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Chapter 3




The next weekend I really put aeffort and mind to my new tasks. My wife was right… my new outfit made me feel very subservient.  The panty hose really did feel very sensuous, I really liked the feel of them, and happily went ahead with my chores.  Of course my wife added several new photos of me to her growing collection.




During the next week I attended to her every need, including giving her oral sex a couple of times.  I passed the evaluation on Thursday and she told me I had earned an orgasm, but not well enough to be brought off by her. I was allowed to masturbate while she  watched, which was rather embarrassing as I had never done that in front of her before… but it really felt great!!!  She then told me, “I hope you enjoyed that!  I have noticed that you are much more compliant and willing to do as you are told when you go without an orgasm for a while. So, from now on you will only be allowed to cum a maximum of once a month… IF you have been good!


A couple of weeks later on Saturday morning, I showered and “shaved’, then put on my apron & hose in preparation for my chores.   She came in from the bedroom and said, “ I’m going to Pilates class at the gym now. I’ll be back in about 2 hours, you should be close to being finished with the laundry by then.”  And she went out the door.


I decided to take advantage of my “alone” time and have a leisurely cup of coffee or 2. After a while I went back to sorting  and starting the laundry, once it was going, I decided I deserved another cup of coffee.


After another cup, I began to put the first load of laundry into the dryer when I heard the garage door open. I thought, “How come she is back so early?” Little did I realize that my coffee breaks had eaten up an hour or more of time!


She looked around and said, “What is this? You’re not finished yet? You’ve still got to clean the house and half the morning is gone!”


I said to myself, “Oh, give me a break, I’ve only got 2 hands!”  I thought I said it to myself, but I guess I spoke it softly out loud!


“WHAT DID YOU SAY!!!”   ‘I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU SPOKE TO ME LIKE THAT!”   “ I’m not putting up with that…. I think you need a ‘Time Out’ to think over what you just did!” “Go and get the cuffs and ropes.. right now!!”


When I came back with the cuffs & ropes, She cuffed my hands behind my back then she put the wooden bar stool in the middle of the kitchen and told me to sit.  She tied my ankles to the back rungs of the stool so my knees were splayed wide and I couldn’t touch the floor.


She told, “As far as I am concerned you can sit on that hard stool for the rest of the day and think about what you did. Maybe you’ll learn not to talk back to me!”  “This really ticks me off, just yesterday I was telling Lisa how great you were doing with your training and you go and sass me back!”


“You told Lisa about us?” I stammered. “This was supposed to be between us!”


“Don’t worry” She said, “Lisa won’t say anything!”  “We’ve been best friends since we were college roommates, we tell each other everything… she’s like family.”  “She thinks it’s a fabulous idea and wishes she had done the same thing with her Ex… she might still be married!”

 “Now, I’m all sweaty and sticky from Pilates class, so I’m going to shower”  She started  taking off her gym clothes right there in the kitchen. “But I’m not in the mood to listen to any apologies or whining either!” Stripped down her panties, stuffed and tied them in my mouth and went to the shower.


I sat there, tied on the hard wooden stool, thinking, “My God, she told Lisa!”  “How will I be able to face her the next time I see her?”  “It will be such a humiliating embarrassment, knowing that she knows and having to face her. I don’t think I will be able to do it!”


After about 40 minutes, my wife came out of the bathroom in her robe, smiling, she said, “I do hope you’re comfy, because you’ll be there for a long while!”  She started  to pour herself a cup of coffee when the doorbell rang.  Looked at her with panic in my eyes and she told, “Don’t worry, no one can see you here in the kitchen and I’ll get rid of them quickly.”


I heard her open the front door, saying, “Lisa, what a surprise!”  Lisa quickly said, “I hope you don’t mind, after you told about “Alice’ yesterday, I just couldn’t stand it… I just had to see ‘her’ in action so to speak!”


Now I really did start to panic, I’ve know Lisa for a long time, she is a very attractive woman, but seeing me as ‘Alice’ was not something I wanted to happen.


My wife paused and said, “Come on in… this may just be the perfect time!”


As they walked into the kitchen, Lisa’s mouth opened and she said, “Well hello ‘Alice’.  Oh my! Is this how she cleans the house?”  “She’s really cute in her panty hose and apron, but why is she tied to the stool, and what is under that apron?” I know I must of turned every shade of red in the book. I had never been so mortified and humiliated in my life!


Lisa walked over to me and lifted up the apron. She laughed and said. “That’s really a sight. I’ve never seen a bald cock & balls before, except on a little boy. What a marvelous way to show him off!”


My wife explained my ‘time out’ and why I was in this position to Lisa.  Lisa said, “I definitely can see why she would need a reminder of her status, but a ‘time out’?  That’s only for little kids!  He needs an ‘attitude adjustment’ not a ‘time out’. Why not a spanking?”




“I really didn’t think about spanking, but that’s not a bad idea!” My wife replied.


Lisa smiled and said, “There’s no time like the present, let’s do it now!” “Untie his ankles and let’s take over to the dining table.”


They untied my feet and each grabbed an arm and led me to the table, re-tying my ankles to table legs so I was facing the table with my legs spread wide.


Lisa told my wife, “Now go get a ruler, preferably a wooden one.”  My wife said, ‘There’s one in the desk, I’ll be right back.”

My wife came back with the ruler and Lisa pushed on my back so I was forced face down and bent over the table.  My wife said, “This is great! The panty hose really frames her ass… a perfect target!”  “Let’s see, I think 10 swats should do it!”


“Yeah, 10 on each cheek!” said Lisa.


“Good idea!” my wife said, and smacked my left cheek with the ruler. I jumped a bit and it stung, but really didn’t hurt much, in fact it was kind of a turn on. She then swatted my right cheek and I jumped again.


“Hold it!” said Lisa.  “Look at that!  She’s hard as a rock! This is turning her on!  We need to make it more uncomfortable for her and I have just the idea to do that!” 


“Have you got another length of thin rope, or a really long shoe lace?”


My wife left the room and came right back, handing Lisa what looked like one of my boot laces. “perfect!” said Lisa.  She went behind me and grabbed my balls and pulled them toward her.  She tied my balls tightly away from my body. I moaned into the gag and heard her say “Now we need a weight, about a pound or so will work.” 


“How about this brass candle holder, it weighs about that.”  I could feel Lisa tying it to the ends of the boot lace, when she was done she must have just dropped it because all a sudden it felt like my balls were being pulled out of my body and I let out a loud groan.


“Now, go for it!” said Lisa, “When his body jumps with every swat, the brass holder is going swing and bounce, yanking on her balls.  She’ll remember this ‘attitude adjustment’ for a long time!”


My wife started to smack my cheeks, alternating from side to side, and Lisa was right!  Every time I got a smack my body would jerk reflexively… my balls felt like they were being yanked from my body… each smack with the ruler increased the pain, it was all I could do not to cry!


After 20 smacks, 10 on each cheek, my ass felt like it was on fire, but my balls felt swollen and really sore. 


My wife told me as she untied the candle holder, “I hope this has taught you not to sass me again, if you do, next time it will be 50 on each cheek!  Now stand up, you can be in ‘Lock down’ for a while and think about it!”


She grabbed the shoelace and using it as a ball leash, led me back to the bedroom and laid me on the bed with my hands still cuffed behind me. Lisa followed with the ropes from the table legs and they tied my feet to the footboard of the bed.


As she removed my panty gag, she said, “Are you going to do as you’re told from now on with no back talk?”



“Yes Ma’am” I said,  ”I promise I’ll be good and do whatever you want!”


“You better” she said, “unless you want your balls stretched down to your knees,  and if you ever want to have an orgasm again!”


Lisa spoke up and said, “God, I love what you have done with him, I mean her. It’s fantastic! Look at that… even with her punishment, she is still hard.”


My wife laughed  “I imagine so… she hasn’t had an orgasm in over 2 weeks, just a lot of teasing to the edge and back!”


“You know…. I have a number of things at my place that need to be , aahhh…  ‘taken care of’, so to speak.”  “What’s the chances of getting ‘Alice’ on loan for a day, maybe next weekend?” Lisa asked.


“No problem!’ My wife replied, “I’ll bring her over first thing Saturday morning dressed in her uniform, she’ll be all yours for the day… just remember, she isn’t allowed to come, other than that, you can have her do whatever you want.”


I could only moan to myself, “Loaned to Lisa for a whole day?”  “Lisa can be very demanding at times.”  One thing I knew!  I was NOT looking forward to next Saturday, in fact, I was feeling a little scared of the whole idea!.



by Matt


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