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Cathy's Toy.


Part 1

Nothing gets me hotter than watching a man beg and plead a woman to let him cum.

I discovered and perfected the art of teasing when I was in college. Its amazing

how the biggest and strongest of men turn to jelly when you have complete

control of their cock and balls. To earn his right to cum, a man will do

anything, and everything you tell him to.

I was in a sorority in a Midwestern Big 10 school. There were nine of us girls

sharing one big house. When summer of my junior year came, everyone went home

except one other girl and myself. I stayed to attend some summer courses and

Becky stayed to work and enjoy the summer. Becky and I had grown pretty close

and were delighted to have each others company for the summer. Becky is a total

knockout. She stands just barely 5' tall with long black hair, small waist and

large breasts. She also has an ass and legs that men would kill to touch. Her

light brown tanned skin makes her easily the prettiest girl I've ever seen.

Becky and I were the same age, but I always felt like she was my big sister. She

always seemed so in control and never let her stunning looks go to her head.

Of course Becky had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was defensive captain of the

football team. He stood easily 6'2 and had well sculpted body. I often envied

Becky for having such a gorgeous man. My man wasn't too bad either. He was

staying on the East Coast this summer but was flying in to be with me in mid

August. He had an internship and I was starting to really miss him.

Summer classes started and I awoke early. I threw on a pair of jean shorts and a

light cotton blouse and hurried off to class. Before I left, Jim showed up and

met Becky in the kitchen. The 3 of us talked while we sipped coffee. I told

Becky I would be gone all afternoon with classes and stuff. With that, I hurried

out the door, fearing I would be late. When I got to the classroom, I noticed a

note on the closed room door. The teacher was out and class would be delayed

until Thursday morning. Elated, I figured I would drop my books off at home and

catch some sun at the lake.

I got home and set my books on the kitchen table. I could hear some moaning

coming from Becky's room and giggled as I quietly went to my room, which was

right next to Becky's, to change into my swimsuit. Her door was open and when I

approached, the moaning got louder. I then realized the moaning was coming from

Jim, and it was more like pleading, than moaning! Curiosity got the best of me

and I peeked through her open door to see what was going on. What I saw kept me

wide eyed and riveted to the spot. Jim was naked and blindfolded, tied spread

eagle to her queen sized bed. She sat in a chair next to the bed and was running

her left foot all around his stomach and chest as she forced him to suck on the

toes of her right foot. Becky was still fully dressed except for one stocking,

which she had tied around the head of his massive erection. Since Becky was

facing the bed and away from the doorway, I was able to get a good long look. I

ducked back around the corner and thought about what I had seen. My panties were

soaked with my juices and I knew I had to risk another look.

"Is this turning you on, Jim?" Becky asked.

"Oh God yes. Please Becky, please let me cum" I heard Jim beg.

"You want to cum little boy? Then let me hear you beg for it." Stated Jim's



Jim begged loudly as I peeked around the corner. Becky's left foot was slowly

rubbing up and down Jim's shaft. When he came close to cumming , she would stop

and watch him pant in frustration. After he settled down, she would resume

manipulating his cock with her foot. She would also tug on the stocking she was

using as a cock leash. Jim again began pleading with her to let him cum. When

she teased him to the point of no return, she would stop just short of letting

him cum. She then took an ice cube from her iced tea and rubbed it all over his

enraged penis. He yelped under the stinging cold and soon lost his erection.

When her foot again resumed its slow, meticulous rubbing, Jim immediately got

hard. Becky then stopped and removed her feet from his helpless body. She leaned

forward and dragged her cloth-covered breasts along his thigh. She blew softly

on his erection and I watched him thrash his head from side to side. She was

really working this poor guy over. She softly cradled his balls in her small

hand and continued to blow softly on his cock.

"Are you going to be a good boy for me Jim?" She cooed between breaths. All Jim

could do was nod his head and continue begging.

"I own your cock and balls and I will only let them cum when I see fit. Is that

understood?" Becky sternly stated as she squeezed his nuts.

"Yes mistress." Meekly answered Jim.

Becky released his swollen, cum filled balls and let him calm down. Another ice

cube and he was soft again. Becky then straddled his body and ran her gorgeous

breasts over his penis. Again, Jim was fully erect. I noticed his stomach was

slick with all the precum Becky had extracted from him. Then Becky straddled his

chest and let her hands do the teasing. She tickled his balls and stroked his

erection. Removing the stocking from the head of his cock, she gagged him with

it, letting him taste his own precum.

Again she brought him to the edge and denied him release, squeezing his penis

just below the head to stop his impending eruption. Again and again she would

torment his cock with the agonizing tease and deny him any satisfaction.

Becky then stood up, removed her shorts and straddled his chest. She removed the

stocking from his mouth and tied it snugly around his balls. She forced him to

lick her feet as she masturbated herself to at least two orgasms. She would let

him lick her fingers clean after each of her climaxes. She tugged his ball leash

hard to make sure he did a thorough job.


I soon realized my own hand was inside my shorts and I was also fast approaching

an orgasm. I didn't realize that I had been standing there watching in total

fascination for over an hour! I snuck back to my room, buried my face in my

pillow and drove my fingers deep into my slippery pussy. I came so hard I

thought I would pass out. I masturbated to another hard climax before I felt

satisfied. I quietly closed my door and flopped down onto the bed.

I had fallen fast asleep and awoke three hours later. It was almost one o clock

and I jumped up and headed for the shower. I masturbated again in the shower as

the morning events were replayed again through my mind. I fantasized that I had

my boyfriend in such a predicament. I came hard again and finished cleaning up.

I dressed and wandered into the living room. Becky was alone and sat watching

t.v. She smiled at me as I sat down.

"How long have you been home?" Becky asked as she eyed me.

My face flushed bright red as I tried to lie.

Becky giggled. "Oh my God, you saw!"

I could only giggle and bury my beet red face into the sofa.



Cathy's Toy.

Part 2


It took me about ten minutes before I could stop giggling and look Becky in the

eyes. My face was still beet red and I admitted that I had witnessed her little

"session" with Jim.

Becky laughed and told me it was o.k.. Her face was also a little pink as she

admitted that it turned her on to know that another woman knew of her control

over Jim. She started to ask me questions about exactly what I saw and when I

started watching. As I revealed the information to her, I could feel that warmth

start to tingle between my legs. Becky kept assuring me that it was alright and

that she wasn't mad. Then it was my turn to ask questions.

She told me that she never did let Jim cum today. In fact, she hadn't let him

cum for almost a week now. The longer she kept denying him release, the more

avid of a lover he became. She admitted that the power she had over him was very

addictive and now "teasing and denial" was very commonplace in the bedroom for

them. She also admitted that it really turned her on to have the upper hand in

their relationship. Becky said Jim admitted that he also enjoyed being her toy.

Becky and I talked for hours. We ordered pizza and I listened with great

interest as she described some of her sessions with Jim. Finally, Becky fell

silent and her eyes looked very deeply into mine. It was tough to hold her stare

and I finally looked away and blushed.

"Would you like to watch again tonight?" Becky asked. Her eyes never leaving

mine as she giggled.

My eyes grew big and my mouth was agape as I slowly nodded my head. Becky

giggled then we both started to laugh. We finished our pizza, cleaned up and I

retired to my bedroom to await the arrival of Jim.

Soon there was a knock at the door. Becky let Jim in and explained that I would

be gone for the evening. She immediately blindfolded him and made him kneel in

the living room. I snuck out and quietly joined Becky on the sofa.

"Alright my little cum filled friend" Becky said to Jim. " Strip off those

clothes for me. And do it nice and slow. I want to enjoy the show!" Becky


Jim stood and slowly took off his shirt and flexed his muscles getting a coo of

approval from Becky. Then he slowly slid his pants off leaving him in just his

boxers. His cock was already erect and was trying desperately to rip through the

thin fabric. Jim slowly lowered them until he was standing buck naked in front

of us. Becky made him twirl around to give us a good long look. I had to keep my

hands over my mouth to keep from giggling out loud.


Becky strode over to him and circled him slowly, letting her hands stroke his

bottom and stomach. Becky then cuffed his hands behind his back. Standing behind

him, she coaxed him to spread his legs wide apart. I could tell he was

uncomfortable and I was wondering how long he could stay like that before he

collapsed. Becky then reached between his legs and began stroking his large

balls. She gently tickled them while her other hand reached around his waist and

inched along his stomach. She took his cock between her fore finger and thumb

and started to stroke him. Jim was moaning wildly now and his breathing became

ragged. Precum started flowing freely from his penis as he came closer and

closer to cumming. Becky began to squeeze his balls now and wrapped her tiny

hand around his enormous member. My eyes were glued to his penis and my panties

were again soaking wet. Just as Jim let out a loud moan, Becky let go. His

throbbing erection bobbed angrily and Jim let out a frustrated groan. Becky then

ordered Jim to lie down. She retrieved another set of handcuffs and some soft

rope. She retied his hands to the legs of the sofa and then tied his legs, wide

apart, to another sofa. Jim was now helplessly tied and open to anything she

wished to do to him. I had a great view. I was just inches above his tied body

and he was completely unaware that I was witnessing the entire show!

Becky kicked off her black pumps and planted her stocking clad foot on his

chest. She moved it slowly upwards until it rested on his lips. He immediately

began kissing and licking her soft toes. I couldn't help but admire them too.

She was gorgeous, right down to her small feet. Becky switched feet and again


Jim worshipped the foot presented to him. When she was satisfied, she moved down

between his legs and stood with her feet just inches from his balls. Becky

winked and smiled at me, truly enjoying herself. I wondered if she was as horny

as I was.

"You're being a very good little boy, Jim. Maybe tonight I will let you cum."

Becky said.

"Oh yes, Becky. Becky, please let me cum. Oh please Becky." Jim pleaded.

"Now don't go anywhere, I'll be right back!" Becky giggled as she sauntered off.

Jim thought he was alone and softly pleaded to God to please let her give him

some relief. I almost burst out laughing as I peered down at this poor helpless



Becky returned with a long plume feather in her hand. I stared wide-eyed and

silently wondered if Jim had any idea just what lay in store for him.

"Oh Jim" Becky cooed, "I have a special surprise for you tonight." She gently

knelt between his legs and giggled at me. Both hands were covering my mouth as I

stared wide-eyed at the feather.

Becky began by lightly stroking the underside of his penis with the feather.

Jim's whole body went stiff and he let out a tremendous moan. He immediately

began pleading for mercy and begged her not to use the feather. Becky ignored

him and let the feather glide along his entire shaft. Then she started on his

balls and began tickling him mercilessly. Jim bucked his hips wildly in a vain

attempt to escape the erotic torture. He kept begging and moaning and his cock

was flowing freely of precum. When she finished with balls, she again started on

his shaft. Long willowy strokes up and down his shaft. When he got close to

cumming, she would squeeze the head of his cock between her fingers to stave off

his orgasm. When he calmed down, she would start again. Jim was sweating

profusely now and was delirious. He was babbling like an idiot and pleading with

her to stop. She ignored his desperate pleas. Over and over she would bring him

to the brink of an orgasm and continue to deny him. After an hour or so, she

finally stopped to let him rest. He was breathless but his penis still throbbed

angrily. His stomach was covered in his own wetness.

"Oh, my poor little helpless man. Its time I gave you a reward for being so

good." Becky cooed. She stood and reached under skirt to remove her panties. She

then straddled his chest, with one foot on either side of his head and her pussy

just inches from his mouth. She then made him suck her juices from the silk

panties. When he finished, she twisted around so she was facing his cock and

lowered her sopping snatch to his lips. While Jim ate her to orgasm, Becky

massaged his penis with her panties. As he brought her to a loud climax, she

again stopped just short of letting him cum. She rode his face to two more

orgasms as she continued to tease him.

I was really beside myself with lust and dipped two fingers inside myself. I

fingered myself to orgasm just as Becky came for the third time. I hoped my

moans were drowned out with hers and that he couldn't here very well with her

thighs clamped around his head. Becky was massaging both of her breasts as her

final climax began to subside. She finally climbed off Jim and sat cross-legged

next to him.


"That was very good my pet. I bet you would love to feel the exhilaration of an

orgasm. Oh, it feels so good. I feel so refreshed and my whole body is

tingling!" Becky taunted.

Becky untied Jim and made him kneel before us. He was positioned just inches

from me and still had no clue I was there. His throbbing cock was turning purple

from all the attention it had received.

"Alright lover boy. I will let you cum now. But you have to masturbate yourself

for me. And you better stop when I tell you too or I will never let you cum

again. Is that understood?" Becky sharply added.

"Yes Becky, yes, I promise." Pleaded Jim.

Becky told him to begin. I had never seen a man masturbate before and again I

found myself staring wide eyed at his penis as he stroked it. She directed his

every move. Making him fondle his balls, tasting his own precum, lightly

stroking himself and teasing the head of his own penis. Whenever Jim got close,

she would make him stop. I could tell how difficult it was for him to listen to

her when he was so desperate, but he ripped his hands away with a frustrating

groan. I didn't know how much more he could take as she made him tease himself

with no relief. Again he got really close and this time she yelled stop and

stood up. She walked over to him and cuffed his hands behind him.


"Well, I have decided that its not my decision to let you cum tonight. In fact,

I'm going to let Cathy decide." Becky cooed to him.

Becky then ripped the blindfold off his eyes and he was staring directly at me.

It took a second for him to realize what happened, then his eyes got real big

and his face turned a bright red.

" Hi Jim!" I giggled.

Cathy's Toy.




Part 3



"Uh, Hi Cathy." Jim said very meekly. His face was pretty embarrassed about

being totally nude and handcuffed in front of two females. Not to mention what

had just taken place.

"Well, Jim, its up to Cathy whether or not you get to cum." Becky told him. "If

I were you, I would be awfully nice to her." She continued.

Jim lowered his eyes and softly began begging me to let him cum. I was starting

to really get turned on again. Having a man beg you to let him cum had a

definite warming effect that I could feel all over my body. I felt in complete

control, and I liked it.

I made Jim waddle over to me on his knees and worship my feet. After he removed

my Keds and socks with his teeth, he lovingly licked every inch of my feet. I

alternated massaging his balls with one foot while he paid homage to the other.


I was getting worried that Becky might be getting jealous, but a look at her

just brought a nod of approval and a smile. I closed my eyes and smiled as I

leaned back on the sofa and enjoyed all the attention.

With my feet fully refreshed, Becky ordered him to stand. Grabbing my hand and

Jim by his penis, she led us both to the bedroom. She ordered Jim to kneel

beside the bed. I flopped down on my back and stretched out before his eyes.

Becky then slowly started stripping for him. She took off her top and massaged

her breasts through the thin fabric of her black bra. She slid the bra straps

off her shoulders and teased him by slowly revealing each breast, one at a time.

With her now standing topless, she glided her hands over and under her skirt,

bunching it up around her waist to reveal her black silk panties. Jim's eyes

were glued to her magnificent body. Becky moaned softly as she slid one hand

inside her panties while the other unhooked her skirt and let it drop to the

floor. I could see her wetness on her fingers as she removed them from her

dripping snatch. She then made him lick them clean. He was happy to oblige.

Precum was again leaking from his cock as it bobbed untouched before our eyes.


Becky then sauntered over to the bed and stood next to me as I lay down.

"I bet you are dying to see her gorgeous body." She teased. Jim nodded

vigorously like a puppy wanting a treat.

Becky ran one hand up my leg as she continued to tease her poor boyfriend.

"Look at these gorgeous legs, Jim. Oh, so soft and smooth to the touch. And her

tight stomach, Jim. Its so warm and sexy to the touch." Becky cooed.

Becky slowly took my shirt off and played with the straps of my bra. First she

tugged them up lifting my 36 size cups away from my body. She had me kneel on

the bed facing Jim and she unhooked the bra from behind. Jim's eyes were glued

to them. I swear he never blinked! Finally Becky had my bra all the way off. I

sat topless in front of our teased male. She made Jim kiss my bra and sniff each

cup. He was really starting to pant now.

Becky then had me lie back and fully stretch out again. She teased Jim again by

slowly lowering my shorts, revealing my pink lace panties; My dark thatch of

hair clearly visible through the material. I was certain he could also see the

wetness seeping through. Becky kept running her free hand in and around my legs

as she cooed her approval. I was glad that Becky found me as attractive as I

found her.

We then made Jim lie face up on the bed. We tied his hands together at the

headboard and tied his feet to each corner of the footboard. He looked so

delicious, helplessly tied with a raging hard on, begging to be touched.

Becky and I crawled on the bed with our captive between us. Then, we attacked

him. I deeply french kissed him as Becky swirled her tongue over his nipples. I

then joined her, taking his nipple and sucking it deeply between my lips. Jim

was moaning and panting as our lips ravaged his chest. Then we slid lower,

kissing and licking his gorgeous stomach. We each took turns dipping our tongues

into his belly button and licking his sides. All the while, we kept mashing and

grinding our mounds against his immobile thighs. Becky and I shared a lusty look

through half-open eyes as we teased our helpless man.

With his legs so widely spread, we had perfect access to his cock. We started by

licking just his inner thighs. Our tongues strayed close but never touched his

throbbing cock. He was begging us now to touch him. His voice was becoming

hoarse with all the begging and he had tears of frustration welling up in his

eyes. We decided to give him a treat. Our tongues ran lovingly up each side of

shaft and met at the tip. We swirled our tongues around the head, tasting and

milking more precum from his cock. Jim's breathing became more ragged as he

approached orgasm. Becky and I quickly pulled away.

"Not yet my little stud muffin!" Becky softly cooed.

Time and time again we brought him to the edge but Becky always knew when to

back off. Becky then took him deeply into her mouth and just held him there. I

fondled his balls, giving them playful strokes and tickling caresses. Jim kept

thrashing his head from side to side and continued to beg and plead.

Becky finally took him out of her mouth and let Jim settle back down. I

continued to massage his balls as Becky straddled his chest and leaned over,

with her breasts just inches from his lips.

"Would you like a taste?" Becky softly asked.

"Oh God, yes please. Oh yes please honey, please let me pleasure you." Jim


Becky slowly lowered them to his mouth and let his tongue flick over her

sensitive nipples. She wrapped one hand around his head and forced him to suckle

them. When she had her fill she looked at Jim and pointed to me.

"Would you like to taste Cathy?" Becky cooed.

Again Jim begged and again we obliged. This time I straddled Jim but Becky

stayed close with her hands around my waist, guiding me. I thought I would cum

instantly when Jim's tongue made contact with my breasts. I fed him one at a

time, reveling in the sheer pleasure. Becky kept running her hands over my back

and occasionally she would caress my ass. I was in heaven.

Softly Becky pulled me back up. She straddled Jim's face while I continued to

straddle his chest. We were now facing each other. As Jim started to pleasure

her with his mouth, Becky wrapped her arms around me and french kissed me deeply

on the mouth. I was a little taken back at first, especially since I had never

kissed a woman before. But with the closeness of everything we were sharing and

how turned on I was, I returned her kiss with gusto. Her hands traveled around

to my chest were she expertly massaged them. Then she trailed kisses down to

each breast and sucked them into her mouth. Her other hand slid into my panties.

She continued to finger me and soon I came hard, wrapping my arms tightly around

her as Jim brought her to a shattering climax. Then we switched places. As Jim

licked my moist slit, I got the chance to love Becky.



After we were completely spent, Becky and I both giggled down at Jim. I glanced

at Becky and nodded my approval to let him cum. I had Becky straddle his cock

and in one swift motion, she impaled herself upon him. She started slow but soon

built up the tempo. I licked Jim's chest and fondled his balls to spur him on.

His breathing soon became very ragged and I knew he was close. Becky shouted for

him to cum and quickened her pace. Jim let out a massive moan and shot deep

inside her. Becky kept riding him hard, milking every last drop of cum from his

testicles. I kept squeezing them, milking out as much as possible.

Jim finally settled down and we untied him. After we all took showers we sat

around the living room and discussed what had transpired. As it turned out,

Becky and Jim had always thought of including me in their little game and

decided today that after I saw them, Becky would ask. While ordering pizza and

sipping on iced teas, we all clinked our glasses together and toasted a

wonderful summer to come.

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