teasing and orgasm denial

Contract of Cuckolding, Tease and Orgasm Denial


by Cuckmannen




For him to follow:

Must agree to do any chores including laundry, cleaning, vacuuming & dishes when ever ordered to.

I must do anything you demand of me without question.

I must agree to not masturbate unless given permission.

I must agree to give complete sexual control to you and for you to choose when & if I will be allowed to have sex to point of orgasm.

I must agree to go without orgasm for period to be determend by you while you may have sex or be pleasured to the point of orgasm every day if you require. If you choose to make me go without orgasm for more than one week you may require me to be fitted with chastity belt to avoid me from playing with or touching or even getting a complete erection till you decide to let me out to receive climax by way of masturbation or vaginal penetration.

I must agree once climax has been achieved, you can lock me back up immediately till next set release date. If you choose to keep locked up more than two weeks you must perform prostate massage to release buildup of fluid. This can be done without climax or erection and may be done while still being locked up.

I Must take care of all your needs sexual or otherwise upon your request or by demand including massages, oral sex, drawing baths and bathing you, pedicures, shaving of legs & vagina area. Especially the week of a preplanned date.

Must agree to your choice of frequent dates & even over night dates if you so choose!

For her to follow:

You are excepting the role of a sexually dominant superior female as so you must inforce your dominace over me at all times.

As so you are given complete sexual freedom to have sex with who ever you choose when ever and as many times as you want.

You may request me to do what ever you want when ever you want - sexual or other. No request of yours can be denied.

While getting ready for a date you may order me to help you prepair for date. picking out clothes, painting nails etc.

After getting ready for date you may choose to have me preform the following:

- ordering me to jerk off onto a pair of your panties & wear them while you are on a date

- wear a pair of your thong panties while doing my cleaning duties

All sexual adventures and dates are your choice but does require you to tell me in advance of your intentions as to let me be aware of what you want as well to bring sexual enjoyment to me knowing that you are getting what you need or want. The recomended number of dates should average about one per week or more if you desire.

All sexual adventures and dates must be described after the act revealing all details of what happen. This may be done while your administering spanking, during while I am giving oral sex or during pussy cleaning duties or while masturbating to the site of your well used pussy.

You must agree to administer the following as a form of reward:

spanking with whip

anal sex given to me with fingers/hand or strap-on or other chosen toys of pleasure.

Inserting of butt plug in my bottom to be held in while preforming pussy cleaning or other chossen activities by you.

frequency of these rewards are to be determined by you but if I have any say I would ask for it as often as possible.

You must agree that any dates carrying on past 11PM require a phone call with what time you will be home so im not worried about if your on your way or not and know your safe.



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