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My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years. The past few years our sex life has slowly gone from 2-3 times a week to almost non-existent.  I have had sex fantasies of being tied down and teased to orgasm ever since I can remember, but could never get my wife interested in even trying it out. In fact, even bringing it up would piss her off so I just pushed it out of my mind for many years.


Since our sex life had slowed down so much it started to creep back into my mind, so much so that when I started to feel a bit horny I would tie myself down when the wife wasn’t home by loosely tying my ankles to the footboard of our brass bed frame, then handcuffing my wrists to the headboard, making sure I held the key tightly in my hand, then fantasize myself to a really horny state, then free myself and masturbate to a massive climax.  The turn on was tremendous!


This all changed one Saturday afternoon.

My wife had gone shopping and would not be back for a couple of hours so it would be a perfect time for a “session”. The only problem was, I accidently dropped the key! I could feel it drop to the pillow behind my head, but there was no way I could reach it… I was stuck!


I laid there for a long time trying to figure out, “What do I do now?”


Finally, I heard the garage door open and close… my wife was home!  I heard her call my name, and all I could do was answer, “I’m in here.”


She walked in the bedroom and with a look of shock on her face, said, “What the hell is this?”


All I could say was, “I dropped the handcuff key and can’t get loose”


She said, “Why in hell did you tie yourself up?”



I tried to explain to her how it really turned me on and increased the strength of the orgasm when I masturbated, and how it really helped me handle the decrease of our sexual activity, then asked her to get the key from the pillow so I could get free.


“Masturbate” she yelled, “You masturbate when I’m gone?  This really ticks me off, I’m not sure I can handle this right now. You can just stay right where you are while I get my head around this!”   She turned and walked out of the room.


I could hear her in the kitchen banging things around, then what sounded like her pouring herself a glass of wine, then… nothing, it was silent!



After what seemed like an hour or so she walked back into the room with what looked like a red ribbon in her hand. She never said a word, she just walked over to and tied the ribbon tightly around my cock and balls and formed it into a big bow, then turned and walked silently back out of the bedroom. She returned in a couple of minutes with a camera in her hands and started taking pictures of me and my predicament.


She looked at me and said, “Don’t you say one word!  Now… things are changing in this house! From now on, you will be doing whatever I say!  You will NOT touch yourself, you will NOT masturbate, you will NOT orgasm, unless I say you can, I will tell if, when, where, and how you can have an orgasm. I am in control of your cock and your orgasms.  I am in control of everything! MY orgasms are what is important, NOT yours! YOUR job is to make sure that I am happy and contented at ALL times!  You will do everything I tell you to do, and if you don’t, then those photos I just took will be mailed to all your friends and your boss.”



She then started to take off her clothes and said, “Right now, I am going to take a nice relaxing bath while you think about our new arrangement. And while I am bathing, I DON’T want to be disturbed” 


With that, she slid off the panties she had worn all day and stuffed them in my mouth, tying them with a scarf from her dresser.


Surprisingly enough, all that had just transpired had turned me on like I had never been turned on before and I had a raging erection that I couldn’t do anything about.



After a while, my wife came back in with a robe on saying, “ Oohh, that really felt good… now I need something else that feels good!”  She dropped her robe and straddled my chest, saying, “Now, you get to please your wife and make her happy again!”  She undid the scarf and the panty gag, moved up and pushed her crotch on to my mouth. “Eat me… make me come, and you better do it well!”


After 2 orgasms she sat back onto my chest and said, “You have plenty of time to think about the new arrangement, do you agree with my conditions, or should I mail out those photos?”


What else could I do, I would be mortified if those photos were seen by anyone else… so I agreed to everything.


She said, “OK, just remember, I have complete control over you and your orgasms… you will climax when I say you can climax, you will not masturbate or touch yourself without my permission, and you will do whatever I say… are we clear?”  “Just remember those pictures can be mailed anytime.” 


“I’m clear” I said, “Whatever you say”


“Good boy” she said.  “Or should I say, Good Houseboy?”



She then got off me and untied the red bow and started to lightly and slowly stroke my dripping cock, bringing me right to the edge and then she stopped and smiled, saying, “Oh, I forgot, let me get that key for you”  She grabbed the key from the pillow and put it in my hand.


I said, “Please finish me off, I’m so close!”


She just laughed and said “I’m relaxed and tired now after those delicious orgasms, maybe I’ll let you come next week!  Remember, no touching!”  and she walked out the door.









I unlocked myself and just laid there for a while. I kept thinking, “What the heck just happened?” “Was she serious?” It sounded like she was!  Did I have to be her “maid” from now on? Will I be able to do that?  Part of me thought. “No way!”, but part of me was excited about the whole concept. I sure didn’t want those humiliating pictures sent out to my friends and co-workers.


I slowly got dressed and went out to the other room. She was just finishing writing something at the table. She looked up and said “You can start by pouring me a glass of wine!”


I poured her a glass and she handed me the paper she was writing, saying, “Just so there in no misunderstandings, here is the rules to our new lifestyle. Read them and take them to heart!”



Our new arrangement & lifestyle


I am now totally in charge, you will do everything I ask of you cheerfully and immediately!


I will decide if and when you can orgasm, you are not allowed to sexually touch yourself at any time!


You will sexually please me whenever I want, with no thought to your own pleasure!


You will take over many of the household chores such as:


            Wash and dry the dishes every night.


            Every Saturday you will clean the house, vacuum, and do the laundry.



You will be evaluated every 2 weeks as to your behavior and your following the above rule.


I may add or alter these rules at any time.



After I had read her rule sheet, she looked at me and said “Understood?”  I just nodded, kind of dumbfounded.  She was serious!


She said, “Now, it’s time for bed and a good night’s sleep.”




The next day was Friday, my mind raced all day about our new arrangement. That night I washed and dried the dinner dishes and waited on her wishes.  The next morning, Saturday, I brought her coffee in bed with the morning paper. All she said was “Thank you, my dear.”


I spent most of the day cleaning house and doing laundry, asking for instruction when I wasn’t sure how something worked. The next several days were close to our normal life. I did everything she asked for, thankfully she was not too demanding, and I was proud of myself with the great job I was doing.  Surprisingly, it also kept me very horny, wondering when I was going to be allowed to cum.


On Thursday evening, after I had done the dishes, she told me “I want you to go in and lock yourself down like you were when I caught you last week, and leave the key on the nightstand.”  Man, was I excited then… I was finally going to get a release.


I stripped and locked myself down on the bed, I already had an erection.  She walked in and smiled… “It’s time we altered the arrangement a bit.” She said.  “I have always kept myself trimmed and neat for you over the years and now it’s your turn”  she went into the bath and returned with the hair clippers and started cutting off my pubic hair.  Her manipulation of my cock and balls, plus the vibration of the clippers just drove me crazy.  She trimmed it all off, very,  very close. She stood back and said, “Oh, that ‘baby fresh’ look really turns me on, now I need your tongue!”  She slowly stripped off her clothes and climbed on to my face, and said, “You know what to do!”  I ate her to an explosive orgasm, thinking it would my turn next. 




She slid down, straddling my body with my cock right at her crotch.  She slowly raised up and slid down on my cock.  My God, that felt so good!!  But, then she just sat there, she didn’t move. She reached forward and started to play with my nipples. Each time she tweaked them my cock would jump inside her. I was so close to the edge, but I needed her to move on my cock.




She suddenly stopped everything and sat perfectly still. She smiled down on me and said, “I bet that feels really good, and I know you really want to cum, but you haven’t earned that privilege yet.”


She slowly raised up and got off me. “Your housecleaning and other chores have been just mediocre… not to the standard I desire” she said.  “I feel it is mainly because your heart isn’t in it. You really need to feel pride in what you are doing, that it is now your station in our relationship.”


She opened the dresser drawer and pulled out a package. “I have bought you a couple of gifts that I feel will help you to do a much better job.”  She opened the package and pulled out a small apron with frills around the bottom.


“This may help you get into you role as my ‘maid’… really help you feel the part!”  She reached into the package again and brought out a pair of black crotch less panty hose.


She said, “These will help you even more to adjust to your role. I think you will look really cute in them, and besides, I love the feel of them, and I bet you will too!”


“Now!”  She said, “A couple of new rules to our arrangement.” 


“Number one! Every Saturday and Sunday, while in the house, doing chores or serving my wishes, you will wear nothing but the apron and panty hose and you will keep your pubic hair trimmed and shaved. That way you can feel the part and I will have complete access to you at all times.”


“Number two! Whenever I tell you or leave a phone message to ‘go lock yourself down’ you will do so immediately and be wearing your panty hose!”


“Oh, and another thing, you will no longer be known as “Maid’ or ‘Boy’, on the weekends your name will now be ‘Alice’


“These rules take effect now!  You’ll have this weekend to show me how much better you can do. We’ll have another evaluation of your performance in 7 days.  Maybe, you’ll get an orgasmic reward at that time…. Or maybe not!”



by Matt


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