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For old times sake



 "Maybe this time, Baby... think so? Maybe this time?" she purred into my ear, taunting me. Helpless to move, I could only listen and whimper anxiously, so close to cumming for so long, yet held captive at the very brink of release. Softly her hands slid up my thigh, cupping my balls briefly before she ran her fingertip up the length of my shaft. Pausing at the tip, she swirled her finger in the pre-cum gathered there, and softly purred, "Is this for me?"


My thoughts raced back over the past hours, tracing my steps, and how I had been led into my predicament. It had started as a walk down memory lane, a "goodbye" if you will, that had taken an abrupt turn once I had surrendered. We had dated for over two years, but drifted apart as time passed and other relationships arose. Now she was being transferred to another town, so we made a date to have a drink "for old times sake". My S.O. was out of town, so I was free to have a drink and see if the flames were as strong as I remembered. She was the quiet type, shyly playing her role as ?the girl next door". What people didn't know was that she was an animal when aroused, and our sex had always been intensely sprinkled with bondage and teasing, among other more extreme games.

After a few drinks, we had left my car at the restaurant and gone back to my place for coffee (and a bit more, I was hoping). It was odd being a passenger in a car with her again, as normally with everyone else I drove. Once we gotten there, I had poured drinks and we sat quietly on the couch. Laughing and talking, she had slowly drawn me closer and closer to her with her intoxicating scent. Kissing softly, then deeply, she subtly maintained her distance, while bringing my hunger higher and higher. Stopping and looking into my eyes, she softly traced my lips with her fingertip and asked me, "Do you remember how I used to tease you, how I used to make your body tremble for my touch?" Nodding my assent, she murmured, "good.. I should hope so... would you like just another taste of my delicious wickedness?" At this point, she took her index finger and traced it softly over the bulge in my pants, gently swirling and circling on the head. I was putty in her hands as I cleared my throat and said, "yes, please". Looking intently at me again, she took my chin in her hands and asked me, "Baby, are you sure? This won't be like the other times.. I want to give you something you will really remember.". As I nodded my head, she smiled, giggling a little as if to herself. "I'll be right back, wait here" she said, as she rose and went quickly to her car. She returned carrying our old ?toy bag", and opening it briefly, she removed the black silk scarf I remembered so well, and tight it gently around my head. "Sit' she said, pushing me back down on the couch.



I heard her moving about, intriguing rustles and jingles as she looked in her bag, then silence as she went to the bedroom. Returning a few minutes later, she took my wrist, leading me into the room. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then my pants, slipping them down until I was standing in my underwear. Her index finger again found the head tenting in my shorts, and she tickled just behind the glans softly. Again she asked, "Baby, are you sure?" Even as I nodded, she was pushing me back on the bed, her hunger now showing a bit. As I started to stretch out on my back, I heard her firm voice tell me, "No baby, on your hands and knees.. You remember how I like it...'


Shivering, I assumed the position, and felt her wrap the restraints around my wrists. Her hands quickly took the waistband of my drawers, and I lifted my knees to allow her to remove them. My ankles were then treated to the same restraints, securing me in the four-point position I remembered so well.

I heard the sound of duct tape coming off a roll, and jumped. Laying her hand on my thigh, she softly "shhhhh'd" me, and wrapped the duct tape around the Velcro restraints, to be ?sure'. I felt her climb on the bed behind me, her hands gently spreading my legs so she could attach the silk cord around my balls. Pulling it back, she tied it off to the footboard. Her soft hands then found my neck, slipping the collar around it, buckling it secure, and then wrapping the leash around the footboard. Helplessly secured in the 6-point position, I could move neither forward no back, nor do much beyond arching my back. It was then I felt chills run up my back as I heard her softly giggling. I felt her hot breath on my ear as she whispered, "do you know how many nights I thought of you like this? Helpless to be teased, as only I know how to do... This is going to be a long night, baby" she said, collapsing in giggles. I tested my bonds, pulling against what I knew would not give an inch. In many sessions, she had learned the best way to secure me completely.

Softly running her hands over my back, down my sides, to my groin, she softly touched just the head, swirling the slickness of my own arousal on the sensitive skin.


Making a circle with her fingers, she started slowly running it up and down my shaft, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. She paused for just a second, and when her hand returned it was slick with some type of lubricant. Driving me closer and closer to launch, her breath on my back, I grew dizzy with the excitement. Then suddenly, as I was about to cum, her hands flew off my dazed cock. Twitching helplessly, unable to go over, I groaned in frustration. "Baby,' she purred, "don't even think you are going to cum yet. Didn't I promise you a night to remember?" I felt her hand slide up the back of my thigh, gently coming to rest just below my balls. Her other hand softly stroked my nipples, making them sing in arousal. Giggling, she asked, "did you really think I was going to let you cum that quick?" she giggled, "just think! We have a whole night of torment in store for you"

As my arousal subsided, she softly took me in her hand again. Stroking me softly, up and down the length, my breathing quickly grew ragged as my orgasm grew closer. Licking my ear, her hot breath sending shivers up my spine, she asked the question that I was to hear many, many times that night. "Do you think I'll let you cum this time, baby? Hmmm? Do you??"




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