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GOOD SLAVE LISTENS - tease, denial, chastity

Description: Megan is up to her old tricks with poor Bruce. She removes his chastity cage and blindfolds him so he can't see what's coming next. She drives him to the brink then leaves him hanging on the verge of orgasm...





tease orgasm denial instructions


Description: Capri is a housewife who wants to try teasing her man for the first time. She ties him up, pulls out tease & denial instructions she downloaded from the internet, and uses them to get started. Her natural cockteasing instincts soon take over...






NO TOUCHING - ruined orgasm video

Description: RUINED ORGASM IN THIS PREVIEW! Rhiannon wakes up her bound slave and wastes no time teasing and taunting him by slipping her panties down, but stops before he can see how wet her pussy is.








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Tease Denial Video 21 - The Game    

Amber teases slave's cock mercilessly, for every delightful suck with her mouth there is a nasty slap or bite that follows. She rides him until she has cum and then walks away in a cruel game of tease and denial.


Tease Denial Video 22 - Weekly Release    





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Tease and Denial of slave

Tease Denial of Slave:  Because She Can

Karmella has her slave strung up on a stripper pole and is taking maximum advantage of the situation. She dances and twirls around him, teasing and taunting the poor boy with her gorgeous all-natural body. She takes his cock in her mouth and rubs her panty-clad pussy with it, but makes sure her boy doesn't get enough stimulation to cum.

Fingertip Tease Video

Megan has her lover tied up and really goes to town on him in Part 1 of this new tease and denial video. She'll only touch his cock with the tip of her finger, then proceeds to taunt and tease him by stroking, licking and sucking a dildo instead of his poor neglected cock. You can tell from the look on her lover's face that she's driving him insane with frustration.

Fingertip Tease

Perfect Tease Slave video

Megan tells her naked slave what she expects from him. He's a good boy and very eager to please, which gets Megan horny and wet. She uses his big cock to rub her pussy, but makes it very clear that she decides when he can cum. Megan loves to hear his sighs as she strokes and licks his cock. She strips off her dress and torments him with her luscious body. The clips ends with Megan stroking his cock while she masturbates. She denies him an orgasm but continues to pleasure herself.  








Teasing Under The Stairs

Karmella keeps her little cuck locked up under the stairs while she's entertaining her boyfriend. While her boyfriend recovers upstairs, Karmella brings her cuck out to play. She ties him to a chair and unlocks his chastity cage. His cock gets hard immediately and Karmella takes full advantage of his arousal. A slow handjob brings him to the edge, but she denies him his chance to cum.  

Perfect tease slave

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