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There I was, on my back, tied spread eagle to her bedposts. Her soft hand with its long delicate fingers was gently stroking my throbbing cock.


She had been doing this to me for over an hour now, never building the rhythm up to the point where my ejaculation would begin, just gently stroking and talking to me. Whenever it looked like I was getting too excited she would simply stop for a minute or two, and then resume my torture. "You want to cum, don't you boy?" she asked. She had no idea! I wanted to cum more than anything at that point! All I could do was nod my head and moan. This seemed to amuse her, and she laughed wickedly and said, "Oh, no boy! Not now! Not ever! That's right, you heard me correctly. Not ever! You will never be allowed to cum again! You are my slave now, and what used to be used for your pleasure is now mine and will be used for my pleasure only! Your cock is now my cock. Your are merely its caretaker. Take good care of it for me, boy." She continued to stroke me saying,


"After I have trained you to withstand extra long periods of stimulation without ejaculating, I will begin to use it for my pleasure. You will then be instructed to fill my cock with blood so that it becomes nice and erect for me to mount. I will then ride my new toy for as long as I please and until I achieve as many orgasms as I desire. You will lay there on your back and fix your eyes on my beauty and learn to derive your pleasure vicariously through me! You will have no need to cum. When you see me in the throws of delectation you will become me, and will be transported to nirvana!"

Wow! I had never had a women talk to me like that in my entire life and I was absolutely floored by her words. Her dominant attitude alone made me want to cum, but that hope was dashed as she ceased her stroking, saying "That's enough training for now. In a little while I'll give you some more." It took about ten minutes, but my cock finally wilted and when it did she fitted me up with a chastity devise. "Oh, and another thing, boy," she said as she locked the chastity tube in place,


"no playing with my cock. Is that clear?" She then released me from my bonds and told me to get up. "If you need to use the toilet," she said, "I suggest you go now. But return here as soon as you are through." I went to the bathroom and relieved myself. When I returned, she was sitting in an armchair with her legs splayed. "Come here, boy." she commanded. I walked up to her and stopped. "Closer." she said. I stood directly between her spread legs and she slipped her index and middle fingers up under the head of my cock that was protruding from the chastity tube and gripped it between them. She then began to slowly stroke the topside of the head with the pad of her thumb in a small circling motion. Instantly


my cock wanted to grow but was prevented from full erection by the chastity tube. This caused the head to come very swollen and super sensitive. As she stroked the head with her thumb she seemed very amused with my agony and gave me a very wicked smile. She continued this torture while further lecturing me on the duties that would be required of me as her sex slave. I would not only be required to provide her with an erection whenever she wanted it, but I would have to perform cunnilingus and analingus on her whenever she desired, as well. When she finished her lecture, I was ordered back onto the bed and once again tied in the spread eagle position. The chastity devise was removed and the next thing I knew she was stroking my cock again.


This time she was using the tips of her very long dark red nails to do the job. "Do you like my nails?" she asked. "I try so hard to keep them pretty for you." Using just the very tips of the nails on her index fingers, she slowly stroked the length of my shaft, from its base all the way to the tip of the head. Needless to say, I was soon in agony and begging her to take me to ejaculation. "Oh, no boy!" she teased, "Have you already forgotten what I just told you? There will be NO cuming for you! Watch me carefully as I tease you. Fix your eyes on my beauty. Enjoy the look of my pretty nails as they trace the length of your shaft. Feel the enjoyment that I'm feeling right now. Learn to take pleasure in MY pleasure and forget about your own. You are MY slave now. Your only reason for being is to please Me. Learn to do that!"

This torture continued for the rest of the afternoon, then a brief respite for nourishment and I was back on the bed again, being teased on and off for the rest of the evening. The next day was more of the same, and so were all of the days that followed until I was completely broken. I now accept my status as her sex slave. I know that I will never cum again but that doesn't matter to me any more for she was right. I now derive my pleasure from seeing her in ecstasy. Whenever she desires now, she will simply say. "Fill my cock with blood, boy, I want to use it." She has conditioned me to the point that the mere stating of these words will cause "her" cock to become erect. She will then smile and say, "Such a good boy!" and mount me. I will then gaze upon her beauty as she rides "her" cock to orgasm and takes us both into ecstasy! And no, I will not cum. No matter how long or how gloriously she rides me. I will simply watch her and become her in my mind. And when she cums, I will indeed be in nirvana!

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