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Julie has been training me for several months now and she has me at the point where I'll do just about anything she wants. Last night, she took me to the drive-in where they were showing an erotic film. She tied my hands to the steering wheel of the car, unzipped my pants, and began playing with me while forcing me to watch the show.


Every time I was ready to come, she would stop playing with me and smile as she watched the pained expression of my face. My hands were tied so I couldn't relieve myself and she certainly wasn't going to give me any help. After several minutes of this, I was begging for relief. I told Julie I would do anything she wanted if she would let me come. She just smiled and resumed teasing me.

By the time the movie ended, I was on the verge of going mad. Julie released my hands from the steering wheel, tied them behind me, and then drove us back to her apartment. Once there, I was embarrassed to find her roommate, Jill, and Jill's boyfriend, Bob. As Julie pulled me into the room with a raging hard-on and with my hands still tied behind me, I flushed with humiliation. Julie said, "He's so horny that I had to tie his hands to keep him from jerking off." All three of them just laughed. Julie continued, "He says he is so horny that he will do anything if I will let him come. Any suggestions?"

Jill smiled and winked at Bob. Let's tie him to the coffee table and I'll show you a few things that will just drive him wild. What is the last thing he would normally do?" Julie thought a moment and then said, "Let's make him suck cock." Jill said, "No, let's make him suck cock that doesn't want to be sucked. If he wants to come so bad, he has to earn it. Tie him to the coffee table and I'll show you what I mean."

With that, they tied me to the coffee table on my back with my head hanging off one

end. Jill took my rigid hard-on in her hand, curled her fingers around the top of the shaft and placed her thumb on the underside, just below the head, as though attempting to forestall an imminent ejaculation. She began moving her thumb back and forth and the sensation was wild. Before I knew it, I was ready to come. Jill felt my impending release and just squeezed her thumb and forefingers to suppress it. I was getting a good case of blue balls but could do nothing about it.


Jill showed Julie her little trick then took Bob into the bedroom. Julie, taking up where Jill had left off, continued to bring me to the brink of climax and then deny me relief. Each time I begged for relief she would laugh, asking what I would do for a good come. "Anything," I would whimper.

"Suck a cock?" she would ask. I would whine no and she would repeat the treatment again until finally I agreed to do whatever she wanted me to.

After twenty minutes Jill and Bob returned from the bedroom, both of them naked and flushed. Jill asked Julie, "You have taught him to eat pussy, haven't you? So we can ease him into cock." Jill came over to me and sat on my chest, her pussy just inches from my face. "Lover, you're in bad shape and the only way you are going to get relief is to do as we say. You know that I have just fucked Bob and have his come in my

pussy. Why don't you suck my pussy?" I began sucking Jill's cunt, flicking my tongue over her clit. As she began to come, I could taste Bob's semen as it oozed from her love hold into my mouth. She grabbed my head and pulled it tight against her pussy.



When she recovered, she pulled Bob over next to me.

"Now for the big text. You know that I just fucked Bob dry," Jill said, "so he is not going to be an easy suck for you. You are going to have to really use your tongue to get him hard and then give him a real sucking to get him off. If you don't, we are going to take turns playing our little game with you." With that, she replaced Julie's fingers with her own and pressed her thumb hard against the underside of my cock. "Bob, get on your knees next to him," she said to her boyfriend. "Bill, start sucking Bob or I'll drive you crazy with my little torment. Julie, get the camera. We will want to remember this for some time to come."

I had no choice but to obey and I began to suck Bob's cock. Julie got all the action on film, being sure to get close ups of Bob shooting come all over my face.



 Then, finally, I was permitted to come.




It was an experience I will never forget and one which, I must admit, was deliciously humiliating.

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