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I'll start with the date my mom found out about our lifestyle. I decided it would be a real tease for Blue, my husband,  if I actually screwed another guy in our home. At that point I'd never taken a guy home. We were very concious of security and privacy issues. I'd met this particular guy several times in a motel room. He was from out of the area. This time I met him off the train and drove him home in my car. We talked the whole way so I was pretty sure he didn't register our address or anything.


Anyway, by the time we got there his deep sexy voice and strong wandering fingers had me really excited. As I led him into the lounge he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. My head was full of thoughts about how I could tease my poor cuckold when he got home from work that night. We'd been discussing this little adventure for several weeks. I love the build up to our games almost as much as the actual event sometimes. I had Blue in such a state of constant sexual excitement he didn't know what day it was!


Anyway, I sent him a text from the station to tease him about how excited I was and how I hoped he'd enjoy his day at work earning money for me to spend on shoes and sexy underware whilst I was being unfaithful to him in his own house. I intended to send another text when we reached home but, in the excitement of the moment I forgot. I forgot something else too. As we tore the last of each other's clothes off and he turned me round to bend me over our expensive leather couch my mind was too focussed on my soaking pussy and the exquisite sensations to come for me to remember I'd forgotten to deadlock the front door.


I came within minutes of my lover Mike's fat condom covered cock penetrating me. Yes, I always insist on protection. I owe to myself and to my husband. Anyway, I was enjoying the afterglow as he pounded away at me. I opened my eyes to see my mom standing there in the doorway. I tried to push Mike away but he was oblivious and having none of it as he gripped me tighter still, filling his condom as he forced his wet tongue into my mouth.

By the time he'd finished mom had dissappeared. I quickly found my mobile phone and pretended to check it for messages. I told Mike my mom had texted that she was on her way over and he had to leave. He wasn't very happy but I promised I'd make it up to him as I called him a taxi.

As soon as he'd gone I took a big breath and walked into the kitchen to face my mom's reaction.


Mom was sitting at the kitchen table with a coffee cup in front of her. There was another cup opposite which I sat down and fiddled with, too nervous to drink. The silence was killing me so I just blurted out, 'It's not what you think'. How pathetic was that? I couldn't believe I'd said it. I looked at Mom for her reaction. She stared back incredulously for a few seconds and then burst out laughing. I couldn't help joining in.


So, there we sat, mother and daughter, curled up with laughter, tears running down our cheeks, laughing at my stupid comment. When we finally stopped I took a couple of minutes to get my breath and wipe my eyes. Then I explained. What I meant was, I wasn't being unfaithful to my husband. Well....I was, but he knew about it. Mom's face betrayed her lack of belief. So, I told her. I told her everything. From the start, with our little mistress and slave games, to Blue's suggestion I keep him in a chastity cage, to his pleading with me to sleep with other guys. A few times she interupted to clarify a point or dig deeper for details. She was especially facinated about the chastity thing. I guess she found it hard to understand why a man with a beautiful sexy wife would want to be denied the normal pleasures, even rights, of marriage.


I explained how we started with Blue giving me a plastic cock cage for my birthday. He'd shown me pictures and videos on the net then read me stories he'd found. I still found it hard to understand. To be honest, I still do, even now. But, I loved him and still do. I'd have done anything to please him so, if that's what he wanted...


I was too soft on him to begin with. I'd make him go a couple of days before releasing him and letting him have his evil way with me. He was so hot for me, but, afterwards, he always seemed dissappointed. He even accused me of not doing it properly. So, I extended the period of lock-up to a week. After two days he was pestering me. After four days he was really getting on my nerves. I lost my head and told him to make his mind up. I couldn't do right for doing wrong.


I think that's where it could have ended. When I look back I can see it was putting a real strain on our relationship. So how did we solve it? Like we solve everything else....we talked. And talked. And talked. We still do. That's why our slightly unusual relationship has been so incredibly successful. Well, that and the fact that we absolutely adore each other.


Well, after a lot of talking we finally agreed. If this was going to work then it had to be on my terms. I had to be totally in control. I would make the rules and he would abide by them. I would try my best to make sure that I pulled every one of his fantasy strings. That would mean a lot of internet surfing together and some candid discussions between us. But, it would need more than that. I didn't trust him to obey me full time. I needed a lever. That would be his chastity. I demanded total control of his orgasms. I wanted him locked away permanently. That meant a much more secure and comfortable cage. We eventually settled on a made to measure stainless steel belt. Then later we found out about Lorie's Tubes. It took a long time to persuade him but , eventually, he agreed to have his cock pierced so that I could lock the tube in place. These days I alternate the belt and the cage to give him some variety. They only come off for supervised washing, teasing sessions or ruined orgasms.


Yes, I found that his recovery period was much shorter when I ruined his orgasms. Nowadays he has to wait an uncertain period which I determin according to his behaviour and how nasty I'm feeling, before he gets the priveledge of a teasing session. Sometimes I sit on his face to watch a movie and idly toy with his desperate bursting cock. Other times I have him stand alongside me as I recline on the sofa reading a magazine and carelessly flicking his straining organ. If I've just come home I might have him lie on the floor at my feet. I'll kick off my shoes and use one foot to cover his mouth while the other rubs very lightly under his penis.

Whatever method I choose he knows he is doomed to frustration. There is no way I will allow him to cum. Any pleading or show of anger results in immediate return to his cage (after application of a bag of ice of course, lol).


So, he just has to suffer. I usually try to draw it out as long as possible. Partly because I know he's waited a long time for it but also because I think it's good practice for me. I still struggle with being cruel you see. I love my husband and teasing him to the point of tears hurts me as much as it hurts him. The more I do it the easier it gets though. I've even started to enjoy it sometimes, a fact that I'm really proud of, as is he. He loves the idea that I get a thrill from torturing him.


Occassionally, if I'm feeling really cruel, I forbid him to let his little cock dribble. Of course he can't help it. So, at the first sign of a single drop of clear pre-cum I stop, berate him for his dissobedience and lock him away till he learns some manners. I then have the perfect excuse to put him over my knee like a naughty little boy and tan his squirming ass. Usually I allow him to lick me to a lovely orgasm to say sorry for being such a naughty husband. He loves me spanking him. It's only recently that I've been able to start to let myself go in that department. It took a long time for him to convince me that the harder I hit him the more satisfaction he feels, the more excited he feels, the more aroused he becomes and the more love he feels for me. In fact, that's why I started letting him lick me to orgasm after a beating. I needed to assiciate in my own head - his beating with my pleasure. What a psychologist I've become !


As I said, orgasms for my husband were always followed by a change in his character. As long as I kept him chaste he was the perfect attentive husband, opening doors for me, holding my hand, buying me flowers and chocolates. Then I'd give in and feel sorry for him. I'd let him cum and then it was as if he was trying to reassert his manhood, to prove he wasn't really a cuckold wimp. I didn't need or want that. I love my husband. I know he can be a strong, tough alpha male when I need him to be. I don't need him to overcompensate and become a complete pig to prove it.


As usual when we have a problem we talked about it. It was actually him that suggested I ruine his orgasms. I'd never heard of such a thing so he showed me lots of videos on the net. It looked like fun so, once I was sure he really wanted it, I agreed. From then on at roughly four week intervals - four weeks during which I will have teased his cock and then locked it away as I described earlier - I put him in a rubber bondage sac.


He knows that the only way he is going to get an orgasm, even a ruined one, is if he goes in the sac. He's completely at my mercy in there and I get such a power rush from it now. I've actually started to keep a record of how many times I can bring him to the boil and stop just short of letting him squirt. We are up to eleven now. He sweats like mad in there and is completely exhausted by the time I finally let him cum.


When he does I leave and laugh while he cries out my name pleading for me to hold him. He says my laughter and my refusal to do so almost makes him pass out with sexual excitement. It's still difficult for me to hear my darling pleading as he does and ignore it. It's even harder to laugh and pretend I don't care or, worse still, that I'm enjoying his frustration. But I know he wants it that way and, if I gave in and held him as I'd like to, he'd be dissappointed in me. So, I steel myself and play the cruel bitch till he finally stops flapping around like a landed fish.


He says that, afterwards, there is a sense of relief, like his bursting balls have been emptied, but its short lived and totally without any sort of mental relief. He's as horny, if not more horny, than he was before I let him cum. In fact, I have to use an ice pack to shrink his still hard cock and get his belt or his tube back on. Then, after I free him and he's had a shower, he's as attentive as ever - problem solved!


After I'd sat with Mom at the kitchen table revealing the intimate details of my unorthodox marriage I was relieved when she eventually took my hand in hers and smiled. She said she was pleased I'd decided to confide in her and thanked me for being so honest. Then she went on to say she could see what I got out of it, admitting she'd never really felt that Blue was good enough for me, but she really could not imagine what he gained from the situation.


However, she would, as she always had, stand by me and do everything to help me to be happy. We hugged and laughed and she even offered to let me take boyfriends to her house to save on hotel bills. That was really nice of her but I've never taken her up on the offer - it would just feel too wierd to me.


What I have taken advantage of though, is the oportunity to use Mom to humiliate Blue. He was shocked rigid when I told him about Mom catching me. It took some time to calm him down and convince him of the positive aspects. He'd always been a little in awe of Mom. She's a very attractive lady for sixty years old. My dad left her when I was young and, as far as I know, she never got involved with another man. Maybe she resented them. Perhaps that had something to do with her attitude to Blue. I think she quite liked the idea of me cheating on him to 'get one back for the girls'. I tried hard to convince her that what I did I did out of love for my husband but I'm not sure she gets that, even now.


Anyway, after long discussions and lots of teasing by me, we came up with an excellent way to involve Mom in our games with everyone getting what they wanted.


It was the middle of summer and Mom had invited us to a barbeque at her house. She'd invited a few friends, mostly female. We accepted the invitation then I arranged to meet a guy at a hotel the night before the barbi. It was a guy who travelled around with his job and often stayed in a hotel near us. I'd met him a few times and we'd had some very enjoyable sex. As usual, I got hubby to drop me off at the hotel. I always made him take the car right up to the foyer. Dave would be waiting for me there so that I could give him a kiss and take his hand.


Blue loves to watch that through the car window. I think Dave likes it too. It makes him feel strong and powerful to take another man's wife from him like that I guess. Anyway, if I remember, as I enter the hotel holding my lover's hand, I put my other hand behind my back and stick two fingers up at my husband. He says that makes him feel utterly rejected and spurned by me. Feelings that have his stomache filled with butterflies and his cock filled with iron. Well, as much as it can inside its chastity belt, lol!


Anyway, next day we were supposed to be at Moms by about one o'clock. I told Blue I would meet him there. The idea was to put him in a position where he'd be there first and have to explain to Mom why I was late. Mom had insisted when we'd had our original heart to heart that, in return for her support, we'd both be entirely honest with her. So hubby didn't have the option of making up an excuse.


When I eventually arrived over an hour late I took my husband's hand and kissed him lightly on the cheek whispering in his ear how I could still feel my lover's cock inside me. I'd have loved to stand there with my lover's cum soaking my panties and I know Blue would love that too but in today's environment that just isn't an option. Still, the sly grin from Mom as she looked over at us was pure humiliation gold for hubby. He told me afterwards he thought he was going to cum right there and could feel the pre cum dripping from his chastity tube to soak his pants. He had to run to the bathroom to check it wasn't soaking through his trousers!

Well, that was the first time we involved Mom like that and I appologised to her afterwards. She insisted I think nothing of it. She didn't actually say she'd enjoyed it but she didn't have to. I used the ammunition for weeks afterwards in our teasing sessions.



Well, back to the present. We decided to do it again on Christmas Day.


So, what happened on Christmas Day? Well, hubby had been pushing me to really let myself go and be a complete bitch to him. It seems that the more cruel and nasty I am the more he likes it, at least in theory. You see, just because something is a turn on when you've been denied orgasm for three or four weeks, doesn't mean it will feel the same after you've cum. I know from my discussions with Blue that perspectives change and, often, arguments start. As I mentioned earlier, that's the reason I started allowing him only ruined orgasms. The lack of full release means he's back in the mood very quickly. In fact sometimes the mood doesn't stop at all. Even so I never rush into anything. We talk about it first. Usually it's his suggestion we talk about, although he has said that lately I've really started coming into my own and taking the lead. He loves that but gets a little scared by it too apparently. I told him 'tough, you can't have it both ways!' but actually I'm very careful. The last thing I want to do is hurt our increasingly happy relationship.


After we've talked I might tease him a few times, describing the scenario, squeezing every drop of stimulation out of it for him but checking at the same time that it's really what he wants. I still struggle sometimes to come to terms with the idea of showing my love by hurting him. I guess if the time comes when it's easy then I'll know we've lost something.


So, I try to discuss it a few more times in the cold light of day, probing his fantasy, pushing the limits to establish any boundaries. Then, finally, I get down to business.


The business this time was to be cruel to him by wanting to spend Christmas eve with my lover. I'd been seeing a guy I met on a swinging site. He was very gentle and understanding, never pushy or demanding. I asked him what he was doing on Christmas Eve and he told me about his works party. He was surprised I would not be spending the time with my husband but I told him that hubby would be abroad on business and I was lonely. So, he jumped at the chance to invite me to the party.


Now, I always try, when I'm seeing another man, to make it more than a 'wham bam, thank you maam' kind of thing. Blue has very rarely seen me in bed with someone - it's just too much hastle to arrange a lot of the time, guys tend to be much happier to get me on my own and, to be honest, it's easier for me too and so, more enjoyable. He says it's just as painfully erotic to think about what I might be doing and have me tease him about it later. He seems to get especially turned on when I 'date' a guy, meeting for dinner and going dancing, etc. He goes wild at the thought of some guy showing me off as belonging to him, being his girlfriend or fiance - sometimes I give Blue my wedding ring to look after until I get back!


So the party idea was ideal. Instead of a quiet romantic night in with hubby, waking next morning to exchange presents and go to Mom's for dinner, we'd be doing something different. I'd be having Blue buy me a new sexy party dress, bathing me and helping me dress, then driving me to my boyfriend's house. He'd drop me off and go home. On my instructions he'd put on a sissy maids outfit - way too small for him as it's an old one of mine. We haven't gotten around to buying one for him yet - a pair on my worn stockings and slippers then working his way through a list of chores. Dusting, hoovering, ironing, all the things a normal wife would take care of. Then he'd go to bed in the spare room - he's never allowed in the master bedroom unless I'm there - to dream of me getting my brains screwed out.


Next morning he'd wake up and make sure the house was spotless before driving over to Mom's. There he'd have to face Mom's embarrassing questions about where I was. Meanwhile I'd wake up warm and cozy in my lover's strong arms. I'd give him the gift I'd bought him with hubby's money then we'd make long slow love until I eventually decide to get up and get ready. My lover would drop me at Mom's house and I'd arrive late and glowing from my date.


So how did it go? Pretty well eventually. I had some second thoughts to begin with. It's not easy when you love someone as much as I love my husband, to be so cruel, even when you know it's what he wants. You keep wondering - what if I go too far, what if I really hurt him so much he stops loving me, and so on. So, I made sure that we spent the night before Christmas Eve and most of the day actually, in bed, in each other's arms. We cuddled and kissed, talked and joked like young lovers. All the time the excitement of what I was about to do causing an electric tension between us. It was as if we knew we were going to be parted so were making the absolute best of our last few hours together.


I desperately wanted to take off his chastity belt and have him make sweet love to me. He wanted that too, I know. But more than that he wanted me to deny him. So I did. We were both so hot for each other! Our hands and tongues explored each other's bodies till we finally lay exhausted and , in my case, satisfied.


I made sure to include hubby in my preparations, bathing me, drying me, applying body lotion. He got out my clothes and helped me dress, polished my already immaculate shoes. I had him stood naked while I sat at my dressing table, combing my hair while I talked about how excited I was to be meeting with Mike again. How I was looking forward to meeting his work colleagues and being introduced as his girlfriend. As he carefully and lovingly combed my long shiny hair I ran my long painted nails up his thighs and tapped on his chastity belt.


I laughed at the expression on his face as I told him that was one package that wouldn't be getting opened this Christmas!


The journey in the car was done mostly in silence. I think we were both deep in thought. He put his hand on my thigh at one point and I pushed it away asking him not to paw me. As we pulled up outside Mike's house I broke the silence to tell my darling husband how much I was looking forward to having Mike's big cock inside me again. Then I got out of the car and walked towards the house. As I'd previously arranged, Mike came out to meet me and we stopped to kiss deeply where Blue could see us clearly. Then, without a backward glance we went inside.


To cut a long story short, we were late for the party as Mike insisted on making love before we went. The party was good fun as I felt like such a naughty little minx holding onto the arm of my handsome lover giving everyone the impression we were a couple. If they only knew!

Every time I visited the loo I sent hubby a teasing text message. A couple of times I sent him pics. One of my sexy shoes which he'd bought me especially for the occassion and one of my thong as I held up my skirt. That one said, 'Look what Mike is getting for Christmas!'


After the party we were both really tired and fell asleep in each others arms as soon as we got into bed. It was wierd and exciting to wake up in bed with another man. I felt like such a naughty slut as reached around to wake Mike by fondling his large penis. I laughed to myself as I thought about what hubby would think when I told him about that. We made long slow love before dropping back off to sleep. When I woke I realised I was going to be late getting to Mom's. As I rushed to get dressed - I deliberately didn't shower as I intended having Blue lick me all over as soon as we got home from Mom's, he would go crazy for that I knew!


Mike delayed me further as he tried to take off my clothes as fast as I tried to put them on! Eventually I had to compromise by having him lie on his back so that I could straddle him and use my hands to bring him off. Still thinking of my loving husband, I made sure to get Mike's cum all over the tops of my stockings. Boy would that excite him!


So, finally I got to Mom's. I found out later that Blue had kind of bottled it. The thought of facing Mom and her nosey questions had him in a panic so he was deliberately late himself. He thought if I was there first then I would get the questions instead of him. Unfortunately for him I was later still so he still had to run the gauntlet of Mom's curiosity, lol.


We had a great day though. Mom played her part to perfection making me laugh and hubby cringe with embarrassment several times. She can be so cruel, I wonder if that's where I get it from, lol?


Lady Blue



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