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Merciless Mistress Jude


As of Tuesday morning I find that I am still recovering from my weekend ordeal.

Those of you who have read any of my past postings will be aware that the

weekend is Mistress Jude's favourite and most creative time. As a teacher of

adult students she exercises her authority from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. On the

weekend she exercises the power of female over male. I am her lucky weekend toy.

Mistress Jude is a tall woman in her forties, quite attractively thin who firmly

believes in female superiority. "You have a penis. Your penis makes you weak",

she has told me on many an occassion. She has proven this week after week and I

am helpless when she utilizes her feminine wiles.

This weekend found me arriving at Mistress Jude's apartment where I was informed

that her friend Deb, had at long last expressed an interest in participating in

the games that make me a sex toy to Jude. "Females are superior to males", I was

reminded, "And with that in mind I expect full obedience both to me and to Deb

this weekend." I acknowledged her order.

I stripped off my clothes as my Mistress sat in her chair in front of me. Once I

was fully disrobed Mistress Jude reached her soft hand over and using only her

fingertips, she grabbed the head of my penis and gently directed me towards her.


"Would you like a lick to start of the weekend my little toy?" "Yes please

Mistress Jude" I replied as my tool began to stiffen in her hand.

She leaned forward and softly circled her tongue around the ridge of my

cockhead. I moaned gratefully. She looked up at me to smile at her easy victory.

I was enslaved for the weekend with one lick.


"I am going to bring you very close to an orgasm and then stop. This will remind

you of how weak the male is under the hand of a woman. I will take the very

thing that males crave most from a woman and make it your greatest torture.

Would you like that my little toy?" "Yes Mistress." With that Mistress Jude

reached to the side of her chair, grabbed a bottle of baby oil and squeezed some

out into her hand. Her hand slid loosely over the head of my cock. Softly and


slowly she brought my cock to throbbing madness. "Would my little toy like to

come?," she cooed. "Yes Mistress. Please let me come." "How long has it been

since I have allowed you any release?" "It has been two weeks since my last

ejaculation, Mistress," I responded. Her handiwork, her patronizing tone of

voice and the fact that it had been two weeks since my last orgasm all

contributed to my cock getting ready to erupt within a matter of a couple of

minutes. Mistress Jude could sense this impending ejaculation and changed from

pumping my cock slowly to using only her first finger on the underside of my

glans. She was driving me crazy but I knew that I would never come from this

light sensation alone. "Please Mistress Jude, I will follow all orders

absolutely, just let me come."


"Oooo, my poor little man. All hard and ready to

burst just from one woman's fingertip." She stopped her tip tickling. "Get on

your knees and show me that you acknowledge female superiority. Kiss my feet in

submission to my womanhood!" I dropped to my knees and worshipped this goddess'


feet without shame. She was a female, she could control me with my cock. After a

few minutes of my abasing myself at her feet she instructed me to rub my still

hard penis between her soles. I grabbed an ottoman and gently placed her feet

upon it. I edged up to her beautifully pedicured soles and began to rub my

baby-oil soaked cock between her insteps. "Slowly", she ordered. I stroked my


penis between her feet in what must have been an ultimate picture of female

superiority; male humiliating himself at the feet of a female who sat laughing

as this bastardization of the sex act. Again as I approached an orgasm Mistress

Jude simply separated her feet and left me gasping and my cock twitching in the

empty air. "Two denials already and Deb has not even arrived yet. Your balls are

going to feel like mush by the time Sunday night arrives."

Mistress Jude smiled evily as she grabbed my quivering penis and led me to

another room.

Mistress Jude lead me by the cock over to her large dining room table. "Lie down

on the table." she issued. My throbbing hard penis pulsed in absolute openness

as I laid back onto the hard wood table. Mistress Jude flicked my cock with her

fingers and laughed as it bobbed back and forth. From her cupboard she pulled a

few straps which she regularly used to restrain me. Her expertise in this area

was apparent as I found myself strapped to her table completely immobilized


within a few minutes. "I'm going to have to test these bonds a little bit before

Deb arrives to make sure that your wriggling doesn't embarass me. Are you ready

for me to tease torture you again my little toy?" My swollen member had finally

began to subside a little bit and I had recovered my senses well enough to not

want to be brought almost to orgasm and denied again. I knew that there was a

terribly long and torturous ordeal to be faced over the next two days and I

hoped to be spared another denial before Deb's arrival. "Please Mistress, have

mercy on me. I promise full obedience to you and Deb if you allow me a release.

I beg you."

I knew that she would never show any mercy this early on and she proved me to be

right as she began once again her cock-tickling torments. My erection returned

within seconds of her touch and much to her delight there was still a sufficient

amount of lubrication from the baby oil she had tormented me with earlier. There

I was, spread eagle on her table as she pulled up a chair and began a light

manipulation over just the crown of my penis. "Tell me that you're my slave."

"I'm you're slave, Mistress Jude." "Tell me which sex is the superior sex."

"Women are superior to men, Mistress Jude." "You know that I am going to bring

your penis very, very close to orgasm and then stop, don't you. I enjoy stroking

just the end because I know that it drives you frantic but I also know that it

won't quite get you off. Your penis is what makes you a male so I will make you

beg for me to make your penis suffer. This teasing will further illustrate that

I, a woman, have complete control over your ultimate pleasure as a man. It is my

choice to give you that pleasure or withhold it from you." I was sweating

profusely by now as her expert hands slid and squeezed my glans slowly to the

point of near orgasm and held me there on the brink. "I know that you're getting

close. I want you to show me how much you like to a have female own you


sexually, how much you need to suffer at my hands. Beg with me to stop rubbing

your cockhead so that your orgasm with be denied." "Please Mistress Jude stop

and leave me hanging on the edge of release. I beg you to make me suffer. I

worship at your feet and seek only to be of use to your whims."

Mistress Jude let her hand slide off my glans. Tears of frustration streamed

from my eyes and I was still clenching my fists in absolute need as the doorbell


Deb had at last arrived. My ordeal was only now really to begin.


Tied spread-eagle to the table as I was, I strained my head upward to try to

catch a glimpse of Mistress Jude and her friend Deb. I could hear them talking

down the hallway. It was not the giggling of two overly excited little girls but

rather a conversation between two mature women about subject matter other than

the fact that there was a helpless man tied naked with a straining erection to

Jude's dining room table. This struck me as the scary part. I realized that

despite having never participating in a teasing & torture session with us

before, Deb was quite calm and in no rush to take care of my sexual needs.

The two women walked casually into the dining room area. "Look at that cock..."

Deb mentioned, "...It's still rock hard and he's been alone for almost five

minutes. What kind of torment have you been putting this poor man's penis

through?" she finished in mock pity. She sauntered over and using only her thumb

and first two fingers squeezed my cockhead a few times. Jude watched in silent

amusement at the foot of the table. "Would the little boy like for Ms. Debbie to

tickle his penis for a while?" She stared me right in the eyes as she asked me.

I was frantically horny. I had never suffered for two women before and the

psychological element of absolute inferiority and helplessness was making my

cock bob with my pulse. I nodded. "You do know that I am going to leave you

hanging just as you get close to orgasm, don't you? Jude and I have planned for

you to suffer a very severe case of blue balls. I want you to tell me why I can

do this to you. If you answer really well I will bring you so close to release

that you'll think that your balls are going to explode when I stop." I was in

another state of mind at this point and to make matters worse, Mistress Jude had

circled around to the head of the table, sat down and kicked her legs up on the

table with one foot on each side of my face. Her soft soles on my cheeks worked

on my uncontrollable foot fetish while Ms. Debbie continued to lightly knead my


penis head. I was fully owned by these two women. "Please Ms. Debbie, torture my

penis for your amusement. I am a male and my penis makes me weak. I am a slave

to all women and wish only to suffer at your hands. I thank you Mistress Jude

for allowing me to feel your beautiful feet on my face as I am subjected to

feminine wiles." It sounds ridiculous to believe that I actually said these

things but as I said I was in a state of absolute sexual frustration at the

time. It was , as they say, my cock talking. "Very nice my little toy", I heard

Mistress Jude say from above my head, "I want you to lick my feet as a sign of

total submission as Deb works your penis over" And so the torment began. I

turned my head from side to side as Mistress Jude commanded to run my tongue

over her deliciously soft insteps as Ms. Deb licked my cockhead for lubrication

and rubbed her small fist over my shaft and glans very slowly. There was a clock

in the room and through my sexual haze I was amazed at the complete control Ms.

Deb had over my penis. Her slow stroking kept me edging closer to orgasm all the

time without really getting me to the edge for over forty minutes. I was

sweating and moaning constantly in total frustration pleading for her to allow

me release. "I think it's almost time to move on to something new, don't you

Jude?" "Yes", replied my Mistress. With that Ms. Debbie sped up her stroking of

my penis but lightened her grip. This caused her strokes to only softly attain

friction around the rim of my cockhead. As I gained in levels towards orgasm

Mistress Jude ordered insistently for me to continue licking her feet. I lapped

without pride at a woman's soles as Ms. Deb stroked me closer, closer, closer

and stopped dead only a stroke or two from relief. The two women laughed as I

arched my back well off the table and groaned loadly in absolute frustration.


"Well that was fun. What do you say you take a turn Jude?' "Absolutely." Jude

replied, "After all he is MY toy. I'll go get the hair bands and the feather I

've been telling you about." With that, Mistress Jude leaned over and planted a

full open mouthed kiss on my lips. It was a kiss that sent shivers right down to

my penis. I was literally seeing stars from my frustration at this point and it

was pure reflex to fololw her lips up as she began to pull away. It was a kiss

of enslavement that tortured me almost as much as Ms. Deb's teasing.



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