued to her hands as one held open her lips and the other pulled, twisted and stroked her clit. Before long she was moaning and cuming again. She sagged against the shower wall and let the water just flow over her.

In a minute she looked at me and said, "I can't believe how much this is turning me on! I haven't cum this much in years." It was true, since our very early days together I couldn't remember her cuming more than twice in a day. I'd lost track of how many times she had cum in the last 12 or so hours. I think she had too.

"Now its your turn" she announced. The look on my face must have been one of ecstasy because she immediately started laughing hard. "No, not to cum you idiot, to get clean!" With that she began to lather me up all over, shampoo, underarms, everywhere.except my cock or balls. She took every opportunity to rub her tits against me and gave special attention to my ass and thighs. Every once in a while she would brush my cock or balls with her arm or leg, but never really touch them.

"Almost done," she giggled "just a couple of more spots." My nipples were next, she lathered them well and then after rubbing them with the palm of her hand, then her finger tips and finally rolling them pinchingly with her thumb and forefinger, she flicked at them with her nails while she directed the water to rinse me.

"Only one thing left," she intoned, "you didn't think I'd ignore that did you?" I groaned, certain she wasn't going to ignore "that" but the show she had put on so far had me so close to the edge of orgasm without her having touched me there I was sure it would be agony when she finally did. I was right.


She began lathering up my scrotum. She gently soaped my balls over and over. Giving them her tortuous massage. The precum was again flowing steadily from the head of my cock and my balls truly ached.


"Please, Lisa, please! I'll do ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all, but please make me cum. I can't stand anymore!" I begged. "Oooh, I love hearing you beg like that, you don't have to stop." I didn't. I went on for about five minutes, giving it all that I had. Mostly repeating the same thing over and over. She just kept massaging my balls and saying nothing.

Finally she gave my cock a few slow strokes, lathering it. That was nearly enough to make me cum at this point. Then she stopped and looked me in the eyes. "Would you really do anything?" she asked, her tits rubbing my chest. My cock touching her belly. I almost screamed "Yes, anything." "Would you agree to letting me do this once every week if I let you cum now?" "YES" "How about twice a week." "YES" "Will you lick me off whenever I want" "YES" "Will you promise never to masturbate again, unless I tell you to?" "YES".

She went on like this for a little while, asking me if I would do more and more things that gave her control of both of our sex lives. She knew at this point I would say yes to anything, and I would have. Essentially I had agreed to let her completely control our sex life from now on.

"Okay" she said, and began to stroke my cock very slowly. I was delirious. I'd won. I'd have to let her control our sex life, but that wouldn't be so bad. I was going to get to cum, and right NOW!







I relaxed and just enjoyed her gentle strokes.


The cum was boiling in my balls now and just a few more strokes and I would explode. My balls tightened and just as I was about to erupt, Lisa stopped. "NO" I screamed, "you said okay. I promised I'd do anything."

"Peter, you didn't think I meant okay, you could cum now, did you?" she said with that evil grin she was wearing more often. I meant, okay, I'm going to let you do anything I want in order to earn your orgasm, so far you've just promised. It would be far too easy for you to change your mind after I make you cum. Besides its only noon and that means you have at least nine more hours. During those nine hours you will do ANYTHING I ask, or you won't cum then either. Is that clear?"

She didn't wait for an answer, she started to explain a new set of rules. I had to earn 100 points by 9:00 that night if I was to be allowed to cum. Points would be earned for doing things she directed and could be lost for "inappropriate" behavior or responses. As she dried us both off, she informed me that if I refused to do anything she thought of, the game was over and there would be no orgasm, period.

As she finished drying us both she smiled broadly and exclaimed "I know, at least 25 of the points will have to be your idea. Something I find exciting, but didn't think of myself." She seamed very enthused about this idea, too enthused I feared.

Lisa told me she was going to give me an easy assignment for the first one. Something I could build up some points with and get off to a good start. By now my cock had softened enough for her to put the cock cage back on, which she did. "I need to release your hands for this and I know that the temptation to masturbate is more than you can handle yet. I want a massage, a total body massage. 30 minutes and you earn 10 points, plus a 5 point bonus or penalty depending on how well you do."


She set a timer and laid face down on the bed. I started at her feet and did my very best. By the time I worked up her legs and began on her ass cheeks she was purring softly. Rubbing her tight white mounds while my cock was isolated from any stimulation was Hell. The slight restriction from the cage was making it impossible to mentally put aside the ache in my balls, yet I had to concentrate on the job at hand. I had to earn all 15 points, because I instinctively knew that it would get harder to accumulate points as the day went on..

When I had worked my way to her neck, Lisa flipped over and I started at her feet again. When I reached her crotch, I lingered on her pussy until it was quite wet and she was definitely responding. I then started to work my way up again, but put one knee between her legs in such a way as to maintain stimulation. By the time I got to her breasts she was humping my leg. I worked on her erect nipples a bit, but my 30 minutes was almost up and I knew I needed to return to her cunt if I were to earn maximum points. I was stoking her G spot and literally jacking off her swollen clit when she started her orgasmic shudder. Seconds later the timer went off. "YES" I screamed inside my head. She slumped, and relaxed, but the smile on her face was reassurance I had done well.

After a few minutes of recovery she told me I had done very well, In fact I'd earned 3 bonus points for the orgasm. However, I'd also received 4 penalty points for not allowing enough time for her tits, which I know she loves to have licked and massaged. She informed me that I needed to understand that earning 100 points wasn't going to be easy. "It is just after noon so you need another 91 points in less than eight hours." I obviously looked puzzled because I knew the 24 hours wasn't up until 9:00. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that you need to earn all the points before 8, because I have something very special in mind for your last hour.whether or not you've earned 100 points!" she grinned.

"Now I told you I was going to give you an easy start, and I have, you've earned 9 points in just 30 minutes and it wasn't even much of a challenge. This next one is going to be a bit tougher I'm afraid". The door to our bedroom is a large double door affair. Lisa had rigged up a way to tie me spread eagle in the doorway standing up, which she did.


I was facing into the room, quite unable to move. She wheeled up in her desk chair which put her face almost even with my stomach. As she removed the cock cage she explained our next "game".

"I'm going to put a clock where only I can see it" she began "Then I'm going to start massaging your balls. Oh, occasionally I might have to lick or touch your cock to keep you right on the edge of cuming, but I'm getting awfully good at telling just how much you can take without going over the edge, so you don't need to worry" she laughed. She finished the explanation by telling me that she would continue until I asked her to stop. I could say stop at any time and she would. Here is the diabolical part, the game started with the score minus 10, I would earn one point for every minute with a maximum score of plus 10, but I'd have to guess at the time. If I stopped too soon, I'd lose those valuable points, which she assured me were going to get harder and harder to earn. But if I went past the necessary 20 minutes, I'd be suffering for no additional gain as well as both wasting time and making the future games even more difficult to endure.

She set up the clock out of my view and began by sucking my cock deep and hard as she started the ball massage.



Almost immediately I was on the verge of cuming. In addition to making my ache nearly unbearable, this also had the effect of making it impossible for me to have any idea of time. I had never experienced frustration like this. All I could think about was cuming. My balls felt so full that I thought they might burst. And just as soon as Lisa could tell that she could give me the slightest amount of stimulation (and she was becoming an expert at that) she would give my cock a single stroke, or a lick, or even one fast suck.



The onslaught was non-stop. She never stopped massaging my balls for a second, but also stimulated my cock to the point that I was just on the verge of cuming the whole while.

Soon I realized I had no idea how long this had been going on, none! My balls ached so bad I thought I'd go insane. And she just kept massaging them. We could both feel them getting fuller and fuller. "I had no idea that it would turn me on this much to keep you frustrated like this" she said "God this is fun, I'm going to enjoy the rest of today more than I could have imagined!" She kept me within a single stroke of cuming, but never let up on the assault on my nuts. I knew I couldn't stop until I'd earned the 10 points, but I had no idea where I might be in the process. Finally I blurted out "STOP." I don't know why, I hadn't thought about the time, nothing. I just couldn't take any more. I could barely stand.

Lisa acted as if she just noticed I was there. "My, you certainly are leaking here" she giggled. That was an understatement. I was flowing precum like a leaky faucet. She put her index finger at the base of my cock and slowly ran it right up to my pee hole. Of course her finger was dripping my cum at that point. She held it up to my lips and said, "Suck." My hesitance was obvious. "Minus one point for being reluctant, I know you won't refuse, but how many points do you want to lose before you comply?" she said harshly. I immediately sucked her finger dry!

"My hands are a mess" she said. With that she held her hand in front of my face her fingers spread wide. Her message was obvious. I quickly started licking and sucking her fingers clean. I didn't want to lose any more points. As I licked her right hand she was gently massaging my cock with her left. Once I had thoroughly cleaned her right, she switched, as I cleaned her left the right was at my penis. Once again it was hard to concentrate as I was at the edge of orgasm. If I thrust or in anyway tried to increase the stimulation however, she would just stop until I was still. We went through this twice with each hand before she finally stopped.

By this point I could barely stand. My need to cum was unbelievable and my balls were so full it felt like black and blue balls was the right expression. I was beginning to think I'd never be able to make it until evening. Regaining a small amount of composure, I thought to ask "How long did I make it?" "You did very well actually, you lasted 24 minutes, I was very impressed" Lisa replied. Damn, I thought, that was sure a wasted four minutes. "Too bad you hesitated, you still only earned 9 points." I replied, somewhat whinny, "What about the hand licking, how many points was that worth?" "Why, none! Not everything you do earns points silly. Besides, if you don't stop whining you're going to lose another point!" With that I shut up.

While Lisa was putting my cock back in it's cage, she told me it was time to give my poor little penis a rest. Now, I was to come up with a challenge that I could do with the cage on. She warned me that if she considered it too easy, or if I gave it too many points, I would earn no points but would have to complete it anyway. I started to think.







I took a deep breath and started. I knew what I was about to suggest would be a true challenge, but I also knew that if I tried to wuss out I'd end up with no more points. It hadn't been all that long since Lisa's last orgasm, but it was very obvious that she was extremely turned on by this whole event, so I plunged ahead.

"How about if you leave on the cock cage and restrain my hands behind my back, then you lay on the bed and let me make you cum with just my mouth and tongue. If I can make you cum in five minutes or less I earn 10 points. For every minute over 5 you subtract one point. If it takes more than 15 minutes, I'll actually lose points" I pointed out, hoping she'd see that I was trying to play fair.

"Not bad" she said, "I'm so horny that whatever you did was going to have me cumming again! However, you've made it too easy. I can see you were trying though, so instead of going ahead, but not earning any points, I'm going to change it a bit. You need to know that this is the last time I'm going to do that today. You're going to have to push yourself further from now on or pay the price, clear?" "Yes" I replied.

"Okay, here's how its going to work. We'll do as you said except you are going to continue until I cum twice, no matter how long it takes. If you make me cum the first time within THREE minutes you earn the 10 points, for every minute the first one takes past 3, you lose a point. The second orgasm is an all or nothing bonus opportunity. If I cum twice in 15 minutes you'll earn a 5 point bonus. If the second one takes more than 15 minutes total, no points for that. Okay?" As if I had a choice.

I knew Lisa was very turned on, but this was going to be a huge challenge. I realized I would be lucky to earn any points at all, as I'm sure she did too. "At least let me use my hands too" I asked. "No way" she laughed, "that would be way to easy." I didn't agree, but knew enough not to push it.

Off to the bedroom we went. As she laid back on our bed, I tried for one more concession to make my task easier. "How about putting a couple of pillows under your butt, so I can really get at your pussy" "please!" I added. Somewhat to my surprise, she agreed.

When she was comfortably ready, she glanced at the bedside clock. "Its 20 after, GO!" she said. Quickly I was attacking her pussy with my tongue. She was already quite wet, so in almost no time at all her clit was swollen and I began to lick, suck and nibble on it, frantic to bring her to orgasm within the three minutes.


I could feel her responding. She was making soft moaning sounds, but I could also tell she was trying to hold back. She wanted this to take as long as possible. Her juices were flowing freely. Obviously I was as horny and turned on as I'd ever been in my entire life. The sight, smell and taste of her were making me even crazier. In spite of everything, I was loving this. By now she was squirming, I could tell she was getting very close, but she was also fighting it. Her cunt wanted to cum, but the tension in her leg muscles gave evidence of her resistance. I continued my ministrations to her clit without the slightest pause. Finally it was too much for her. Holding back had pent up an orgasm that exploded. My face was drenched as she let out a scream!. Her body quivered for quite some time.

I quickly looked at the clock - 1:28 read the red numbers. I'd only earned 5 points, but I still had a chance to earn the 5 bonus points. I was sure that after holding back she would be very sensitive and I figured by continuing to strongly stimulate her clit before she could calm down, I could bring her to a second orgasm quickly. And that is exactly what I started to do. I could tell the sensations were very intense. I know her body well enough to know that she was overly sensitive at this point and while I could push her to a second climax, she would have much preferred I slow way down and lick her whole pussy avoiding her clit for a while and slowly coming back to it gently, so she could build up to an even stronger one this time. But that would definitely take more than the time remaining.


In spite of that, I soon realized that was exactly what I was doing. I was sticking my tongue deep inside her and licking her pussy walls. Only occasionally to lick between her lips and just graze her clit. Suddenly it didn't matter if I earned the points, only that I give her the most pleasure I could. My head was swimming, I didn't understand the decision I'd just made, in fact I hadn't really made a decision at all, I was just consumed with giving Lisa all the pleasure I could. Nothing else mattered.

Well it worked, it was 1:45 when she came again, and it was the most shattering orgasm I'd ever seen her have. Afterwards, I realized it was a combination of the purely physical PLUS the knowledge of the power she now held over me.

It took quite some time for her to recover, and this time I didn't think she was stretching it out for my sake, she was momentarily sated. "Wow, that was spectacular" she finally said, "It's a shame you only got five points for that." In spite of everything else, she had kept track of the time I noted. "You know you could have pushed me much faster the second time, probably fast enough to earn the bonus points. Why didn't you?" I hesitated. "Come on, why?" she insisted. "Because it was more important to give you pleasure, and I knew you'd enjoy it more that way." I said somewhat sheepishly. "That's really sweet" she said, meaning it. "Just to show you I'm not a total bitch" ,she said smiling broadly, "I'm going to give you 3 of the bonus points anyway, just don't think I'll make a habit of being this generous."

My jaw ached and my tongue was nearly raw, but amazingly I was happy. Lisa undid my hands and told me to go wash up and then meet her in the kitchen. She had a light snack fixed for us when I arrived. "Sit down and relax for a bit, have something to eat and drink. You need a break." I did as she suggested, but was soon starting to fidget. It was after two and I still needed over 70 more points in less than six hours.

As if reading my mind, she said "Relax, you really do need a break, and you'll have plenty of time to get to 100. In fact, you'll really like what's coming next. Opps" she giggled, "Sorry!" "Well, you'll like the points part, the other part is going to be very frustrating for you, the most frustrating yet, I'm afraid. But I'm going to love it! I've been planning it for a while." Further evidence she had planned this weekend well in advance. I chose to say nothing. "I'll explain in a few minutes. Finish your drink and I'll get you set." I actually started to shake at the idea of "the most frustrating yet." What the Hell could that mean?







She directed me into our den. The furniture in this room is very large, heavy wood framed leather. She told me to lay on the floor with my head and shoulders propped up on some pillows right in front of the large couch. Before laying down however, she'd had me help her move the easy chair into a place facing the couch but only about four feet away. It didn't take long before I realized why, but I still had no idea what she had in mind. Once I was positioned, she secured my wrists to the legs on the couch. My legs were forced wide apart by the presences of the chair and once she secured my ankles to the back legs of it, I was quite immobile. That accomplished, she removed the cock cage. The furniture was far to heavy for me to move, except possibly I could push the chair around a few inches, but what would be the point. My arms were held straight out from my shoulders and my legs spread very wide. I felt quite vulnerable and my cock and balls were very exposed.


I was sure that was the point, but I was becoming very curious as to what was she was going to do next. Lisa asked if I was comfortable. I answered honestly that I was. In fact it was a position I could probably stay in for quite a while before it bothered me. It would turn out that was a good thing.

"For 45 minutes I am going to torment you. At first it will be very pleasurable, but you can be sure I won't let you cum and it will become very frustrating very fast. You can beg, in fact I'd like that, it turns me on to hear it, and you can plead. You can do whatever you want, but you won't be able to stop it. I'm going to drive you wild for 45 non-stop minutes. The good news for you is that you're going to get 20 points for it. No bonuses, but no penalties either, since there isn't anything you can do one way or the other. So you see, by 3:00 you'll be almost half way there and you'll still have five hours left for us to play" The grin on her face was unbelievable. I'd never seen her look so mischievous. "Well, I'd better go get ready now. Wait right here" she giggled.

She was gone about 10 minutes. When she returned, I must had gasped rather loudly. "So you like?" She had on a pair of lace topped stockings. The lace was pink, the perfect color to set off her hair and complexion, the stockings themselves were "nude" a slightly tan color that contrasted with her milky white skin in an amazing way. They were supported by a frilly pink lace garter belt. A matching pair of pink lace panties and bra comprised the rest of her outfit. The whole ensemble was something I'd given her as a gift from Victoria's Secret several years before. I hadn't seen it on her in a very long time, I didn't even know she still had them. The sight of her in this outfit literally took my breath away. Since I'd had a while to rest, my cock was almost fully soft, the sight of Lisa changed that immediately.







"Mmm, I see you do. In spite of the wonderful orgasms you've given me, and you really have done a splendid job, I need to relax for a while. I'm going for a glass of Chardonnay, do you want to come with me, opps, sorry again!"

She returned with a glass of wine and a book. What the Hell is going on, I wondered? I soon found out. Lisa sat in the chair, which now meant I couldn't move it at all, even if I wanted to. She started reading her book and sipping her wine, and acting as if I wasn't even there. That didn't last long, at least not from my perspective. I don't have a foot fetish, but I do love the feel of silk against any part of me, especially my cock. Very soon her foot was resting on my cock. She began to slide it up and down my shaft, putting only a small amount of pressure on my organ.


She put the ball of her foot at the base of my cock and then slid it up until it slid over the glans and off the very tip. This meant her arch was now resting over the length of my cock and her heel pushing gently on my balls. At this point she started to roll my cock from side to side. She kept this up for a while and then her toes went to work on my cock head. Soon she slid her toes back down the shaft and started to massage my balls with them.


It was as Lisa had foretold, it was very pleasurable at first, but in a very short time, given my state caused by last night and today, I was on the verge of cumming once again. Lisa varied the stimulation. She would use one foot, then the other and then she would use both at once, for example she would trap my shaft between her arches and slowly stroke up and down.




The combination of the silky stocking and the fact that he space between her feet was big enough that my cock was just lightly pressured, was keeping me constantly stimulated, but it wasn't sufficient to push me over to orgasm. I was beginning to think I would literally go mad.

Even though she seemed to be paying no attention to me at all, Lisa was once again as good as her word. She had me on the edge of cumming the whole while, but never quite enough to finish. She would somehow know when she had to take a break, but it was always very short and she would quickly be back at it just as soon as I calmed down even the slightest. I was soon begging for relief. Again swearing I'd do ANYTHING if she would just let me cum. I was moaning a lot too.

Suddenly the phone rang. Much to my amazement, Lisa picked up the cordless phone sitting on the table next to her. Before she pushed the Talk button she looked at me and while smiling, said "If you aren't quiet while I'm on the phone, you WILL lose points."

"Hello KATHY, I haven't talked to you in forever, how are you?" All the while, her feet never skipped a beat.

Let me tell you about Kathy. My wife Lisa is quite a good looking, well built woman. However, Kathy is something else again. Centerfold good looks. Victoria's Secret catalog material, need I go on? In any case, she is almost as tall as me (I'm 5'11") about 5'8" or 9", she is slender, but has a GREAT body. Tight ass; large, firm tits; longish blond hair, blue eyes that you can melt in. Very beautiful face, long slender fingers, the kind of muscular legs that look sculpted. You get the idea, she is drop dead gorgeous. A definite head turner. The kind of woman that men, me included, have fantasies about.

While Lisa's feet were busy with my cock, she was having the most average conversation with Kathy, in fact I was barely paying any attention to it under the circumstances. I was mostly concerned with staying quiet, which was no small feat (no pun intended). I did hear her ask Kathy if she could hold for a minute.

"I know how you fantasize about Kathy, should I inviter her over to join us?" Lisa asked with a smile. "God NO, absolutely not, please don't do that!" First, I'd never said what I thought about Kathy, but wives obviously can tell these things, second, I never would have considered that Lisa would follow through on such a thing, but then in the last 24 hours I'd come to realize that Lisa was still much more of a mystery to me than I'd thought. She just giggled and said "Don't worry, I'm not going to do that this time, besides I want you all to myself today."

"This time" I thought? Still doing a number with her feet, Lisa returned to the phone.


"Sorry, I had to check on the meat" she started. "Oh just hanging around the house, not doing much. Having a relaxing weekend so far. Actually, I'm being a bit of a cock tease, I started last night doing little things to get Peter hot. You know brushing against him, dressing a little sexy. By tonight I imagine he'll really be in the mood. Some day soon, maybe I'll fill you in on the details. Okay, lets do it soon. Gotta run now, bye." My god did Lisa have a talent for understatement. I couldn't believe the conversation she had just had with Kathy. Frankly, it scared me.

"Well, time's up" Lisa announced. "That 45 minutes just flew by, didn't it" she smiled. She mentioned that I'd made a mess of her stockings and proceeded to put on an amazing show of sliding her ass to the front of the chair and rolling down each stocking very sexily. As she did this I had a direct view of her lace clad snatch and could see the very moist spot there too.

I think you need to clean up this mess since you caused it. She then drove me more insane by slowly slipping her panties off and tossing them over my face. With that she strolled out of the room, giving me a beautiful view of her naked ass as she left. "I'll be back" she voiced over her shoulder as she left.







Lisa had been gone for quite a while, when she returned it was obvious she had freshened up. She had put on a heavy dose of my favorite perfume. And was wearing a pink cashmere sweater and nothing else. It was just long enough to cover her ass cheeks and it was unbuttoned as far as possible without her tits falling all the way out, though it was such a fine material that her nipples created two peaks that were clearly visible.

She'd been gone long enough that I was mostly soft again, so she quickly replaced the cage. Lisa released me and then she picked up the stockings and panties she had been wearing and handed them to me. Your next task is to hand wash these. She sent me straight to the laundry sink to begin. As I worked, she came up behind me and leaned against my back. Rubbing her tits on me through the incredibly soft wool. She also reached around and started playing with my nipples.

"Hurry up and finish those, you're using up valuable time. Its four o'clock and you still need over 50 points. I'm afraid you aren't going to make it." I nearly started to cry, "Please, don't do this, I can't stand it. I'll work harder, anything, PLEASE, just give me a chance to earn the points, please." I was reduced to frantic begging.

"Calm down" she said, "I'll give you the opportunity to still get to 100, but it is going to get much harder from now on. Here is what we're going to do." Lisa went on to inform me that she was getting so high from playing with my cock and balls and frustrating me so much, that from now until 8:00, she was going to do increasingly maddening things to me. Things that would make the foot episode seem like a break. (I knew that was impossible, but I didn't doubt that she hadn't reach her capacity for driving me wild.) "For you to reach 100 points, we're going to have to be at it almost non-stop though. Oh, don't worry too much, I give you regular breaks" she paused, then went on "so I can sit on your face and relieve MY tension. It probably won't help your situation much, but those are the breaks" she giggled. "Oh yeah, don't forget you need to contribute some ideas of your own. I'd be thinking if I were you, and you won't make it unless they are really good!"

"Now, we better get started or you'll run out of time, what's next. I know!" she exclaimed.

We were soon back in the bedroom, with me once again spread eagle on the bed. Lisa began another long, torturously slow blow job. It started out as good, solid, wet blow job of deep slow strokes, taking almost all of my cock on each down stroke.


Naturally it was no time at all before I was on the edge again. Once there Lisa held me there with a variety of techniques. She was relentless, never backing off more than a fraction, just enough to keep me from cumming, but never enough to stop the twitching and throbbing of being "right there". She licked my balls and even took them in her mouth and sucked on them.



This was even worse than the ball massages she had given me earlier. She would lick slowly up the underside giving a special attention of tongue flicks to that most sensitive spot just under the head. She would swirl her tongue around and around the head, occasionally taking the tip of it and wiping a drop of precum right out of my pee hole. She would gently bite the head all over, scraping her teeth over the most sensitive spots.

There was never a let up, never a chance to recover even slightly. She constantly changed the stimulation and went through all her tricks over and over, but in a different order each time. I completely lost of all sense of time. I was simply crazy. True to her word, this was the most frustrating scene yet. The notion that Lisa intended to make each new session "better" than the last was incomprehensible, but I no longer doubted that she both could and would. I moaned and begged and thrashed and carried on. I knew it would do no good, but I couldn't help it. I begged her over and over to finish me. The more I exhibited my agony the more excited Lisa became.

Also true to her word, I got short breaks every so often, how often I have no idea. During those breaks, Lisa would straddle my face and nearly smother me with her cunt as I made her cum. I swear each one was more powerful than the last.

During the next few hours I lost track of almost everything. I do remember that one of my "suggestions" had me giving her back door a thorough tongue worshiping including a virtual session of anal intercourse with my tongue as a phallus. All during this she was position so as to be able to continue stimulating my cock and balls, which she did non-stop.

By the time we started the final session of this three hour marathon (although I didn't know at the time that it was to be the final, nor did I have any idea how long we had been at it since my last real break) my jaw was aching and my tongue was nearly numb from the numerous times Lisa had used my face as a fleshy vibrator.


Once again Lisa proved to be a woman of her word. This last session was definitely even more difficult for me than any of the earlier ones. She started what was to be 60 non-stop minutes of slow masturbation (discussed earlier in Part 3). Only this time she added several new innovations. For starters she was using some kind of lubricant that while quite soothing to my nearly raw dick, reduced the friction so substantially that her strokes were far less efficient at moving me closer to orgasm. Of course they didn't let me recover at all either. Bother influences were exactly as she planned. Consequently she was able to perform the 10 fast firm strokes more often. She also developed a method of doing a large number of very, very slow strokes of just my shaft with one hand while the other well lubricated hand would rotate and rotate as if on a slippery doorknob, first the head of my cock then on my balls. Alternating back and forth, back and forth while the slow stokes of my shaft continued uninterrupted for an eternity. Then more of the fast firm strokes.

Every time I thought I had reached a limit beyond which it was impossible to feel more stimulation and more frustration without cumming, Lisa proved able to push me to yet another level. When she stopped, I didn't even realize she had for a moment. Blue balls doesn't remotely begin to describe what I was feeling. My scrotum felt (and looked for all I know) like a very ripe tomato, with the skin stretched so tight that the slightest touch would cause it to explode. My balls felt as if they must be at least twice their normal size, again perhaps they really were.


It was almost 7:00. Just one hour to go until "the final hour". I still needed 10 more points to reach 100. "You still have to come up with one last idea" Lisa pointed out. "You'd better make it very good, because otherwise you will have to endure my best hour of teasing yet - knowing there will be no relief at the end!" My mind was screaming, what could I suggest that she would agree was worth the ten points. I knew one aspect that she would love, but wasn't sure I could do it, however if I didn't come up with something good enough the consequences were too much to bear! I decided to explain my plan and preyed it was good enough.

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