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During the four and a half years before being married to Sarah, I had no idea of her sexually dominant nature.  Our sex life was what you could consider to be normal but looking back there were a few clues that perhaps I should have picked up on.  


Her favourite routine consisted of prolonged foreplay, which was completely one-sided.  Without touching or kissing me or showing any sign of affection towards me she would have me start by kissing her neck whilst laid on her front then working my way down her beautiful long body kissing and licking every inch of her back, rounded ass, long legs and feet until she turned over.  Working my way up from her shapely feet to the tops of her thighs she would firmly pull my head with both hands up towards her perfect breasts for me to lick and slurp them like a baby.  When she was ready, she would push my head down towards her neatly trimmed blonde bush for me to expertly service her with my tongue. 


At each climax she would deny me the pleasure of hearing her moan in ecstasy and the only indication of her orgasm would be the presence of both hands pulling harder at the back of my head causing my nose to mash painfully on her mons venus, a tightening of her tummy muscles, twitching of her clitoris and restrained short breaths.  During all this time my dick would be painfully hard with the only stimulation being occasional contact with her smooth long legs or feet which she would instantly pull wider apart once she realised that my dick was touching her.  After giving her at least 3 massive orgasms she would either scissor her legs and quickly turn over saying she was tired thus leaving me completely frustrated or she would have me lie on my back whilst she mounted my chest with her legs either side of my torso and bracing herself with her arms either side of my neck, but only being in contact with me where she had to with her inner thighs and her clitoris which she would rub up and down on my chest increasing in speed and hardness until she reached yet another orgasm.  


Whilst doing this she would show no emotion on her beautiful face except for a slightly evil smirk as she looked at my expression of pleading frustration.  After using my chest she would slowly move down my body until the very tip of my swollen cock barely touched the sopping wet lips of her vagina where she would stop without moving. 


If I so much as twitched a muscle while she was in this position, she would climb off me, turn over and go to sleep.  If I passed this test she would simply say "well?" which was my instruction to position my dick upright with my hand so that the swollen tip was in between the folds of her labia. At this point she would realise that it would not take much for me to shoot my load as every slight touch now seemed to be heightened by the previous frustration and denial of pleasure.  The feeling of the tip of my dick encased between her cunt lips would cause my rock hard member to twitch uncontrollably. 


She would then slowly lower herself onto my pole until inch by inch it was buried all the way to the hilt.  At this point she would again stop and watch my face as it contorted with pleasure from the feeling of my dick encased in her tight warm and wet vagina. 


After a while she would move her pelvis backwards and forwards, in this way she could achieve stimulation of her clitoris against my pelvic bone, whereas I only felt the pleasure of the tightness of her cunt around my dick.  I would long for her to move up and down on my shaft to relieve the pressure in my balls with a mind shattering climax which would hose spunk deep into her.  Only after rocking backwards and forwards impaled on my dick until she reached yet another orgasm would she then slowly move up and down my pole.  She would watch my face as the overwhelming build up to a stupendous climax washed over me increasing in intensity until she would feel my dick swell and twitch at the point just before my seed erupted from it when she would swiftly lift herself off it so that my dick slapped on my belly spewing spunk all over my chest while she lowered herself so that while it continued to erupt my dick would be between my stomach and her cunt lips. 


She would watch me with that evil smile on her face as I screamed in frustration at not being able to cum inside her.  Before the last convulsion wracked through me she would dismount and turn over leaving me to clean up the mess on my chest with a tissue before subsiding into a fitful sleep.



I have never seen Sarah looking so drop dead gorgeous as she did on the day of our wedding.  She was wearing her normally straight blonde hair in ringlets and curls with a pretty floral headband.  Her dress was dark pink, off the shoulder with the tip of the ?v' of her plunging neckline ending at her midriff which exposed a large amount of her beautifully formed breasts.  Although tastefully long, there was a split up the side of the silky slender dress which ended at the top of her thigh so that when she walked the tops of her silk stockings and garter could be clearly seen by everyone.


My life changed forever on our wedding day.  We had booked the bridal suite of the hotel where the reception was held, a number of family and guests were also staying at the hotel. After the meal, my new bride said that she wanted to change for the evening do and told me that I ought to do the same.  Once inside the room her attitude changed, she looked at me sternly and said "take off your clothes and lie on the bed with your hands behind your head, no touching yourself".  Thinking I was in for a treat I did as I was told quickly while she went to the bathroom. 


When she came out of the bathroom my mouth dropped open at the sight of my sexy new bride dressed only in her silk panties, stockings, suspenders, blue garter and high heel shoes.  She was holding something in her hands but I couldn't see what it was as it was hidden behind her back.  She stalked over to the bed and knelt on it by my side.  "Close your eyes" she commanded.  I obeyed and felt her hands gripping my wrists and pulling them upwards from behind my head.  The next thing I felt was something cold and metal around my wrists and then I heard the clicks.  At first I thought she was attaching some sort of bracelets as a wedding present but when I heard the clicks I realised that they were handcuffs.  I immediately opened my eyes and in a flash she pulled the cuff of my right hand and attached the other end of it to the wooden headboard of the four poster bed.  While my brain was trying to comprehend what was happening she took hold of the cuff on my left hand and did the same to that. 

Before the realisation of what she was doing dawned on me she raised her hand and slapped me viciously on the cheek "that was for disobeying me. 


I didn't tell you to open your eyes you pathetic twat".  I tried to free my hands but it was no use.  Sarah went to her suitcase and brought out two leather cuffs with dog clips which she attached to each ankle then returning to the case she produced a length of rope which she attached to one cuff, tied it off on the bedpost and did the same with the other.  Straining my neck and pulling at the bonds I was bound spreadeagled to the bed.  She straddled my waist so that the tip of my penis was barely touching her silk panties covering her arse which I don't think she realised.  She continued "Now that I have your undivided attention, I'm going to tell you how it's going to be from now on.  Forget what the priest said about all that love, honour and obey crap, as far as I'm concerned anyway.  For your part you will obey me without question or the punishment will be cruel and severe.  Your dick no longer belongs to you, it's mine to use as and when I please.  If you cum without my permission you will wish you were never born.  With me so far wimp?" and again she slapped me hard across the other cheek. 



I stammered "yyes, nnnoo, I don't know Sarah, this is all so" SLAP her hand smacked hard onto my cheek "shut the fuck up you piece of shit, I'll tell you what to think and do from now on".  During this time, incredibly my dick was becoming hard, I still don't know whether it was from the light brushing of her silk panties as she moved or the unexpected turn of events.  She noticed it all the same as my dick now fully erect twitched in between her silk encased buttocks.  Sarah quickly got off my waist and smiled "well, well.  It looks like you accept the terms, I knew it would be easy but I'm afraid you've got a lot of training and harsh lessons to learn which I can assure you will be very painful".  With that she gently took hold of the base of my shaft causing me to take a sharp breath at the unexpected sensation. 


Looking straight at my face she slowly increased the pressure squeezing my dick harder and harder watching the expression on my face change to one of pain as her nails dug into the sensitive flesh, then she suddenly withdrew her hand.  Sarah leaned over from the side of the bed so that the nipple of her left breast barely grazed my shoulder as she whispered in my ear "the thought of hearing you scream, beg and plead with me as I inflict whatever degrading punishment on you I feel like doing at any time is making me sooo horny.  In fact we'll start your training right now".


Sarah climbed onto the bed and positioned herself so she laid flat on top of me with the length of my cock resting between her soft thighs and the crotch of her panties.  The feeling of her laid on top of me was fantastic after all these years of minimal contact with her beautiful body and as she squirmed her crotch and tensed her thighs around my dick I thought I was in heaven. 


If this is what she meant, I could live with it.  Sarah nuzzled up to my ear and bit my earlobe and between clenched teeth she whispered "your cock's mine, I control it remember what I said about not cumming without my permission?"  Sarah continued her sexy gyration around my dick which was triggering off uncontrollable sensations.  I tried to stop myself from the approaching orgasm as I knew something bad would happen, but the more I thought about it the more intense the feelings of her gripping soft thighs and the soft silkiness of her cunt moving up and down and around my penis grew.  I was moaning softly "Sarah please, I'm going to cum, please give me permission to cum, pleeeeesse"  Sarah just increased the grip of her soft thighs and the movement of her hips as she whispered "erm, no, you'll have to be a good boy and wait" as she continued nibbling and biting my ear.  The sensations were too much, there was no way on this earth I could hold back as I felt the sperm rising from my balls I moaned louder "Pleeeese Sarah, let me cum noooooww". She continued while I fought a losing battle, I let out a scream "nooooooo" as my cock erupted it's first gushing spurt onto the silk panties as her thighs continued their tensing and her silken crotch moved around my penis to draw spurt after spurt out of my violently erupting cock.


I could tell Sarah had a powerful orgasm as well by her short breathing and glazed eyes.  She slowed down her movements as my cock spasms grew less and finally stopped after my balls had been drained completely and emptied onto her silk panties.  "Bad, bad boy.  That's gonna cost ya big time" she said as she climbed off me and removed her sodden cum soaked panties. Sarah stood by the side of the bed twirling the panties in her hand

as she said "I gave you a simple instruction not to come without my permission you worthless toe rag.  You disobeyed me so you will be punished"



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