Tease and Denial Stories







This evening was pure torment, Julia constantly playing and teasing between my

legs. I have been here for a while that is certain, because she comes in and

plays with me every so often.

I suppose I should have guessed something like this was going to happen when she

had me dress in a thick cotton tee shirt and white socks and nothing else.

Imagine laying on a bed with your legs spread wide in just an old tee shirt and

socks and having your girlfriend toy with your cock, being told not to move, not

to make a sound.....and being slowly masturbated, tickled, stroked, squeezed and

teased for hours.

At one point she even closed all the drapes, lit a candle so I could just barely

see, and then paraded around the room in a pretty boned leather corset, pvc

thigh highs, and some wicked high heels. God was I straining to see that, she

knows what those fetish costumes do to me.....

All that a prelude to having my balls massaged for about 30 minutes with warm

oils and then wrapped in a warm cloth and teasing my cock head in to one of

those male jack off tubes with the little pneumatic pumps bulbs....playing me

like i was some type of muscial instrument for about an hour.

Or like that wasn't embarrassing enough, earlier, to sit at the table for lunch

with my cock and balls exposed and in her plain view. She put a cock ring on me

and got me pretty erection jetting out in front of me.


After lunch she had me laying on my back on the bed, my hands tied at my side,

and my legs tied to the posts at the end of the bed. Pretty much dark in that

room....and me, no cover, just a small towel draped over my crotch.

I hear her coming down the hall now, and she is talking and laughing with

someone....another female voice. God, she didn't. Not one of her girlfriends.

The door opens and julia and another girl, becky I heard her say, enter the

room. I should have guessed. I have seen this girl somewhere, but, I can't

excatly place her right now.

She doesn't waste anytime and walks right over to the bed and folds the towel

back, exposing my cock and balls to becky's eager gaze.

"This is my boyfriend I told you about." Julia smiles. She knows she has me now,

knows all about those private fantasies i whispered to weakness for

the female hand....I didn't think she would....

"Say hi to becky..." Becky is looking right at me, no embarrassment on her part.

They are even dressed to slay me. Short dark tight skirts, with a narrow high

slit up the front, starch white blouses, black patterned hose, shinny black

heels that must be four or five inches high.



They had pulled their hair back, giving them a somewhat stern, prim look. I

swallowed hard as I glanced down at their hands. Lacey black wrist length


"He has these ridiculous idea about about that silly little thing between his

legs there becky, always wanted to put it in something....he can be quite a

bother if I don't keep him well milked" Julia said with a little smile playing

across her lush lips.

"Simply ridiculous...." becky repeats...looking down at my limp cock...."doesn't

look too imposing now though, does it....."

" feel free to examine him too becky. He is well hung when hard..though he may

act like he has no love for'll see in just one minute....he becomes

quite lewd with a little handling from a female hand...don't you?"

Becky and Julia sit down on the oppoisite sides of the bed. Crossing their legs

and letting a shoe dangle off their foot, their short skirts pull up their legs,

revealing two sets of shinny sheer stockings, high enough i could see the little

brocade pattern enbedded across the top of the stocking panels...They havn't

missed a thing for this have they?

Julia reaches over like she owns my thing and lifts the end of my cock, just

under the head, on two fingers and bounces it up and down a little.

She takes just the head of my penis and stretches it out, holding the head up

against my belly with two fingers and starts to tickle my now hardening shaft

with her fingers, decending down till her fingers are playing across the front

of my ball sac.

Still holding my penis with two fingers and stretched up against my belly, she

rubs the heel of her palm up slowly all along the length of my cock, making

little circle patterns on the underside of my shaft as her palm heel works its

way up to my captured cock head, then starting at the base again, repeats her




I'm starting to respond now, as much as it embarrasses me in front of this girl

I don't know...

"I play with him like this quite often... keep his cock ready for my hand

sometimes for the whole weekend. It keeps me amused. It galls him sometimes to

have to cum repeatedly in my pretty little hands instead of my mouth or my

bottom like he would like to. But, I can get him to do almost anything for me if

I play with him for a bit... can't I you like it when julia

plays with your cock for you.....milking all your juice, spilling yourself all

over my cruel hands.... you like being julia's little cock toy


It would be an understatement to say I was caught. I was getting hard as a rock,

like I always do when julia subjected me to a masturbation session and teases


Julia cups my balls in her open palm. I remember this morning,

julia played with me. Gave me a very long and intense jack off session. Told me

to close my eyes just as I was building to an orgasm. It felt so

wonderful.....till..just as i was starting to spurt, she pulls her hand away "

we can't have that yet now can we, sweetheart......" I always love how she has

such a caring sweet voice as she teases my cock and balls.

" I think all boys should be milked like this often Julia" becky purrs..."to

keep that thing under control...other wise they get sooo bossy."

Julia feels my penis slowly twitch as becky was speaking in such a sexy little

bitch voice. She didn't miss that, I was sure.

Julia lets my hard cock rest on the inside of her open palm, closing her hand

and squeezing the shaft from time to time as she listens to becky talk....


Julia started stroking me hard now with repeated upward motions. She would sweep

all the way from the base of his hard cock to the top with a very snug grip, and

then just let the cock go, watching as it plopped back against his belly, then

grasp it again and give another quick firm brusk upward stroke.

"Oh, the boy at the place I imagined... he was being watched that he didn't get

all hard all the time, or heaven forbid spurt off on something. "

"The thing is Miss Julia, there are girls who would like to play around with

what ever boy was in there that day. They, or I guess. me too...would do things

to him get them in trouble."


"See, he wouldn't be allowed to ejaculate, until later, by the lady in charge."

"We'd toy with them when the directoress wasn't in the room. Maybe give him some

looks at our under panties... or we'd play games with hiis poor little

cock....hold it, and rub it,

back and forth, or rub lotion on our hands while he had to stand there and then

frig his penis in front of all the girls....just pump his cock up and down and

caress his little tight ball sac."

"Oh you could just imagine how he would twist around and bite his lips and ask

us to stop and try to pull his cock away from our hands.....trying not to spurt


"It would be very amusing. Sooner of later someone's hands would work that poor

cock too much and he would groan and moan in anguish and his cum would spurt off

all down his leg or on some piece of furniture"

God what a little minx she was...a cute innocent little cruel masturbatrix with

cockteasing just gushing out of that all american face.

Becky watched as julia rolled and fiddled with my obviously aroused penis in

front of her.

Julia ran her thumb pad held firm up the underside of the shaft, using her other

hand to squeeze hard at the base, trapping my blood in my now fully erect penis

and sending a little shiver of sensation thru my groin. My cock pulsed a couple

of times and Julia smiled.

"If only more girls understood easily led men really are by these

few inches of skin.... " Julia said as she shook my cock back and forth.

She grips my now very erect organ and works her fist up and down the entire

length of my shaft. She is frigging me hard now, making my balls bounce up and

down in motion with her hand.

Julia pumped me up and down for a while, and then held my cock at its base and

moved the entire shaft from side to side and back and forth like she was driving

a stick shift on a car, bringing little mews of delight from becky. Becky was

leaning froward mow, her hand resting casually on my upper thigh as she watched

julia manipulate my blood engorged cock.

Occassionally she would let my cock go entirely, and as it rose from my belly,

would use the tips of her fingers held together to slap the sides of it, back

and forth between here two open hands.

Becky seemed to enjoy that....clasping her hands together and bending forward ,

wiggling her little skirt encased bottom slightly on the bed, her eyes wide and

little sounds of mirth escaping from her lips.

Julia started again to gently masturbate me, wrapping her fingers around my

shaft and pumping me up and down.

Twice she brought me to the brink of orgasm, only to stop and wait till the

crisis had passed. I'm sure I looked quite amusing to them, my hard cock

straining and twitching in the hips starting an involuntary pumping as

i tried unsuccessfully to fuck in to something, in to the air.

The girls would giggle at my lewd pumping action, point their fingers at my cock

and make comments to tease me about how bad I needed to cum, how full my balls

must be getting, and teasing me about how it is sooo mean of them to play with

me like that and not let me shoot my nasty stuff all over...

Julia releases my cock and bids becky to try her hand at this amusing sport.

Becky grips me and starts up immediately up and down .


"Do you want me to let you shoot all that nasty goo over my hand?" ....becky

askes on her best little girl voice... "would that feel good ....what would you

for us if we let you you like this......are you going to spurt on my

hand you nasty little thing..."

becky was working me fast now and I was pumpimg my hips up and down in tune with

her head turned to the side, my mouth parted, my brerathing ragged.

I could feel my balls jiggling up and down with the motion of her

arousal starting to reach a fevered pitch.

Here I was laying bound and very helpless in my bed, my cock being pumped by

some young girl I hardly knew, my girlfriend sitting on the other side of me



" I think he's gonna squirt now Miss Julia...." becky says. "His cock head is

getting bigger and look at how his balls are all tight in their little pouch."

"Oh, you better not cum young man..."

Julia reached her hand under my balls and let them rest on her open palm. She

rubbed her thumb lightly across the front of my balls as becky contiunued to

pump my cock up and down in a delibrate and strong pace.

" Shame on you wicked thing." Miss Julia taunts me. "The very idea that

you would soil becky's hand with your spurting" Julia smiles.....

Becky apparently gets excited by this, because she tightens her little girl fist

around my cock and pulls it quickly.....squeezing hard on the down strock and

releasing just a little as her delicate little fingers glide back up over my

engorged shaft.

Julia wasn't helping my control either. She had shifted on the bed and had both

her hands at work on my tight balls.

I start to tense up and can feel both girls eyes are glued to my swelled cock.

"You better behave yourself young man.." julia said in her most mocking

authoratative voice...

My cock head twitches, and becky pulls hard on a downward stroke. Julia grips

the skin under my balls tight and holds my ball sac... the first gob of sperm

arcs out of my cock head and flies into the air, landing back on becky's

pistoning hand.

She pumps me up and down in short tight strokes just below my cock head, as

julia holds my ball sac, and starts to roll my balls in her hand.

I shoot again and can barely hear becky saying "..oh, you naughty naughty little



 I didn't care...I was lost was only making me even hotter to hear her

soft little girl bitch voice chastise me as i dumped my load all over her hand.

She pumped me off and told me I was naughty...I shot again, my warm sperm

leaving a trail of lust across julia upturned wrist...

"nasty young man."...I hear julia faintly as I spurt another jolt of goo.

"naughty boy"

I feel becky holding my cock up straight and she starts at the bottom of my

shaft and in one deliberate motion, with her whole hand wrapped around my

pulsating rod...squeezes hard and slowly up, as julia squeezes my ball sac and

pushes up slowly.....together milking the last drops of my will from my drained


" Do you think you join us for dinner later this evening becky....." julia is

asking as I close my eyes and sink back in to the soft matress...." we have so

many plans to make...".

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